Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Thought, Acted, And Thereupon Found Myself Removed From This Job Of, "Forgive & Forget."

"Do not fight with that which you are faced with.
Accept that it is their responsibility.

Stand down!

Object to your internal draw to fight in the wrong War.
Allow the battle to be on the field of their guilt, not our innocence.

Forgive not yourself for an unknown crime.

Declare only your despair, 
your anger, your disappointment and sadness
to the lack of defense which was never offered.

Stand Proud,
no matter your beginning.
Feel the breeze of what will calm yourself to educate your young.

Do Not Repeat.

Be Free!

Discriminate against what will damage the innocent.

Freedom is found before our birth.
It is the bondage upon this Earth where we learn
 to be that which we have already chosen not to be.
Stick to your guns!!

Be Clear With Yourself.

Stand across from that which you should not forgive.
For it is their jobs to do for themselves, not us!

Be free of condemnation and know
 you are innocent of the guilt of Centuries of such Crimes.


For one day, with a little luck,
we shall be again, maybe meet,
 be able to find the strength to love once more.

Be True"