Tuesday, July 30, 2013

California Street

The Plan of what has come,
is nothing more than done.

Prayed for help and now you face,
the treachery of disobedience,
you're fear.

The Rites imposed,
fell to earth? or pushed,
no matter,
this is Satans Turf,
not your reside,
and yet you still scream hide.

Reverence for what does not speak,
creeps down your body,
like a flame,
ignited by the fire,
to claim!!

In History's Future,
the Mind will change,
the road becomes the lane,
the path is sought,
it still is wrought,
with faith believe it's turn,
a plot!!

Lost our lives,
lived before,
the cost of ventured plight,
to remove a way or rule,
admits the time had dual.

On this Earth,
a planet now,
developed well,
now you plough,
destroying Creations move.

As 'All' will know,
what is love,
has been burnt much like flame,
the Nation no's alert!!

The commonality has a play,
it's Rite of birth in the Mate,
the dark is red.

Few will go,
sum of stay,
the words of Set,
delivered Years to prepare,
make a stand,
the route of Man,
evolves with planned.

The trait of Like,
opens sight,
to See the Sage at-hand.

The Call to Due,
accountable too,
the laws of pool,
blue here.

Does it Count?,
yes it can,
the board of when does date a cheer.

The Voice of blend,
is unique,
the blessing of,
are Men!!

There Was This Man, He Had Big Cats, He Was My...

Find not Self but Life,
it's a treat,
a given-feat,
a deed to Continue knot on turf,
but in the flight of Rite.

Soar with me into my Mind,
know that paths have a road to claim,
do not pave,
just go,
it is a show.

Look and See,
come and drive into a perfect light,
it ignites the burning flame,
to complete a Stay.

To Ascend,
the War is Battled,
it is a song,
not to judge,
don't placate,
it is of difference,
to produce the same.

A Venue to View,
that there are two.

In any end,
or in this Plan,
grab the hand,
truth in Man.

Displays a date,
to deliver,
witness plight,
move across not onto,
offered compassion,
fate is served,
 the plate of a destined year.

Cheer-on a Friend you may not have but feel is in a fight,
to Live a Life of Sight,
not divide!!

Each moment gives a minute,
a time to stand and know,
that hours mount,
is 12 High or Six Low?

Does it add or subtract in what is right?

Born of an Affair,
does this change what's done,
or create a path,
to run.

To believe that reason has purpose and comes from fun,
believe that pressure is pain,
is the troubled in name?

I know myself to state,
the world sings.

Do you place value on unspoken?,
the words between the lines,
just point the finger,
out the shame.

It's O.K.,
I'm not here to blame,
the entirety is merely,
my claim.

War Wheeled Win

As the built-up verse on the biblical reign,
I ask,
"Why complain?"

The Masses teach that the day is up,
that Hell is Fire and Heaven aims,
to destroy that which you blame.

Further from the Past,
such wrath,
the marvel of assumption,
is Man and his Sum.

Removing a Natural Occurrence,
imposing translated type,
I believe that it has made you wrong in rite.

Before after,
there was Begin,
long in time,
I see a trend.

Proof exact in human being,
destroys all your lame and sorry excuses in shamed.

Discount the Evidence?,
than the training is the lie you proclaim,
be a person who accepts this lane,
as a road of difference,
'cause we are not all the same.

Know transliteration Needed!!!

The Run of Done

The depth of a calculated study,
brings reason to the subject,
with clarity as the mortar,
and thought as the anchor,
the sea to sail is vast.

The sound of the midnight drum,
strung with cat-gut,
the tune of an instrument homes.

The gentle repose,
the manuscript wrote,
how is why & why is won't,
the date of such a refined Monk,
finds understanding truth & truth dead.

The simple repair of obvious Lair,
a Dungeon in complete.

The Chains are High,
held in Keep,
the Whips are in the trunk.

Felt deeply seated,
well inside,
the depth becomes the hide.

The Eye of Third,
a fourth one knew,
makes vision clear and offers allusion.

The basis of knot,
complications trot,
beyond the hand of man!!

The ink drawn word,
absurd if heard,
is memory of,
a time in signs of grand.

The water sea,
the ocean waves,
the moon does ware,
the sun is rate.

The lonely star,
not so far,
does stand to walk; that's clear.

Warned-off soak,
the tides are rough,
as the under-tow is you.

Drowning Mind,
in thoughts of line,
do not rest it's near.

The Compass moved,
the needle points,
the words are drugs of Fear.

The frightened might,
held so tight,
the grip does strip the gear.

The box of square,
the count is round,
the circle is a Sphere!!

A Global Rant of "I can't"
the sentence makes it clear.

Do or Die don't even try?
the plight of Lord's demise.

To cross out puzzled for only troubled,
envelopes fright in cheer.

To suppose that equals rose,
than evidence makes hear.

To discount what does add,
a Life devised for track.

The proof of fiction shows what's not,
but does the Mystic rear?

The face of Man,
shows 'A Hand'
in obvious, interesting plan.

The witness of,
testify exist,
the more you fight you near.

An end to what has begun,
shows of a New Age.

Entered-In and thus then shunned,
makes your guilt a year.

close your store,
the Dungeon Wares are Here.

A Play today,
reality bites,
the fright of none stands Mere.

The truth of speech never reach,
the clarity does breech.

So concentrate or you'll be late,
the Time of See is Lear!!

A Dark Night In The City

A blanket to warm the bitter chill of the grave insight is you!!

Hold the hand of what knows true,
the venture is the quest,
too journey a land.

The deck of cards dealt the day,
the date becomes a tray,
the path of rubble is only doubled.

Take heed not hate,
make a way,

Preparation not deprecation,
for you invited by the Knighted,
a fight and not a plea.

The Lord of Must,
is Just a Bust,
a way to set the noose.

By taking from
stolen mean,
the footage was the Sum!!

The World Review,
judges too.

The Shows are Seen as Done,
the Volume loud,
much like "The Crowd,"
the Singer hears the Cheer.

So onward, forward,
plays recorder,
the music talks of mere.

The purpose reasoned,
amplifier knows,
that the Tune is Toned.

The Balance Of Decide Compliments the Mind

The Culture of just Circumspect,
transparency does cry.

Why not try,
be better than let.

Concrete decisions move!!

The doubt that plagues Humanity,
is the truth that has set a sphere.

Global order,
different Sects,
the Law of Nature leads!!

Create design to Love not Hate,
no matter ground is good.

The closer that a day does come,
the farther you'll have to run!!

Acceptance of progressive acts,
the City Kid does exact,
the Show, A Stage, A Band, A Man,
the guitar strums,
the Key board Track.

The Music of the Fare,
the cost of deep and theirs,
does separate the belief,
as Innocence does Read!!

The Voice of Cost

The clatter of the Chest,
a banging fist at rest,
does clench the strength,
it is the best,
the beat becomes the test.

Pass or Fail we all will rail,
the road to death is set.

Tune or Sound,
prepared or summed,
the account is the mount,
of all that you have done.

No active ready appeal,
I often get the heel,
the shoe that is worn,
Religions dare,
I'd rather bet than deal.

The deck of which I am dealt,
a card or a peer to start,
the ocean voyage,
to say..'A Lark'
the difference is a part.

In past of generations lost,
the words were burnt; a cost,
out of fear.

Erased the Year,
looked and Said;  It's Red!!

Condemned Men have watchful tears,
as many are not here.

The Christian Faith,
kills at a rate,
that all that is left is near.

What you wish,
will reveal,
your time was spent in Real!!

The present future of our Past,
the days that turn a year,
the calendar mark,
a Century's Lot.

The New Age calculates fear,
few will surmise,
it is time to realize,
what is Up is Down,
what is wrong is right for me.

So fill the Chalice full,
you drank it down,
the Toll?,
to equal sum.

Don't be dumb,
the deaf and the mute still race.

Cross-Country obstacles plight,
the Laws deliver trite,
the more that you make,
'Rights' a take,
the less a fight...Freedom's Might!!

To put in place of Choice,
the determined practice Voice,
to yoke a man and choke the land,
the broke become the fanned.