Sunday, October 28, 2012

Building Back Ourselves

I am alone, I do know this.
I have been this from Exist.
I tried to share, be part of:
but, in this place, I found no love.

Be true to self, find your bid.
You are so rich, when just a kid.
Imagination of what will be.
Just you wait, and ponder thee.

A step is what you take each day.
Don't you hurry, you may cause furry.
Believe in what you wish to know.
And, you'll find your way to go.

Things will happen, Earth does shake.
But inside yourself is where the Quake.
May tear you up or you might break.
Just remember to sit down.

One day will come and another may go.
Just find sure footing before you know,
where is safe, where to shake.

It is alright to be alone.
This may be a comfort zone.
Maybe my Soul is very old.
And, I have a need just to be......

not silent, but, pensive in degree.
So that I do not miss anything.
Awareness of Spirituality,
is acknowledgement of everything.

A Twin Soul is one thing.
But, the loss of such comes painfully.
Do you believe in just what's been?
Or do you have faith in what you See?

The World is a playing field.
To work out our truths and to see what's real.
Being healthy with yourself,
is a way to purpose wealth.

A Promise made within your being,
really counts with what I've seen.
My Twin Soul will walk his path,
should we meet, it would be neat,
but if we don't, it's meant to be.

Know Life!!!
It never ceases to surprise!!

Why doubt what you wish for yourself inside?
Why not hope for a Fairy Tale come true?

Change seems to be upon this Earth.
And, I do not believe it's Church!!
Agreements to manage Cultural Change,
makes it so we can Continue,
in what so many have declared the End.

 Of Times, that is.