Monday, August 15, 2016

The Space Realities To Walking Down The Fiber To Talk A Sphere On Grounds Off Sleeve Is What To The Unidentified Shopper???

The balm of train in the light Master of Galaxy to a Universe on the Milky Way shock,
is it the truth of compass to know that stars on the lit to cosmic waves,
ore the diamond on oxygen that trees become a say to talk the pheasant,
a feather to write to the whale as the shore is the oceans lakes,
that pier not known as the grains made to the form of the shape of coast.

Done on the long scene as the slope to the Times in Ages of the farther,
future to the past the religious to the text,
which is that the marrow thwarts to discussion of magnitude,
is it the be of the written to conversation of translation to the sky or your head??

Should that be the group of fish go buy bread to tackle the bait as twine in wire string Thor,
is the Odin not that Zeus or is all forgotten for convenience of only the popular fashion to at dressed,
that Viking on the Voyage far beyond the yawn of War,
it is the thunder in the lightening of that twister that is more than a sigh.clone!!

Measure these Words with the Calendar to date the Fork to that Window of Scene,
is the imagination in the barriers of people the mind or the brain to that stock of rebuking,
does the Vile barf the Bark or cork the bottle of Wine to tape the Syrup for the lates??

What is the flour of said to the Bulb of red should the chart be on Venue not Menu of price flux.shoe.a.shun,
is that the consideration of that process of parade as more than the singular short story bored,
is that garden as the know or is it the but to the crutch of sew??

Threads as suits to clothes of silk in the Web of now is the trans to slight variable of reality in aye,
is the minuet to the hour on the punch or the clock of the big beens,
cheese at the shallow factor is the divide,
valley at the Grand Canyon to exploration ankle that actually has an interest to a speak,
that look, look at what and the person says to see 'its just there',
in that fathom of speech is the computer the tuxedo of clarity to the virtual reel.awl.IT.tee of lied.

Well on the show of just a crock to the pottery of virtue the for with that summer salt,
is that not in and of itself to the fraction on the skinned knees of an.gull??,
did the Swan Sing to the Dive off to that tremendous fined of those on the Fee's as Whoa??,
nigh the class to schedule of education for the from,
not the nettle nor the thumb,
it is the bank to the starter of that shard!!!!!

What Product Named Is So To Known The Scent Of I.D. That The Worker Is Identified At The Reality Of Actually Each Hand Used???

Eight spake a Wheel for Mat,
tumbler rote tarry,
a bile thrust the Whistle Must owe what of Thrush Perfume,

     said of a bald Win bloom!!

Treat A Talk bough limb Burr,
anxious NOT at Storm,
sigh clone Virtue Ram bowl`d Pour`N,
odd Tell amongst dye corn,

     State of Discern Meant!!

Teak an Gush stream River steam oh Volcanic cream,
Molt Ten Rock the Big EST trot Posting with a Shin.

Took Snot to CRY a Broad Mane Stork,
a Horse at Rabbit seek,
too Bounce the Know stride Grid work adorn An ride until its shore.

*THE     HEART     OF     OAK     BOOKS



*In Seven Volumes
(for National Geographic for KIDs)

..what should the calligraphy spell should the style of write be in text,
is the letter to the angle a speak in elf,
does the shall the story sleep in the sheet binder ride??.

Is not the shallow look of Internet a spook in Shadows light,
is the wall wrist to tile the shingle tell of dice,
is you're shoulder of a query asking of add.vice,
to whom the bell does clang the dimple or the fleeced??.

Sheep bye Sheep the Clippers of the Horse??,
is the body hi in the Win.tour or the tied??,
is that girth of saddle the bridle of this bit,
or is the rein that shores direction on its state??


'Heart of Oak Books' page 77

     " Oh, father," said a little Frog to a big Frog,
" I have seen such a terrible monster !  It was
as big as a mountain, with horns on its head.
It had a long tail, and hoofs divided in two."
        " Tush, child, tush," said the big Frog, " that
was only Farmer White's Ox.  I can easily make
myself as big ; just you see."
     And he blew himself out.  " Was he as big as
that? " he asked.
     " Oh, bigger than that," said the little Frog.
     Again the big Frog blew himself out, and
asked the young one if the Ox was as big.
     " Bigger, father," was the reply, " much bigger."
     Then the big Frog took a deep breath, and blew
and swelled, and swelled and blew, ---- until he

* THE text of the melodies is chosen from Mother Goose collections in Har-
vard College Library.   One of the most prolific sources, of course, has been
" The Nursery Rhymes of England, chosen principally from Oral Tradition,
edited by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq."   In the preface to the first edition,
printed for the Percy Society, London, 1842 the editor says, " If we had
an creditable sources of information, it would be a subject worthy of in-
vestigation to ascertain the origin of the popularity of these national nursery
melodies ; but, like most other branches of popular literature and traditional
anecdotes, their history is wrapped up in great obscurity.   We can ascertain
that they have been current in our nurseries for nearly two centuries, in all
parts of England, under forms very slightly differing from each other ; but
more than this we know not.
     " A few nursery rhmes can be traced to a very early period.  Every child
will remember the lines on Bryan O'Lin (p.77), which are found, under a
very slightly modified form, in a little black-letter book, by W. Wager, called
' The longer thou livest, the more Foole thou art,' printed about the year 
1560.  A few more examples of this kind will be found in the following pages."

(continue reading on page 105)

edited by Charles Eliot Norton
First Book
Rhymes, Jingles, and Fables
revised edition illustrated

D. C. Heath & Co., Publishers
Boston ~ New York ~ Chicago

Copyright, 1895 1902,
by Charles Eliot Norton.

The Store.Ease Of Fax To A.Dress The Fracture Of In^Flew^Ince That Instant Messaging Has Drive^Ven. To The..........

The National Media strides the Control to the System of the Mathematics,
once at the delivery of information now its the influence of the spake,
to wheel that aspect to the apron strings of puppetry the thirst of certain is chorus to The News!!

First its the once up on the pawn to story the board as the shakers,
than the peppering of flyers per the anchors on the chair.rubbed,
to engage that flats marrow to thicken the plotters,
it grains to the a Tent shins to task the next Venue!!

The bra is the chess piece on the short fort to brain reason as whiz.dumb??,
nigh the hour of slate to chalk out the find on the drill of that verbal be loud,
more a tore E! Um??.

Tack that a First Shall.lo to the verses that bank to the Operation fallow,
ditch to be field of the Crops at the whip Ping cream on milk sugar lathe,
that see in aitch as the what on the spelling of department,
death by proxied through the shots of National Media enhance.meant??.

Due ABC, NBC, CBS to the Public broad Casting chores??,
buy production and class the system scheduled.

Tee 'V' Guide to Grids of light less Soars,
the car will define a light to that harness of a Trailer on that Talk Video of spreading brings to deal,
that is the thrush in the hoofs frog to know Cop.per.Talks!!!!

Be Value to Measure and that Stream is the Rivers Gain,
not the lyre of Harp.Peas at the ankles of dirt to Jocks,
in this ink to that script it is the true heart that brings letter to walk the beat,
not some under-rated behind the desk gathering of gossiping clatter to banter the blankets smudges,
for that it is the Anchor Bankers that have Scripts to the cut and Readies,
owe for the commercial to tact.tile make-up with blush.

In Reflection What Is The Virtue To Know A Stream???

Should the venue be of greater countenance on the breadth of life itself,
the application of computer to the airport terminal know of a mache,
the computer to a shore that X Ray on the lift to gauge the Iron of the Ages of cars and shock,
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it is the founder of straight to that bullet prove??,
it is the manufacturer to balance that front wheel driver to a special stop as a whoa!!

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making the fun and games matter,
the galaxy at crust for shaken to sand a grain at the salt is peppering what on the watts bulb,
flowers to sum,
the avenues to chart the nest,
or is it the simplicity of stating that a carriage is not the reason for the advance photo graph.feeing??

Try the Fact that Files at the Sharks of Whales to cosmic the Dolphin tale,
is that fly by night the tackle of hardware as the pull to be on in chants??,
does the persons breast of flies make the people granted to more of gossips to trip,
like an LSD journey in the Reality with 'Out' that type Ping.

Shells and Clams,
oysters to the diamonds on the Digs??,
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shift to a schedule and honest supper with bread and circa senses!!

owe however,
the Media and the bunches of banana Slips to skirt detail as the Money belts dried Shapes??,
fickle are the courses??,
it is the formation of a thought to those that would put Humanity to a cent,
not a sent.troll that just flakes the Feed to the very nest bra of bravodo to Vlad!!!

As grass is in the technique of what is the shoreline on the Ocean bottom,
the Tides on the Fog,
the Weather width For.Cast as Op.pose.sit.Shin,
it is the chills that geese can say to the port of direction there is a skid to wake!!!

Fluster not the ankle of Telephone to the coming Ages of lathe at beacons,
lighthouse to the Coast as the shipping choice to say that comprehension is gain,
not the take-a-way to get-a-way to enhance the stick figure to hide the steep,
each every gravel to that pebbling of road is on the Cobbler's Stone of shingle,
the gull.a bowl is the fleece.sing,
a goods to be on the range is more than a safe,
not a vault,
it is just comprehension of the combination of a hare.row.when.

For that I tremble Society at denial of Time in the lives of the Loc's,
as the Mon.Knee of reels,
the shed of stools to Wares of scripts,
yet what of the edits,
the clips on the cutting room floors,
it is more than a graves yard,
it is not the singing jay^ole to the makers of Swat as a bug repellent,
for in the definition of care in harbor,
its the pier to reach that one grace of speaking gently in the storms Wind of hands faced,
it is that moment in the second of a split cable on the wire of code,
that is the wisdom of knowing the words to why's to date a treasure not scour a gut,
August 15th the Year of 2016,
the Time on acer is 3:58 AM,
what is that Means should the elbow not be of a strangers lean,
it is the hug of shore to say that every life stands to score??

Nigh the hours on the Scheduled Shifts that start to the Core,
for that is the now on the now of the now at the now of your eyes read,
out to that is the grains that have the uniform of cadence not the slate of chalk to graze the flounder!!!

The Scribe On Mars To Say To Awl

Once on The Watch it is the expression of this silents that is a state of being,
fresh touch to stretch the words off the stall,
from the people of energy,
shall the Cosmos language.

Does it reality to balance the drum of Humanity to close a treasure for the falls,
is it the grape to straw,
mucking only on that call to tell what is the proverb with verse at tale,
each avenue on the map a chart at the city wides,
across a country,
the streets that aye traveled,
those shadows on the walls.

Sadly persons have gone to the tongue,
the finger in the flip,
a scold to follow what is the protection of when convenience strikes that answer,
inch that to measure the car,
the lights of thunder at this it is a cause,
speaking as a Flute to ankle the miles,
friends these are not just empties to speak a speech of record,
these are the variances that have length to understand a shore,
the steady of study experience as a shelf is as a cliff knows,
its a compass its a wave its a path to bring that develops out of just love,
strange to those that may flight to negate the stream,
yet a river on a mountain is the snowflakes dream in an ocean of tears,
the salt that filled the eyes of stance to write only a beach is as not the fathom,
for with Title on read this leads to know strength not fear!!

As quick is to choice,
asking for that minute on the voice,
grace of time to second out in a hour or sixty Men.its' from what has Centuries at-hand,
for trotting,
these are the vocals of a giant crater,
the ancient whole,
it is the truth of Academy harnessed with Opera,
the Training width,
pause for that complete.shin,
it is the compass of no gas to light the ignition,
steady as the lyrics cradle those that know of source.