Monday, July 7, 2014

Sentence Structure Records The Aim Bows

I have spoken my Peace never shall it End,
for it remains your Choice in such decide,
due with what you Wish remembering stipulates.

Wishes like dreams have been dismissed in Society day'ed,
neither are applicable in Scientific Research a Factuals,
for the sake of philosophers a theme of fright.

Removal of any and all guilt in speak,
for in silence the vibrations Deak,
in place of the belly gut taught.

Hold your tongue for Minds are Equalizers,
progress Thoughts proven by Lap Topped,
what is will be events to see in life a bleed.

Decides are hard to breathe,
but in and at the Counter of death,
no debt will I require for lives ignored.

The World is a Mess with Opposed,
bread & butter spread toast,
crumpets are scones in bakings.

To figure the lettered Word,
to the Text of the bursts,
a broader points to spook.

Take this inability to Peach,
add the Spice of Teak,
the Oak tied the Ribbon Pied.

If more People would be blue,
than less the Zombie Flu,
traits to the Elk for the Stag is a Belt.

Orion the Birth in a Mingled,
no thanks clarity bells,
for the Soap in the Washings of Steeped!!

Stringing the Loom in Out the boom,
creates a Cantilevered structure to a Movement of Health,
not the denial of existence by turning the nest of liked.

For in Ignorance I find treason to Battle the Could's,
with the temper of the racing times to proves,
we all are in the picturing plates.

The slippery slides of mossy dews,
throws a measure to Duty Self with the Honorable exit,
from what may or may not be the Poof of Smoke in just a Wildly dote.

Pressure Pounded Exposure Founded 

Just Gossiping With A Stiff-Upper Lipped Addressing The Duke of Wellington On Behalf of Capt. James Blunts Engagements

Dear Duke of Wellington in England the Isle of the British Empire,
your daughter is engaged to a Man named James Hillier Blunt.

He is actively affairing in his Mind with the Sync of timely bids,
as this is a Monkey Suite to be the Comprehensive Scientific Proof used.

In the Law of the Jungle Animals rig communication agreed,
in short this Man is playing Beastly games with the Think.

Repeatedly in the Past Tenure of Life Now,
he and I have melded in Verse as well as Tune.

He continues to Sing what I write in an Active Light,
as posted in your review please investigate the first list 2008 recorded.

In before on James Blunts original listing Site,
I wrote much more in the Inquiry of what is presently referred to as 'Twin Flames.'

Resulting in his latest Album 'Moon Landing' he sang 'Bonfire Heart'
as well as many other points to due that I had communicated to Him in an earlier stage.

James Blunt is forcing me to walk a path of dignity Outing,
his Closet rebuke of not choosing to Meet and rest this Requires your Immediacy to Viewed.

I have in many topics on James Blunts Facebook Profile listed,
your attention to the formal dismissal of him meeting to put this to bed is primarily important to whom,
I believe will be another disaster that could have been avoided by an honest Man knowing,
that the Vow of Marriage is Sacred to the Couple that Contracts to such in Partnering Life touch.

To not dismiss the rapid fire of the spreads that I have posted for many years,
is the destruction of a person namely your daughter and I don't or will not be the responsible factor,
for future argument as Science develops greater Techniques to prove the Monkey Suite studies.

The body of language in my Blog, actually now Two Blogs (see Aset) is such determines,
that at the pace of the Human Race I cannot be a party to this disgrace of what could Come.

That being understood you as a Man with a Daughter in giving her hand away to James H. Blunt,
can prepare your own derivative from the mathematics of merely time spent.

Marriage is hard enough these days with all said that is the under the table speak,
to have your daughter start on such fouled footing shames my life to be this forward in Public View.

I will not Kowtow to the Bully in be a party to the Ignoring of another life trapped by silence,
it is the lies that nobody bothers to expose that kills the human life form.

To All the other Readers of this and that Blog,
be better than this letter,
grab the difference and don't be the lolly pop lickers of the sit back watch of dismal,
forking in as the Blunt knife conversation in the Futures of your own Dens,
bad form is always bath that washes Rite outs.

Dock James Blunt Off To The Cunters Curds

I rude the World Today with Words of SAYER,
I will Deep Throat James Hillier Blunt Live,
just to show the lolly pop lickers a bride,
in how they are Frying the Cum of Men in Their Mouths,
so that Children Cannot be a Dream but Know it is Not a Sin to Be Naturally Grifted!!

I Dragon My Drake in the Open Sight for not might but Due,
woman destroy wishes like the trash is a Bitch,
and We all know that the Fall is a Gift from the Verse of Saul,
Reveal in the Birth of Evolutionary Baling,
for Blunt is the Nailing of the Rust in Mans Blind.

Breakers Switch Pond Scummers Twitched in amongst the big Blake,
a Vee streaker in the Mind of Create,
the design of the Continue is just an Others Menued Sumping Ste,
Women could not be the Better Lead to Why Men become Extinct,
and James Blunt must be your Gallant Leader in the Crumpled Foilings,
the debt paid-Off a Spout Swallows to Prove the Whale had a Tailing.

What Aye Think Punts Moat Stick

You can't have a Holy War on Earth,
you don't even Dinner the Dead peaced for Score,
a bunch of drones that looker lored,
remote to real evidence pick pocketed Societies dorking,
a quick to the Fear Biters dialing a Text Roper horror!!

I hear the Rotary Dialing a Sphere in the Ages,
heels down to the ride of the Pages,
jokers Wilds are the luckiest larks,
chewing on the boney barbs of Thistle Doughs!!

Mickey in the crowding dizzy in a Dazed,
missing all the points of a Compass in a Cayed,
prickle in a pickle Penguins stake the black & white,
an Approach of The Bridged draw Draked,
a Griffin in a Unicorn Move to the Continue I spy Moooooo!!

Clap your want to be Hands to the real Cellular lands,
in the dire it's a Flip on the Wired,
speaking sewn centrally locale of a briar,
bunny Hop the Distant too You can't even Equals,
unless it's gone straight UP Eviled Ka Neiled!!

Don't forget to remember rewind,
dictionaries are a funny tums of lines,
sentence in defining whom is what is rhyming,
Rites to the Dining,
pictures crick the bobbin brains reading for the eatens.

Plurality Rules Natural Lauding

Scrabble Debt Deliver Reality It's All Just a Baking In Same'd

ISIS isis ISIS isis ISIS isis ISIS isis,
oh wow it's a holey WAR,
gosh darn the Loom,
now big Boomed,
gorilla in the do dew dues!!

Trigger Whom You're All bicker bracked,
place the money on the Racks,
B.D.S.M. has A Sexual lack,
James Blunt not at Hard,
he stole Moon Landings made a Bar!!

Seekers Features LOOK a Creatured,
it's A Drake in a Dragoning State,
pointed Mark to Country Farts,
yedi another right in dark!!

Christain, Christian rounding the Rosy,
profit for the posture arresting in a Rite store,
rockets to the Red bore Blunt must be locker Lord.

Oh Know it's a Great Digged Show,
how old are you 27 due,
it's okay It's All right,
churning in the grave made a licker docking bite!!

What Languish is the World delight,
workings in the deadly ankled kite,
make a Film of a Movie Two,
starring Role is an Anastasia Rue!!

Hop skipping pops to the Triple Minded Tops,
burial in the back for the reverse of broughts,
why bother to care if the Foot Print Stares,
gotta lift the Counter as the Belly of the Laired!!

Put a little Spider in the Webbing of the Crux,
sample with the bibical in the liars rucked,
Adam in a Balls Eveing with a brawl,
chew it in the Skull like a ticker balker bowl.

ISIS in the Wares of all the Dens that Dare,
frigg the peekers to the copy in the Cats,
hour in the glass shattering all in bath,
cutting in the Feat as big Bot Blast~!!


Nothings Real Until The Beings Been Dued

Now borrow back to the Story stole,
a garden of the snake talk lull,
an Apple bitten of Knowledge written,
I just said "I think I know You James Blunt,"
can you make Time to Meet this Sign?

Swallowed hole the World bowl,
not a Person for that is Old,
but the Equal exacts a Best,
asking question rather than desk!!

Imagine a World basis Mic`ing,
saying all came from Eden longs,
years pass things go Way wrong,
not a person wants a People song.

No example of whom how be,
say hello I'd like to Meet,
not here take this bite to choke your feet,
rather an Inquiry to a Natural Lead.

Forced by The Societies of the Global,
samples in the real mobile,
body racked storing lacks,
could have been a Plato Fact.

Future Garden the Galactical Scene,
I'm just leaving for Evolving Means,
to progress with what is best,
the Drake in a Unicorns Test!!

Magic texting via blogger booboo's,
words unexplained yet written same,
search not destroy another Noun,
acceptance of the story bound.

Nothing changes in Life deranged,
Adam & Eve are missing Believe,
One before leaving Shore,
freely walking the muds of more.

Stilling Thought to I am Fine,
to recover a dory line,
examples of Fairy Tales width,
is not a joke to be fucking with.

If nothing can produce a whip,
the back is just a reversed flip,
shot the Coin to Three-Day Kip,
makes every Christian a Deathly dipped.

Corky Fritz Champagne Pops

Start Hear Bearing Dear Good Look At Real Fear

Blink think about Time starts brand,
cell to put through the paces,
at a rate in a race of Human lined,
back to Creations balmy breathe.

Now Present in the Now Kind,
Science petri of Clone born Fulls,
walking talking double racked You,
Wares of a Newer Age Go Got Iron.

The World Blows cracked a Way,
Beings locale gate of Dow,
begin frothed with cellular rau,
allows room for no second boom!!

Example to Origin Source split Two,
not naturally Man played God gots,
explain Despot your condition,
what sounds good does't filter bye!!

Replicants goof to exact this Plane,
enter life a gates lined Ages began,
loaded Thought memory sats,
you cannot catch that gone`d.

Evolving at Case speed true,
with no Itself sampling dong,
Gong Big Ben Digital Call,
ask the profit for it did crawl dawl.

Sole Tau

Foot Print Moon Landing is a C.D.
what did happen to the girl in soon,
People explain "well we just didn't want to"
no meeting happened to date Futures?

Peeps respond "No, we decided...."
shut-up the dupped speak year,
all while you're a Being in steers,
the joining of not 1 curt show,
makes the point of Compass go!!

Your echo is herd to gather facts,
off on a brand new tracked,
catching Sake I state Hey Hi,
whatcha ya doing in the ply?

Story quick 'cause whom reads knows,
I just put the Plates to Slide,
slippery slopes on grassed folking,
a square dance in the central Pied.