Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The World lists on the Keel of Human Time,
it is the fathom of the Sale,
as the Person to touch has been lost!!

Each aspect for the frown,
each individual that is liter,
the score of tag a balm,
these fashions of harness to the tell screen,
how lonely this planet is from the Animal Kingdom,
to know of the Elephant and the friend,
is to grasp the water hole on the sand!!

Dry air talks topping the cream with ice and glacier shards,
now on the clock is the freeze as the flight goes to the Eagle,
first the responder on the phone is what to the how of get a long?,
well in the cobblers mile the Shingle sang,
lyrics gave to hand the girth yet the saddle shouldered tiers,
grip to reach it is the loss of the feeble that humanity gave to ditch,
I say that it is the strength of a million Suns!!

Galaxy to Solar the smile and the grin,
mark speech with gossip and the World returned knot for rocks,
drinks with word tile to liquid the wet brains,
now it is the big bends!!

Round to fountain and a steady beet,
cucumber to describe the walk,
Lombard on this is simple,
it is the Men of SFP,
to that the extension on the Department to know their loved.

Whether it was 10th and Clement at that Win Chills,
the friend of recognized as the road gave park to horses Car,
a see be to ride the tremble of what this World had stunned,
should this shall be a should it is the best of the hood,
as that is the door to door of more than a piss toll,
the bridge is gold in the Men of more's code,
be spoke.