Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Character Continues: Resides

The distant Alps bridge the Dimension of Time!!

Cascading mountain peak with Volcanic Erupts!!

The Lakes that flowed into their Ocean graves,
carried the spawning life.

The Salty brine dissolved in Shrine,
adding a taste to flavor.

In Worlds that passed,
neglect put out the light.

The stymied growth,
rose to fright,
the day gave way to night!!

The Cold of the Glacier froze!!

Crystallized to 'Hold'
the trappings of Our line.

Through explosive violent bursts,
the Planets throw,
turned to been.

Disgrace did settle this silenced Score,
for Life advanced without the 'Store'
'cause all is forgotten, 
suppressed in chore.

The nature of,
is repetitive,
as what has happened,
is why we roam.