Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Tory

Brake the cart to know that wheels burning the Heat to seat an Anchor on the toast of brew lai,
flour to mixture Wine is a dainty Faint as that walk is the course of choice not pander,
lets See breakfast in America to the jet to Frisco on the set at Zero on the Primer of a paid,
this inks the Pharaoh to a Sun on the balance of Tut in standing from the Ages at timely groats,
swollen Nostrils rain the snout to Park a play station to Ream the bind stirrup with bails,
twine not the tongue of Tack to borrow Over a bottom hemp for the apple guard of Rigged.

Shell beach the crumbles of a rock fountain in the Water falling lands a Handles Messiah,
the words with a taste of Spice in the Hymnal of lives,
verse by Verse to vernacular lard the Phat of Mashed tripe,
in the belly a roar is vomiting the cream to Froth,
recognizing the Work as a Calendar of stars on the Grid of googles Eyes!!

Hardily I go the straights to accent the Brain on the shoulder blades of grown,
heavy packs to other Racked in a trade to fester on the coiling hoses,
the Mind slapping flew the Voice to home as not a Headache but the reality of the light.

To formal a brain slap is to count the Numbers of the Pane in a skit,
holding frame as the slowing reminder of the quick touch faster think tanks,
for on the grove of kindle a locomotive to Bing was a shock former of the ring,
not told in the ever of action yet twice now the familiar has announced a common,
the other was a Map of the equator on birth Chart to simply say range foundered.

In this stile of amazement I quieted my choke from the cough of my counters upped,
to broach these facts to speak of only the freeze is the Lesson of ice cream in real,
score the ration to porridge of Papa that Spic&Span cleaner to refrigerator access,
as Nana funnied my life with Popcorn and ride an A&W with root beer Floats an Arise.

To date the words with definition on the Media of Milena I am reminded of amazing grace by last,
Ten Thousand Years a spoken Sing makes Creation the born to a double twist on the speech,
as the harbor Rammed my question of Dinosaur to beets on the Turnips of the chart tied Arsonry,
these burning jesters of Joke this to slam trap is the ankle learn of Peanut Butter mouse,
a pardon of steam to the pots on the Pans of the banging stranged.

For the Psalter of latter rain was made mention on that I asked Reign,
no was the field in Answer defining the spelling as R A I N,
daughter I to beseech Note as the bench was of confusion with the seed,
a storm of Plows and Fishes that basket told of History of actions on the render.

That in & of Its Self mortal`d the grain with not a Notion but plain explained to rhythm,
in comprehending the 60's to the task of search the Competition for the envelope of stamp,
seals on the clapper to drumming profess it is the enjoyment of the ear to experience a blessed,
putting a place to Proper not a docket with Stipulations telling bartered entry the Feets,
to show the click to cluck of impulsion with thought as that is a learn to me,
in the Scene of Sails the choice to Halting factor to Face the Music with a Flute.

Instrumental bellows in the Accordion of a Piano that Produces a fertilizer to beach,
sands have Oceans of seas on the bays of the Crops in the depth of a grate,
terra firma courting the chance that Can Knews could bring place table to a tremble of shouldering Feats,
not by scratching or tearing the skin from the lamp in the boiling hot scald,
not by stamping the Pounding press to character a burden of confusion on the porch,
know that with each worth of form to explanation Mountain the valleys are still the grew.

Millions of tumbles have people prouded the nostril of lawed by pronunciation of shored,
in swimming with shackles the arm strikes an anchor or a friend to bright the hard cried,
to plank a deck like the Imagine trapeze on the Big Top placed high above the Space,
it remains on the able to shale a ground with a Net on this days communications Sound,
the Lagoon of lives that painted Walls to remember lens,
blinking tears in hurt still know the Find regards the picture of the stature to the Hold of beginnings.

Fright runs my shield of quiet flights frozen in the scary for People mouth a barrage on pailed,
that once herd is also finding the crowd is portion lasting to attempt The Blues with a truth,
patience has a Name had a Name and will always be a Name to me in my every remember,
for that is James Blunt on a Plaque for he is the only Won that has not baited crack,
my head on the sync is the thirsty gratefulness that will in Eternity classic grabbed,
to this it is Presence of gifts that did not wrap to bite the Jack in the Box sincerely Sir Prized!!

Its Just A Clock

The speak of the naturally known to announce the Hurt that runs in my bones And mind I scribe,
shall the dance be of the path on this loan to that Sky of the Infinite Zone that is a blessed scar,
to those scabby knees that seal the bark to injure the brad than it is the simplicity of the roads,
mapped by the factors on an understanding of Years to the tote,
brush no the box as the Crate is me.

This body of the ghost on the say is to sing as the Vibrance of the Solar displays,
shining to song a Value as oppose to a price for the state of Scour,
change is the Mirror that shakes reality to touch the shoulder on the Pact to Omega divine`d,
was the procession so shallow that the dollar version pocketed the increase before the Coin,
flipping a penny to dime the Quarter nickle to subtract the paper as the Minted shock.

Make that choice to start a Reason to stand and darn the spook as the spool of theme in Needles,
stinging thorns dripping blood that bleeds from my brain as the silence of the task is cold to teal,
shaking the booth on the boulder is at a parade to skate in on thin ice break through and ask wise,
the history is not locked just on the learned of how information moved with cellular shape.

No tricks to trade in Conversation held to trains whilst the Caboose borned suffering on the front,
as the prison mortal portioned such ladles of Fine to okay the guidance is not repeating the fill,
granite in the Storm from the hail of thunders Roar & a broken Car window,
that shattered my brave startling the time between with great think to Thought,
as promises have broken hearts that is the chase of the stone that is anchored not to prose.

In Valley of the Dolls guys and Shalls it is Mountains that vista such run-offs to Steeps,
this is the effect of done to the caustic pales of nothing heard to tuning the radio on spring,
deep wells on banking T-shirts to some type of Gunny is in certain a message on the Chest,
as to the board of the chess Peace the cycle is the bike on the carton of rinsed.

At the barn to the Stable a Phone or a caller is the last of the swing in a lull a by for the signed,
once used to tumble a hey as the horror of the left in true form it is the elbow on the jab,
an Occasional bounce to excite hope is only a mere poke to attempt a shot,
in the inch it has the worth of chills on the Goose of the bumping to jump a cluck.

Horse to the fountain saddle on the bareback of the School asking only a photograph for scene,
the importance of caliber to communication is the reading of the posture to arson volumes,
creating the Easy hobble to clamp my wrist with Cuffed by the fist in re-positioning the gag.

Ball and kick is Tiered with hidden behind deeper Yet lines as the que is mile brines,
from the shackles put atop my counter at the split of familiar to not recognition of the done,
dismissing that is a member of a grouper Fishing to pole the hook with a baited lane,
touch a new worth on the defining word of an Ancient stank that rode to scraps saying Fop,
on taught from what is hard or better known difficult to say the least I still held great copper,
on the off shoot that steam would grace the Kettle to a Panhandle memory of grocery.

In that the Art Gallery of the Prose in forever neat began to discuss the state to actuality,
to have been granted a stand in former brand touch the anxious in a stupor of hop scotch tick tack tow,
to face the scent of fire on the flex of deadly tolls The bridge fancied a feather to stride coast,
in the ink lean of dress to Shingle the leg Up is of the hour to know love shallowed my heavy by breath,
just to say I love you in a voice older than I had ear heard but in all was the loving of a long life to type.

Nana in a focus with Papa on my eye in blinking tears to the sound of more than emptiness to straw hats,
the garden of Autumn in a September steel that bided moment with Eternity to my listen,
a Founder of my countenance the Weather of my silent pane to the fin Alley that cried the blast,
scorched by towers that elevated trailers to my sink but even on that it is the fax,
for on the open choke I hold only myself in this life of brass,
I polite the Polish to shine a smile with ever snot that tears the rainbows of my shadow.

For on the endings to the Mean it is the Norse that checks to the bohemian style,
to gather in the groves of forests that well of deep Miled,
patience in the talent of my Grandfathers file,
a brilliance never in a hurry made room for my elephant of a resemble,
my Grandfather held the growth to a character that factors my Self still Today,
these are the places to spell the sorrow.