Friday, November 6, 2015

Grant^It Its Still Marbles, Speech And Best Of Cleats

So bridge the report to a knowledgeable stern to keel on the body style of the lives to room,
in with a bank on next understand,
that level of the speak to the writer of The Future!!

As plan it earth is on the Rings of solar Systems operates,
a Universe in galaxy to say that life is living strong on land that does so tag,
one for the breast plate the snap to know the core,
Martingale Reins through length to braided answer back.

Ask variable to stood to be in this said on Lens,
blinking is a act shin to delivery of learn,
as the course special played to envelope land,
is the Park Road drive to store Crest Ton on the Span??

Oh Yes I spare with decks of Wild truth is founded by a Pear,
to that it is the basic of as basic does the at the fore,
width the comprehension scale of Whom picks Chose or steep,
is it with the belly Tum on every letter stick??

Call by rein stand with Song to change the Stars is voice,
here the clique has store of Coast the 'L' eh got a dose,
trued to Bing the ping pong place a Tennis court on Rack^it,
pool tables Cue to be a clue as Nine ball on the Eight ball game is tabled snooker Cruise.

Rules do pocket than its choice that knows of Sticks with Walls on left,
role the came to know this verse talking gentle off the stall!!

Hear the Sea Organize a shin of putting Plates to shipping lane,
as ship to Ship communication its really clarity gear,
shift to ought tow drive and flip that see be radio to An ten Eyes desk,
the phone of Admin a Strata is saying equals Spin,
groove that even Odd a key And not the Question farmers trucked,
for Inside in for May Shun brakes to tell It like it Raises cup,
cheers to toast the simple,
cheers to say Good luck,
cheers to explain that Wine in every cut,
cheers to speak Cheers to Show cheers to Credits cheers to Films,
but mostly Cheers to Name of known,
for years that date a Newtons phone,
that is My Mother's favorite fig for Prunes that bring Cod liver oil Skids.

Back In The Day

Wares hour to minute Time the Ancient Sail that sang to that posting marble of sculptures and Sands,
chisel and hammer with an aptitude explanation to dot^tea Idea.

In steady form on the shale to show an At tears of greater View,
 guiding equipped thorough the stairs of library case based,
down settles to onward stars,
the traveling of the Tug once Tons at Millions on far Cried.

Hard are the things that Weigh the Turf torn by Paths of blood Bath in lanes,
strides of Human corpses that Lie upon the Concrete of the alley Side walking stores,
shivering the equipment the texting of screens have no application for field off beings,
left on that is the numb brain,
 a skull with know pane,
the Windows to The Soles born guard.

Down the lids of the blink less or the frame in glass eyes,
weights and method sighed,
next thatch records napping at the walk of a different type of gum,
chattering herds the bone knee fragment of sleeping crates,
knot gears of shifting takes to sump at the valve of mouth spouting trout,
a range that is employed to entertain and tightly wind the spool of lout by name at the dinner time spout.

For the words matter that fell from a route taking my bearings to form of conversation following a particular ride,
that is truth to the trail of a say that I studied And I studied And I studied the tore,
 at seat with a choir of relation singing,
the place of the remember the Walk for the spring,
a Payphone at The Airport a Night that did so,
summertime flutes with frogs of Kinging a toast.

Better I have said to what is the day,
remind the doves of the Box Soap Parades,
Boston mass A chose is that sing a little song,
don't be discouraged its the time of the clear,
the method of reporting to encourage those cheers that would be the basis of My Mother,
her Out Look to a puddle the Rein Boots on came,
now know this is a return to when hue knew I found the lane,
block A was a Trouble Spot for this the bother Played,
in that on that the table and a day.

Placed in simple music to sing a speaker ease,
knowing of the fact or tax that followed racked,
stairs at 815 Balboa the hair of torn it tracked,
blue chip stamps the telephone Coins quarters dimes and rats.

So in the long thread to traveling the blues,
just love is on the simple thing to receipt of care and stood,
kindness came to calm rapport that piece of riddle seer,
poet tree and verses read to treat the key to gay!!

For in the frost of all those weirds the differences spoke tend,
the look of beyond the fogs to dress for each a pier,
these have all ways to discuss its called growing while At watch,
knowing that My Mother had a life before I doored.

In truth that is the lane I sake as any core may steep to step,
the portion of a scoop is not the China Shop its more to store & Priced,
yet as the city was on the grip a French baby sit oh pear,
Chinese Schools in Chinatown the Student League of rare.

All these journals that have come to strange my Hand on clothed,
do not fret for in the know is being on the lo,
behold my seat has been a lead to Horses in the park,
riding at the Polo Field in very real start.

Come Pewters Aye Earn On Rust

As days shell to note in the envelope of a speak The Ocean of waves gentles a beach,
sand is a wonder of the grain,
salts ease to sea,
hours on the Tides grace the Earth as a tongue,
the language traveling with talk,
the hands of developed carry form with ability to task.

Storms or the beauty is it only stride that deeps The Blues to sing along,
does not the sleet that snows fluttering rocks accumulate,
ice on the sleeve of tears inch a glacier,
method of growth to the fill of Seas in the instance,
ships across Times!!

Humanity stands while the life breathes to signed,
contracted in to with an arm at the lagoon of bay islands,
volcano's show the magnitude of natural formation expanding with molten rock stretching at lands send,
conversation of the Sound,
a Channel that in let of sharps this is the echo of Ages.

Thorough is the pull to sing on the ride,
to be of a treasure that has not been bound by the Cannons distant strain,
to hear that dynamic of fuse,
is it the spark of fire on sink or a defending Mountain shedding a space to Valley cup.

Surround is in course to say fate is a musk for our elephant friends,
each drawing room may find a hold to light the chorus in silence,
yes deed over Pine a forests grove of roses chase thorns in Picture books at the scores of forgotten strobes,
structure cadence life death Circles lines Infinite on breath,
should minutes sleep with seconds mounting on the numb,
thoughts part.

Shoulder cork shoulders carriage,
sheeps wool.