Sunday, November 23, 2014

Write Riding

Trace the Flame on the Elemental of dock in this the Age of Honest delivery a Footstep on Rock,
to tell of the values that The Universe is true with the Thought a blessing of the The Face Outer looed,
in the Realms of my Understanding the hand delivered the Line to Circle that Infinity produced,
not only the Number of 108 on the Return of comprehending Alpha Omega at Loved,
the day that this dream gained my Trust the Well of detail did the script on the lines of scene,
the speed at the Letter in case is in reality an Ongoing daily bring of greater than Me,
there is no chase for the grab it was I in the blankets of my swing in the piece of resting my tire.

To be born with a Message intact is one Counter on the each,
but as I have walked on the planks of life it has been the collection of learning,
that brought more for in stanza the dreams are telling the Means by proper Wares,
the additionals come to the grief in bearing putting such task to print,
I careful myself as the Text in varied has counseling in its Width.

A book of 'The Continue' on the Arms of Cosmically go,
a perfective to the bring is the amazement of it's breadth,
to slow the come in ability of said I only breeze with the Windy puts,
forth gone are the Hours on Twelve freezing at brackish in the Realized,
to bad for the good in the pleasure denied it will prove the tongue of Language by guise.

A riddle in format the verse in the being of clapping with dignity over the rails of leading,
in the training of Preparation to stow the damage of sadness will inhabit the Worlds lands,
country by county to district by school that logistical knowledge will drop like a pool,
for at the Clock it is mechanical corn gears are the automatic in dough running thorn,
rolling the deeds to rifle the Store as each Individual may choose the decide by Choice of the Floor.

Bright with the sable a Fir to the Tree, Oaks on the Birch bring provisions by snooks,
concrete to the curb of Sinners detailed however the sin is deeply Seeded with pailed,
drowning the growth but killing the Plants the dirt is all mud while the drains clogged the chanced,
a bank that was Were for the is at I Am is the read on the papyrus that skin dried it slammed,
no tears on the falls as the quest is of Thor in action of Zeus with Odin at More,
Isis to Egypt the Sphinx with a bone on the Pick over Greece Athena did leased,
to task at The Fates then The Sirens alarm for back touches basic in revealing yarn.
The Watchers are also to brake with a Whoa for in the given this globe is at Show,
the moments  of tangles with combing desired yet on the black nights it's stars on the Fired.

Rings with The Genesis on revealing it now as the farther a heard the Thunder bolts nerve,
not shocking the sense rather enhancing the dents that Humanity is troubled by framing the Rinsed.

Inking the wash to soap on the drink has made ill groan to Flu while Minds are chained too,
linking the given in Ancient deep Vines now at the Present are coordinating whines,
as the Church is to pout on the Talking a loud at the extract of knowing the deaths that they downed,
like a double technique upping the rake with sweeping the dirt as the graves Waters lurk.

Reason to breakage at base of the scorn is knowing Creation brought All to this form,
alive in the standing at shouldering Cold is shivering that provisio with darkness at steered,
could the write of my simple communication just be the foundation of lecture at an Upper seens Be,
for the majority is flowing at levels beyond any school of study that dawned as I'm just a little being,
not even a big fish in a small See could describe the countenance of the Touch on these leads,
at least to date nobody has brought believed to the question of these chapter roads at articled.

James Blunts Sole Triggered A Safety To Released

Life is the opportunity to be the Cause of change in the reality of lies,
the counter of the body on the Tell of the stolen is the truth of Told,
to yet again have my song be sung by a Man that names none as his base origin,
in this rate of value of the Take I gasp at the World and the denial of flour.

Butter basics go to milking cows on the lots in the grain fed Veal,
for on the goat trails the narrow have known the Cliff Tops,
the heights of the shallows the snarl of Humanity at plain birth.

Task the effort of nothing as the Scope for myself is grander,
I See into the Measurable timescape than I breathe Infinity,
on release form of this prison at Cagey locked by James Blunt personally as gained,
I hold to the No Hope plause as No Wish has washed the Principle Morals of reality did a play by Played.

James Blunt can record to the Flocks of his Preach to scores of howls,
in text of audience it is the browser that floats about on the feeds,
one per done two per stun three shore the Fourth on that Fifth Mountains Spun!!

Crew off the Shipping News as the shadows of the Press have barter with repressed reporting syndrome,
this was common claim by many in the passing pages of sold,

but from that lesson the learn was heavily recorded on the Minds of journals in silence,
that is why it takes years to come to the Front of forward Staged to be a Speaker on drums.

As I have only asked in repeat for explanation to the writes,
no person concerned has responded with reply thereby furthering the truth of deny,
an brought to that Tablet on the File is a real life that lives to breathe freely with Adaptation,
in the death of my best friend that tried so hard to deal, I will not quit until by body is Flame at home,
as I know this World only has death to offer I accept that reality of carriage,
it's just a matter of full circle to the line to Symbol that delivers the Find.

I do not need to look at a Crystal Ball to read The Body of James Blunts latest C.D.,
 it's My Life that he is Singing all over The World and charging a Fee,
and than rubbing the Noise to acoustically drown the origin as a forgotten deed,
 for what he took from me was the original seed and is the backbone of his lead.

'Just' Math


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James Blunt Trending Now At Who Dare

Cattle edition touch the Lust of release on The Come of Stride,
for that Saddle of Complete is the Whole foundation of Lives,
on the Rails of From the Age before the Dawn,
the sun a shape of the raising explosion of a Gone!!

The Palace of doom on the skate of the Traveler by Profit,
for in each of the life living on the Shaking Shadows of the deaths,
in the screaming contenders I say Ancient by design in the Iron brine,
shoulder this Crayon with the steady at the Fast on Walls,
a training on the balls to the Creeper coming in for Humanity!!

Failing purpose the Reason of Wisdom to Creations Curl,
I warm my Mind to the tremble of Evolution on Timed,
scouts that plane it out to the discovery of the locked on a bone.

Bringing the list to the Front of the Worth by the striders,
if Man could love the destruction as Miled like the success,
than the booming displayed would Rival at the Turns,
but for the Religions in the boot of Today it's a burial by Grates!!

Know this chamber of the Dungeon that Talks to the Halls,
in no echo of Venue on the Original by met A double breasted Bets,
charm is the Foundation of a Pyramid,
 answers are the Sphinx on the Arm!!

The lasting Players rival to the belly of the Beast at flavor,
grace on the meal to folded by demand for it is the Central Belt,
Watch the alignment and certain that seal to breaking Waves at Realed by Nows,
so in the brewing of Memorized the fingers on the reason I rein back.

Halting are the facts that scorch to the wire on the knack,
to tremble with the lust of Want, I key side the speak,
no longer is the wait based on Meet for that is only a Mirror sheet,
reflections are Showing in by paved with brought to Attention,
it is the shallows of Principles that no longer exist those Morals in lacking drank a Deed.

Breathe me in my friend for suicide is on the rising coming back for gain,
so truth to not the lie but the horizon of the Kind to state it's a ride,
do not commit to any other for it's All Alone and James Blunt has Shone,
to no end he has sung to the verbal of exacts no vibrations needed,
scope these done to want Justice on the pleasure of stimulating a good old American fight,
not the patiently wanters that find Whom in the Heavens that fell for the Answers!!!

Battle Shipping Wars By Googlings

James Blunt Pictured With An Original Not A Look The Like

Banker the name account on LIVE grease of the Graeae on the disposed of the Crackers,
in whipping response to the Blue Doors of apply to location on the Rockets ignition,
channel at the swimmers on The Bath of greek tubs Steaming to the chortle of the Cockney in the Vibe,
a Teller of sings on the time in the shale for the change on the Charge is according to Sound.

Bus James Blunt to the A Bout on this Twirl for he is the Lolly of the lick on the Park,
for balance to the Seat a zipper on the breeze Made by the Make-Ups that chained to the Breathe,
cheeky are the Leads that shave to the file as the Manicure is clippings of Printable Tiled!!

The wrist ripping strum that James Blunt is on the Signal of Smokes,
in the flavor of the cause to the Horse driving shock,
for once it's in the found it is just a master of ode the High!!

Dry goes his thirsty lips slapping at my sides,
idea it off to the logic of his College at degree,
a School that calculates the study of Sociology,
with the grace and his sweet slant on the dues and the Cubes in the Sky!!

For there on the rising Sun in a scope of both to shot,
imagine that James Blunt is found as the real of the Plot,
as he bellows on the Island of Gilligan's destination, A Port of score,
inking the beach as Tattoo would shout on the Say,
The Plain, The Plain!!

Fantasy to Love the boats are the Hours oaring the Claimed,
by shiver to the Blink on these live body rides to know that candor is the Clarity of Clears.

I provide the ability to tighten my girth as the Look is of Greater Importance to done,
so travel the Journey and As a Finders Keepers is the Nine Tenths of the compare,
dice Me!!

Snake Eyes on the Gambler in the already spun for James Blunt is Announcing by Proxy,
their the Band goes down the memory lane of 'Billy' and the scout of traits on the Controls,
however discipline on an Order that predates believed is the Burns that Flame to the All Ready shunned.

James Blunt Hit Ore Missed

Sofa these easy touch seats on the couch of the shore that reads on completes,
for with each Post on the Publish here are the reads that establish the Links,
as to state that obvious is to measure know rate for the purchase is of knowledge & Plate!!

Task to the always recording in Mind the release is of venture that would be mine,
felt on the pharaohs the Sphinx says "Hello" from the base of the foot to the treasure of Put!!

Rooms on the green to the digs on the Theme finding that Pandora is opening at stream,
truth be marrow Rich in the blood for on Any Life it is rare to Stand on the should.

For religion has barred people as I but in the Outer of the reins I do know Bide,
a home on the breadth that dreams me at night,
speaking with candor and no Flash of light.

These simple deductions to Muscle the frame,
are just in the character that society does drain,
like the sinks of a Mortuary on the evacuated life,
I still to the practice of Training to dice!!

Snake me that certain as 666 surely is I,
named at my birth Anastasia the Rite,
for the letter to laughter is the World on deny,
raising to only know that death is a lie.

On towards to the Upper candor in Clears,
for in the Mathematics logic has Years,
for no Ages have gone dismissed for the Fears,
Hell is a Fact and lives are so dear.

Catch me a Mortal the James Blunt of this Play,
make it a Movie and All will go sway,
for Newspaper Print used to Clip out the goods,
all for the overlooked in evidence woulds.

To the File on Keepers that never negate,
the Factor of dread as all have a Gate,
the Ferry will run Two Coins for the young,
as the Tradition is on The Traditionally done.


The Ease Of A Single Hit Strikes Every On Chords