Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Future History

Long Ago,
 in the Future of which I speak,
darkness rampant,
 deeds complete,
'Words' know 'Voice;'

A Cross dignified,
the truth for cost,
stole the story a prequel lost,
to enrich claim as 'All" man's boss,
in order too,
 enhanced this Plot.


Guilty, Sin?,
Man lived this Crossed,
all that's done,
put on this 'Son.'

Placed at 'His' feet,
no rest in complete,
just stuck on constant,

The War torn Battles,
religious feat,
the 'Undecided' held-too,


'Practiced Belief'
Faith in beating,
Innocence lost,
much like 'Bleating.'


A diced Thought,
spirituality fraught,
the 'Plan' became 'The Spirit' lost.


Ramped-Up elevated fears,
threats declared News,
"Words you'll Rue if you do!"
Nations Plot,
 an awful 'Lot.'

In place of Air,
oxygen breathed negativity,
the rule on knee,
standing a plea.

The 'Free' felt,
censorship? invisible,
the deal dealt,
the game no gamble,
it came too late,
realization had a date.

After 'The Big-Bang' before the blast,
the Sun did shine and the Moon moved,
the Sky was blue,
an Aftermath.

Recorded 'text' common views,
extended grief at fingertips,
accountability blame,
shame no choice,
proved to take lives,
no good 'Sake.'

Yes people died,
their own hand applied,

The gross of Nature,
dismissed as lie,
increased a rift,
Glaciers tipped.

Gave life to Seas,
oceans grew,
the rise a sign,
chills in tune.

The Future Past-Lived lives,
delivered message without a sigh,
predisposed ignored the bourne,
a Coffee Cup became the ministry.


The sound of deafness a plume did come,
sum of bombs caused some alarm,
the Sky went up then fell to Earth,
covered Land 'All' Men's turf.

Burnt their skin in reverse,
what was breathed is gaseous still,

It was said,

"All life, it's dead!"

Looked around certain bore,
death was gone and 'Red' showed horror.

The World's Mass gathered Past,
in the wrath of heated blast,
the prayer of death,
turned it's back,
the hatred filled the spite,
indignities became a plight.

Subtracted light,
the gray ash hung,
to look-up you'd only sum,
it was math that added-up,
 the 'Causes' pushed to erupt.

The final straw broke no back,
the cries were heard,
judged absurd,
it was bad and sadly seen,
no one stopped to even think,
today's the day and I should blink,
a mental note or thought resist,
the secret is choice,
to know decision,

It was 'The Brink' of what did bring,
 an end to what was,
simply everything.

The Present day Future,
too See!!