Saturday, November 19, 2011

Intolerance to difference is a Leader Board that keeps Score.

Deliver your drive towards Life,
you should strive,
to be kind, to be wise,
to be what is not lies.

Travel in this World, delivers the next.
In Realms that exist, I cannot resist,
to speak of the Horrors, the nightmares you'll have.

Nothing will save you, it is to late to arrive,
at what is proper and clean.
After Death, that is when it gets really, really mean.

Clean up your belief in yourself and know your sins.
Make right the bad deals that you have been in.
Don't say, "I got it."
When all you do is take,
for escape from a date with Death,
All he will do is wait.

It is not for the foolish to think that there's time.
To out smart the dead,
or out do death, is nothing more than being unkind.

Be True or be Due,
it's nothing to me. For in this World, all that I see,
is so much Negativity, Unhealth, Blame and Ill-Begotten Wealth.
Your Non-Profits will drown you,
with payments due there,
far below what is normal,
you Con and you go.

Stay calm and remain,
you make such a stain.
Disregard all the words that make you insane.

Turn not to your book, remember the blame?
King James himself, his version was stealth.
It falls on your shoulders, for Death has a name.

Use what you may, cling to yourself.
Push out it front whoever you please,
you think they can step-in, take your place or be you?

In this identity of what I do write, gives more than a clue,
it's kind of like glue.
The count of the beings of humans do mount.
The measure of weight is drowning your pout.

Singular in number and oh how they add,
you already have dates that you are kept at.

So, number your days and know by the way,
the moment before you will pass away,
awareness of such will hit without touch.
And up you will look and then you will see,
it is a Demon that comes, thats what came for me.
Don't worry, they walk all of Thee too,
below you will go,
to DEATH COURT, a Suit.

Hand in hand, I don't know,
for Cuff's are for people,
and Chains are for balls attached to the Creeper.
You're just a small number,
a pick-up, a call, I don't no to much,
I just answer you all.

Delivery to court,
is the death you will know,
when life is not evil this becomes unbelievable.

For in the Hereafter,
I stay where I'm put,
and I do not lie,
but I know you've been took!

'Cause DEATH can be felt,
from miles away.
To what is natural, I swear!
I know that I'm good and I'm not afraid,
I am always ready to go to my grave.

In my release, I do say to please,
satisfy the needs of others but not on your knees.
Do not be cruel with thoughts they unrule,
you should be afraid, if these are sins you have laid.

Upon any other, with words or release,
of what is not evil, but surely did read.
To do so with knowing, to do with such purpose,
review is your guilt and there is always a tilt.

For they wait without pause and measure with reason.
You may not believe, but your Will is not pleasing.
To them or to others, you can't have your druthers,
the sins have gone over the board that you cover,
what Leader Boards show the Sin Board will know.