Saturday, January 9, 2016

There Was This Pro-File Once That Said Sum Thing & That A Mounted To (A) Today.

Karen A. Placek
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to know of the course as the horses in the bell the ring did show on the fossil off The trades,
across the great division to put the plates on Ice,
this is the bearing of the Sun within its Rice!!

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this brass of load to vast detail buy design the tune struck hum & Upped went ancient Peep oles.

Search that tractor of the grace to know that Pluto gained a cased,
the rinse of wash to trajectory source to bring the warmth direction,
a compass through the lightening mile sound at sped to Moon times shed,
breaking waves at echoes strayed in verbal knows the Equator blows!!

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thorough are the Or gain Ism to explore the grit of sand,
taste the particle of grasp the shore Bell lead from the Type of sword,
lakes to boil the Ponds on sea in la gorge the depth came bring,
ocean bean is rolling feat each bucket tell to Tiers on dealt.

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stride these Times with Ages loan explain that method to Criss-chin scone,
the basic back to simple notion is that the men tell raid went said a mint,
this is the bless sing that Hymnal quirk for dust to dust is what the Tux??,
a mention of the truth or the speak to say that shelves are shows of books that read the tem burrs swell??

Fresh Hare!!

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as the tiers wash muds to slide are the people fountains of tunnels or cost??

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easy on the logic to turbulent on steep,
as the earth dries her skirts to deep with in the deeps,
what is the strand of laced as the sky says dance??

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the drought the flood the arid whether of crowds on root,
mapping with those balms that raise chorus to choir,
repeat Repeat the wall awe for that is Turks on venue bisque.

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chairs of chalk to wave the stalk as should the bell for got,
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tin foil would be more at nice to Hat the heads of all this burst!!

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