Monday, December 24, 2012

A Secular Reign of 'The Rune of Men,' A Script Of 'Old Past'

In 'The Collective Grind' of,
No More Than Men,
I give,
Way to the Conscious Mind,
not the,
 "Deadly Kind".

Reasons of,
' I do not Sign "
but Speak.

the Resistance,
is now,
Felt & Seen.

As only,
the rebellious stand of women,
to destroy.

Lacking a Sense,
to 'Know.'

I pronouce,

Men of Knew!!

no longer strides the horizon,
but Walks Amongst,
with nothing more than,
' what you do. '

I am a Streaming Being,
a Sage and/or a Seer,
at best:

through what I write,
in the Luxury of Free Expression of?

Cursed Though

I express,
not my own 'Rebel,'
but the,

 "Nature of Felt."

A True & Redeeming fact,
nurturing what is lacking,
an Oracle.


the Mounting Community,
of Known.

Belief in what I have heard,
the Declare of Women,
"Rise against each and every Religious View of Man."

Keeping their Own,

A Monstrous Approach of,
never share to the only,
True Faith.

The Innocence of Believe,
in Anything,
it is the Sum of Only One Thing,
a Power Play for; 

'The Death' of Man Himself.

Be it Correct,
not right.

For that Requires,
a Turn & Not,
a Straight-Forward Approach.

of run or,
a defensive act:

simply known,
Left is death, i.e.,
making it a Destination,
not an empty Action,
upon known.

Just as "Good"
is not the opposite of,

I Stare,
at the Ignorance of the Offense,
and the Assumptions of,
the Spoken Tongue.

Changing definitions of Such,
have removed the cougar,
from it's Home,
and made it,
in Essence,
Me, a Girl to Prey Upon,
not rely on.

as Disparaging Remarks,
are cast-out,
upon My Verse,
I Stop.

I Stare.

I wonder,
then, 'I dare!'

Who are You?
Disrespecting All?

Know not,
Your Own Frailty,
towards Men.

for Them,
it shall be a,
"When, Win!"

The Like Minded,
merely Kowtow.

To the Knowledge,
that 'Correct'
is accepted,
not reducing this to more than:

It is..

a Voice from a Streaming Sage,
a Prodigy,
and more than likely or,
probably More!!

To Copyright,
the Words of Men,
I Wish.

Will Prove to only be,
the Evidential Support of the Christian Bitch,
a Port from the Impending..

Right of Men,
and the,
 Actual Reign Thereof.

Bow not to any Man,
a Curtsy will do,
as Support in a Balance of,
"Know When."

To loose the Noose,
of the Chord,
of Sung,
will drop Your Tone.

Release Your Weapon,
of Mass Destruction towards such a Vile Means,
of which,
Women Support.

To not be caught,
not found,
this is their,

Invoking a 'Twisted-Tongue' 
of which,
They Speak,
so eloquently,
With and About,
to Friends & Foe...


Blasting this,
ambitious but cowardly,
Approach to Win:

I Ask,
"Win What?"

To Answer,
without a question,
is to State so Simply,
yet complicates,
Their so Obvious Reaction,
to such a reasoned and viable,

"The destruction of Men, for the Sake of Them."
a Women's dim.

Then "The Laughter" is always evident,
through Their casual return,
to nothing more than; Burn.

Their Wish,
not mine.

Fuming at 'this girls' Verse,
I say,

"I know before I can, however, it is most definitely, A Curse, not a Plan!"

To Bow out Gracefully,
from the plotting,
of every,

just enhances,
the Strength that I must Embrace Naturally,
to say,
I believe that the,

 Loss of Faith,
leads to the,
Loss of Innocence,

which in-turn is the,
Final-Death of Life-Itself,
something counted on by,
these fouled women,
not relied upon,
like Men.

Their Mistake,
shall be 'My Gain.'

I release my Own,
to 'NO,'
be Knot Your-Self,
for "Why?"

That would be knowing an end,
in this,
Our Begin in this,

The Continue.

For Men!!