Sunday, May 11, 2014

Providing Want

The crash of a powerful say,
not the steal of whom should take,
difference balances with what is brought,
left to Self the value brays.

Years ago a written blow,
spoke of mentions that we're so,
the Mind of said was thought to speak,
now the burial enters speech.

Water the ready royal blued,
come to spoken it's the do,
bring no more than Man for hand,
all else will be out of planned.

Broad the Shoulders to walk the stored,
worked in length and still is blink,
the brain exacts the words to knack,
it is the Worth that skill borne Turfed.

As the spring approaches keen,
the better move is allow to be,
without the Proper as the Lead,
shut downs take the place at speed.

Borrowed form for Versed re-read,
the Times that spake delivered rate,
broken from a gentled drum,
the taste is flavored to add the One.

Hinder insistence to selfishly known,
the speak is the products bone,
Singer tells of such in blown,
now the Nation keeps to crone.

Messages provide so far a way,
not exclusive to this Bay,
hint to whom does believe,
it's the Globe of Earth in breathe.

Made To Order

In reverse a gear to work,
looking over the shoulders loan,
a view to known the mirror of honed,
to exit parked in Lot.

Driven with advance to spot,
the act preludes a brought,
to be before in after played.

The jungle gym as built of limb,
a swing to balance the mindful fall,
builds the grounds the catch of call,
a better way to Teach it's brawl.

Pound the Block in banked of Thought,
to be the Real is proving peeled,
a whistle hears the answer neared,
to the Ball of Cindered mauled.

Always hinged to hindsight been,
a change made choice decides were poised,
to set the downward spiraling voiced,
what came were frames to done.

Peering peaked to tip the scale,
as wait just opened more of Male,
a difference to a balanced pail,
the handled of the deathly choke,
revealed as the years in coped.

Many sent with stamps for spent,
asking with the Lettered print,
answers came the late was trained,
to not impose a coiled hosed.

Offers to return the fixed,
know need was hard to tread as booked,
lop sided against recept, 
the Game so Changed it caused Inspect,
to bring the moment increase the Lept.

As Time Connects Backwards Spet

In the Post of in After,
before the Sentenced words,
the carve in said spoke of Lead,
an afternoon of rising Moon.

Greater churning to bowl the dread,
a Life's introductions developed said.

Forward Seen in what happened,
preparing whilst the heard did watch,
the building of the acoustics,
became the loud in bleed.

The Sun does have a setting spake,
it relies on Gravity's place,
to move about or change the Case,
the flip would create a Scene of Haste!!

No certainty surprised a Lock,
the key allowed stood to be,
each step left a foot print deed.

Seeing how hard to be,
the impact tore the you from me,
in such done the aspect formed,
that choices made are landings dorms.

Decisioned stayed to witness Real,
the worst of what is reeled,
to resist spoked the wheel,
to have lived was Surreal.

Water Falls as Dams due Lake,
the stream of leak is a Metered take,
what captures for electricities sake,
ended with the Being's that make,
the Energy of all is Spake!!

The Fire Of A Libretto Set

With formalities swept to rare,
an Inviting Era lost,
an alphabet of cost,
the Letter to a Male.

Surprisingly to Meet or Cheer,
is left to those whom chose,
the answered calls may have only been,
the stamp of ready made.

Journey to a Port of Call,
the quest in the adventure lends,
a hugging exportation trades,
upon the Winds of Saul.

The souped now brew,
the Tee is Up,
the Horse is the Wonder of,
exampling creative Two.

Like dynamite the explode,
the touch to hug is truth.

Lost to Ages pass in Paged,
connection via satellited days,
a slight produced the same.

Going fro a glimpse of aft,
the Opera Mozart braved,
a Flute performed as Magic came,
to audience adore,
the Speak in a Singing lore. 

No challenge comes,
as Voices sung,
to bring creative breadth of done!!

Appeal charged without a deal,
the scene to Curtain Calls,
enjoyment gives the great embrace,
to hug these lives we Live!!