Friday, May 8, 2015

The Reality Of The Best Daze Of My Life

All listen to the Sands in the Times of Ages on the Den in the Clock touched on Previous after done,
in the bridge to a Place be it Hear & brow the Fires in the Brims Stone on the Ankle dressed,
sigh colds touch the boots in the steel Guitar and quick the special to a Treats spice on the flight,
as the buff ole lo to the Crowds on the Streets dg sang to the Frigid Chills on Humanity buy Cleats.

A stud on the Cognitive Kind will steep the Stream to View the Waterfalls Creed,
the greats to the Carved and the Caved as that is the Carriage of Shoulders that have been there,
in a World that is and has countered a Price for the Chim Chim a Roo is a based; strength to You.

I chose to decide that Choice is a purr to the verse on that is the Warmth of Ancient designs,
written with the Inscriptions on the Walls of the Voices that detailed the draw with Ivory in lands.

As the endurance is many lives lived the turmoil is the strife on a learn to The Falls,
water is turned in at the base of a sync 'The Whirlpool' effect of this Under tow on Worth,
breaking Waves touching the Oceans say is as the Rolling Rocks are pebbles on A galaxy longs Sway`d,
in that the Breadth to Star lights a grip Telling the Stories of Wonder in the Journeys of life itself,
I treasure the Talent Scout that put me to Tack and brought a Grace to my struggling span.

All hear the distant Sound,
in the Hall or possibly in the jam,
inch by Foot letter the beach is a Form to Scribe,
ground stones that have the ability to be a shore,
in eyes of the seas its the bays that love the Lagoons breathe.

Bring the paper a Spice and that is the Ink of the gallons on the dried,
at word to decorate the torn is that brush of ever so slight that the definition grains a dead,
in apply this simple Tea Speak is a custom brake to appreciate.

Celebrating the daily,
an Introduction on the Chi,
a honey with skill and creed,
leaves on the Talk are a balance in the extracts of locked,
for send to From to dear Friend a seat is the life on a Currents lap,
as the air is hot to streak a little is the quest of a long Waze.

Product the Map to the Outer~Space and grind the Pep to a Rally,
its the reins.

The Format Of The Were Ship Of Simple Notions 'Cause Its Always Been A Role X Bye design

Sewn into the Flipping of A Coin in the fiber of Methodology is as Ancient as life has been Mint,
a sorting of the deep seated Rent to a division on the Part that Lands a Call is the Origin of the cent,
to tack the Saddle as the ride in the Games of the Rise to that is the Decision Minuets kind,
from the Up to the Down on the feathers is also At Rite to the Fires of Aptitude once in a Sprawl,
the bright to a definite is the Umpa of the Chorus on the Cheering sync!!

Brisk are the Tick Ticks of the stall Tasking the fall on Width of Arguments at Stall,
as the Written on the Wall is As it is than the Pirate is a flattery of the Aye Patch,
walk the Plank to know the Swim with Sharks on the Dollar is as the Place to purr an End,
the swaddle is a Huge Foundation to the Games on the Monotheism to a Charge for basking Sunned!! 

Burning from the Raise Or Tale once a Fable for the Rein,
pour of the sad and dismal dismissing of grain is The Spoils on the bit Piece,
in Each of the Every there are Two Sides!!

Sadly as the Times interrupted Process to Invite done by the Religions Preen,
the inks dried the Minds on the Dogma of the thriving Business of drug,
anchored to the Churches strike On Fear to Match the Human with Only Pyres at threatened be Leaf`s,
to toil of Furnace as the Hoses of Gastroenterology An In Test ton All block created An Evolutionary spark!!

The score of Horse on the belly Explain is that Fact is Priceless to Bull,
in the Digest of Sport to the Arena of Taunt a defining Charter on the Bows,
at Aim the Sword on the Arrowing is audited to Station the Jump,
do the Flock sheep a Ewe or is it the Plural of Meese on a Singular Application of Goosed!!

Over Head on the Pail is a Handle to the handles Displayed thorough are the Breads of Circuses lathe,
shell the crack on the scrambling bits & pieces and as the Omelette parks a Particular Choice call Cheese,
in that the Olive in Oils of buttering the Pan of tickle the Fancy of the Palette'tid`curb at Pelhams bind in link to length of Came,
a chain to Flat the jaw in back Just below the Cheek Pieces on the bridle of the leather purr Crow.

On the Trail of Wiz the Logs have A Score to the Spook or the actual of a Hard ride to stay Song,
Whoa is the encourage to Event a Halt for a good Hard look as the Ears have Herds at things,
yet in the inertia of Unexpected often follows with bigger Falls that have sensed,
for in the bumps and snapping Twig it is the Fenced that Alerts the Wire to the barbs Choir,
to Talk Cattle the Mass of Weight will Respect the Pasturing for the grace of grazing,
but formal the Scent of Coil than the Beast will fire through Any & All to spur a Way.

Turning that understanding to the Comprehensive in blind faith I Call and Numbers is a Chapter Versed,
addition to the Deuteronomy of that Genesis of book Numbering on a Blogs Wall,
303 in the Razors edge to Shave the sporting Stability to the actual Hands of reality on the Coins in A Paul oh`s,
the Spoken lane Now Text is an 'An Dee's' sled to the moment of Appropriations on the Laid to said.

For My Grandfather The Oldest of His Say "Two Bits For A Shave" Just to Spake 'Old Spice' Trades ~Go READ!!!

Oh Yea did I march the Mention of the Coin on a flipping beaters Sign,
the Heads and the Tales is the Call in the Hi Air,
on the clamber to the Hit is the fable Fact,
or is the Head in a Stuck Think??,
as the story Trolls to the bridge of the In Mid Bearing Feat did You ever Sync??,
to the Toll of the Reality of Hand Speech on the enter Net.

To the Token on deposit of 'The Games' it is the lights On sound of a Virtue to the shoed,
touching this Today is a Yesterday New from that is the Patty Cake patty Cake Bakers Men,
apple for the Pear in the briny of the lettering Hinge,
swinging on the Skeet.

So easily Humanity has Recorded both the Sync & The Sod,
a teach & Spell with the ribbons of the Word worth a Thousand cried Dice,
in that the Flavor of the Story time on the Bonfire Hearth of the rivals Same,
in singing of The Fates on the Siren C.D. is the tick on the Clock of a Under stow!!

Records Vinyl in the Streaker by Came an At that the Stadium,
a plausable on the skinny of stripping the barriers down to the Crack on the Sidewalks chalk clued,
bounce the Draw and stone the slip to An Ancient bartering flow,
teach the Tangle on the Cobblers enter Webbing of the Saddle buy the Crutch,
a Cane for the Able of the Fielding of a Basic to the Back of Spit,
right on the Hand that shakes touching the Agreement of Man,
all in the Planners of chore to Divide the Grand Canyon as Evil Knievel rode The Fit!!

Weather the bike is on the Roads of trace lacking the Formal Tank it is the Fun bellow of Chortles,
gig to the side stepping say that brights each of the Every other brave grand,
in a Piano on the beat of the Gibson,
a guitar on the Drums of the Cycles to spoke that Wheeling in the Weave of the Hare!!

Hop in the Hip shout to Wee Fie Fiddle sky to the Viola of the jello on the giggles of the shore,
a refrigerator with a Freezer score to Open the Closed into that blanket of Trued as a Song in the Pipes,
of Organ on the drive to the Pump of the seat An Electric Training by My Mother on the gift,
concerto for the Voice in the patent to speak of Tuners at Pianos and the Chap that brought leant,
a broad to the Vale of the Castle dock grunge In America the Troops sing a Friend!!

Talk the Stable on The Rock^King Horse Trades,
owe for the Carriage of Movies on the boo's,
for the In Stance brings Theory to its Needs & barks The Course a blinding Cleap,
count the system Operators and the Emergence of wrap,
skipping to The Boon a Coyote from the Wolf on a loan Journey to said,
that Howl to the Moon knee on the back to Basically ked,
a Pedestrians Trail to Ancient detail all on the Coins of the Meant of the Read!!

Pronunciation on the Swail of the March is to be Wisdom with a Fire Pits barrel,
warmer for the Monk keys bouncing on the beds,
straw Hats with the Robe of deflect Arch of Master to the quilt of River boats,
Canoe on the Sea is the Ability to Speak Tree in THIS the Forest of Humanity on the Clippers leap!!

Yachts and Pony bales as the Horse is a See creature to the depth of sneak a Talk to the spline,
in the legs the There can be Spelt Theirs Two but is that Purpose Full Frost oaring Folks loc.`d,
or is the Call of the Flip in the Heir on lasting Stars in the beaming of a Spock??,

'cause what I observe at the Laboratory of chalk is the Outline for constant failure and know bucket of Cock,
a rooster Crowning the Pea Hin a clock to the arms Peat of the Hills on the Pale Crossed,
drowning from Informational downs to goal the Only variable as An end is the break in the Paul,
waist the Owe`ing to stretch the Screaming of a Place per Sun oar Thing and the dues is ..........