Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Remember You

Past Life lyrics

Do you remember we spoke
Together on our last night
This was in our past life
I remembered you

Do you remember we said
We'd be together in our next life
We were gonna end up all right
I remembered you
But you looked right over me

I stalled now they're asking for the last call
But you don't seem to recall anything of me
But I remember we swore we'd be together in our next life

We were gonna end up all right
I remembered you
But you don't remember me

Remember you had blue eyes
Deeper than the blue sky
The fullness of your true smile
I remembered you
Do you remember we said
we'd be together in our next life
We were gonna end up all right
I remembered
How come you don't remember me?

From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/m/mikey-wax-lyrics/past-life-lyrics.html 

A Tale of the Essential, The Query of a B.D.S.M Require

Take me into the deep of your Mind's Sight.
Let me follow that Streaming Thought of Seductive Detail.
Allow the piercing of your Night Stare direct Me.

Be my Guide of Erotic Interest.

Breath me in and expel that Dream out upon my life.
Let me be that Tale of Knot!!
Complicating your Reality with the Priceless Prowess to do with you what no one will.

Tell Me.

Simplify my Silence in the depths of understanding my plea to be bent in the direction of your thought.

Not undeniable.

Plausible difference is an Outreach to Beseech your need in my want.

Shall We?

Dance in the Presence of the Third's-Eye View
of that tangible Eternal Flame
of Fire Itself!!

The Dragon's Blink with Clue.

Journey on this Quest of Life's Answers.
Be not afraid to scream with an Internal Voice of Might.
Fight the Fear of descending the stairs of Dungeons and Lairs.

Be relieved to know what you cannot,
for you only muster,
"I don't."

A Curious Lie

Two Roam To A Soul Life of One!!

A look at that which is not easily seen.
Causing a pause inside of Me!!

Just to See such an incredible sight
lends my life towards a higher purpose.

The Venture of such a Journey,
resides as a Byway to my life's Quest;
I go West!!

I beseech You to Hear.

A distant cry!!
Where there is no fear!!

Just a curious One,
looking for a Planetary Verse,
where twins are souls split in two for the random end of Ascend.

Do I stand at such command?

The mere venture of such an amazing trip
has been worth the Never-Ending hurt of why.

The growth made within my missing Knight,
who has been far from my presence for all life's,
has ensured a best friend I do have
in the space of eternal views.

To speak ill of such oddness in a plan
would cause my own demise.
Therefore, I realize,
it is in the pain I shall discover my missing......


A Planet sings to an Old Soul Maker of When.

The Flame that burns blue with the Truth,
 engages its right to breath the Essence of Life. 

Excites the wisdom of Solar Bliss,
surely he must rule all of this.

A Treasure of Glad crosses my Path
in all of the Tomorrows, I go.

In this,
celebrate No End,
 of what shall be in the ....

Always of Now!!
The Begin