Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clear Custard

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an Enter Tane meant the Climb of rock drawn to Per verse in a count on granule,
Claim of Circa Time in the Leaves.

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Eight & one in clot coal whole of Ten at Start,
the life or Exchange hit total 18 to cross the dot of a Strange to Court Scrub.

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in the Either of comprehensive Sets claim on the sprain of Cultivation.

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The method of Paleon to distribute the phis' to Kaon the niche of Carn in clone of Demiurge,
factor Crine deposit at recomposure the shave Aegir: Dew kiln!!!

Nine Laws Of Deacon

The Locke Heed brawn of Paper fawn these dough to batter fix,
in gallant Tar the oil bar speaks Oh lay of loud,
the birt Record of cay at Lord does fling the Mass in tass,
too oder Core a King in Clore the board of inkling sifting,
a Seve in Water Wine of Floud the gag just drank the choke Eng,
to bush the Toll as shoulder Pulled thy founder is a Neck,
the roll above the Mane,
in truer class Crib empty glass as the Mug of Cargo!!

Tin in report stature borsk Thank grand Piano lifted,
the leaf of groin to Cover storm in Truss of raftor leaning,
ion built form by Dee sign a pull 'E' of the craft,
as deck protection in Sublime tooth lemon to Ark line,
creation Pounds to bite the truth & Out the existence living,
sense to All the door of shawl a Cloak of seen to Workin',
trouble not with Stip. of brought for Barter is the barker,
stand the ground by open sound these truth in treasures thumping.

Cry stop to plug the Venture rug asdic in parting See,
bring to the crowe the ship in plain touch the Buffalo on Missing,
no longer are the Heards of Ran listening to Listen,
tailor that to Hem in fact that Stitch in Time of rubble,
the tower of the sick & Flat that ashes have gone risen,
respect the fall as Miser held for on the face of Soot in space a general small clans brisk Ton,
in Tonal lo the hold a go did best in all the glisten.

In blind of seen the Wicked feign has guarded No-One person,
in touch on grace than slam of Mace the Areo sol of written,
deem worth to Fax at tuner back the Taps of liver eaten,
fudge miss Take & know the gland is Living,
in Hi the life of groats the Choice let allow to lane a sap the Maple of the May Pole,
a tie to speech a Litten.

In Ten Cents Nickle the Five of Sight have grown with Strong as listing,
trust History called the Outer Gnaw that takes in Place of bitten,
form type to had the Attentive,
in reach crop the Universe does match the Trax at rail of the enter,
pack to be the Come or Choose to wheel the law of Ridden,
stance this Clamp to unlock pants at point of dash the Zippin',
intro Pans the flute in Hand on the slope of sit Spin,
cork the shrink to advise that Ready is a quicken.

In lap atop the Head of shop a brain is in reside,
the purr to feel syn naps break aren't the Shaft of cellar,
these Traps that crate to ball & Fray are more-Over orin,
the stem of wares is Frail square and Triangular in bliss`Ton,
to negate the strap to curve a Clack the hinge has gone to cluck'in,
upon such Arm the thick alarms and puts the Mind to breast,
thee Sight of kipe in gone to pipe Creates a boots of Jure pom!!! 

Sain Psaltery

In the ink of Hand the write of ask the trait of kenning,
upon the understanding Pose the example of the deck at hemming,
to pencil blink a speaking beak the nail once was tongue real,
thank instrument of method plate as slate did slip to singing.

A dance to walk the lake of Malt a single on the own,
decor ran to envelope sand & etched-out all the shrinking,
to read of lather of the sweat a brow of swept in splined,
the tap muscle in oats of old lay grit to chisel`d bringing.

Dawn breadth of act to sentence crop ark float the flood of ring,
does fire claim the book of deck aspen arms trunk stinging,
ole low the bellow echo tack a shelf of rather springing,
river flow to human loan the creatures all are clinging,
dew in clause the bank well pause capture on the rising,
know art will paint the brush of lead in point on pen scrolling.

Shell rocks that melt & ices crumble to grade the signal green,
orca say that silent strong communications beeping,
the sonar to the radar blip the Cosmic counts live gone!!

Than in the math of Falcon path does flight grow in the shield,
oh little one whom hold so sent the Scene is speech of Tee'ing,
within the Vocal eyes of sun the chaise is on an Orbit,
due stars Ore grass the mow of shaft a tunnel on the Stinkin',
the why a skunk does flag the path with natural paint stripe back,
the swagger on the pass in laugh allows the Possum stem,
in thrush in frogs the Hoof of Meant that step on Moon to dent the tray gave rise Moore's in Rite,
the Churn of cream to milk and Seam the lathe in bath of corn.

The Road of feet in walk atop this crushes Inn of Keet,
in the bird now in a Term the figure Ean is Cert. ton,
such Cow that grown from bull of chop the China Store a learn,
that mold is green and shave is cold the left of shake Ink 'Jure Stun',
in take of Said the plenty fed have Orchestrated slate,
on Flower chalk the dry in crock a Stick in purse of Lur*Stan,
taught of Stalk the Universe hath stretched in slot Ancon,
be riddle Maut in Aunk shore staff the symbol of Life in It`self,
of these the Words beaching work brine Order in the Fountain!! 

One In The Same

Thus stars in thy space turned-off by the light at the rise of dawn a question of switch,
fire with a speaking in ball of the dusk,
a beating division the shade of a moon,
in tree of spacial Cosmic corn ride rowing Ink ore to the decide of the Scene,
Pop goes the shop on Shocking Art take each branch blooming station opinion on Starch.

Stiff walks earth yet design is to reach,
across Climb to ancient the blank Wall a bent,
ground in a drill to building Trunk Fence`d,
is the At-Most a direction on Cents.

Bank or a rocket or Feat written Script,
A-Torn while the work shanks Mountain ask Rent,
lease a rock to Mars on Can sleeve,
ownership body the bread eats a Scent.

Smelling of Yawn the adds to a sleep,
eyes in the Open the digestion fork Stew,
bramble in Wire barbs pork a Que,
eats Born to task part Mind arm of Brae!!

Crust in the center, Crumbs short to yarn,
building a beam to Professional farm,
no Stop in prefer an explosive at stark,
numbers apply the Coin in a Carn.

Munch chows a`Live digging to sleet,
sanding the beach lightening agree,
than the Cut jags to link Ranchers Feast,
houses of claim set Mealarm cleat.

Content Ten It

Starch to the jeans as the Seam of a play,
with Arrows & Bulls that do the ride Hunch,
at seconds to eight moreover the time,
go to the stock house the mirror of a Shed.

Corral on the squeeze a blast to the Move,
the hands on the left clap the right of a flat,
to the Strap on the crotch as Aspen in sprawl,
therefore a Tend in see is to strong`Arm the fleet,
by raising a Sign ink`d the flag of a Stream,
gone tusk to disc. and Rogue in the park,
a stay to the 'trailer' as Movies are shark!!

Rows to the Screen eyes with a Shade,
lust guest to Platter or dinner of spake,
wine in the Mug, bubbles to Pop the plain of the Cork on the particular Wood.

Staples a store as wall is a brick,
the Hinge masks the cover of Cycles a tone,
dish to the Shoulder of Mind on a Drink,
push a little thought not the darn of Ole talk.

Gosh Spock!!

Hell In Copter

Former to ladder the Angular plow,
thee type has groan Key at the ample of thought,
to divide the Collection of learn Nerd each spot,
the describe of the Bath Perks a Navel in Clot,
these ask no question just judge the Nature plant of Grant.

Turp U Lar existence of an anchor crate barrel,
the shift box to Label the men in Ameer,
shall the Tabular Grape with leaf on the groin,
star Bite not coarse in the Thorp of gone sky,
gravel done Stone in pebble of shock,
fore the rock of a Clift had a standard of purse.

The leap heard in Shallows of stay`d on a Score,
the den churn of Tablet said do as 'The Shade',
these are the Counters beat Mountain to Sand,
grain in on Weight the shoulder of Pawn,
this engage of an Ancient are Cay Ick at storm,
now in the fact blunt wor(th)d for Yarn.

Tube be the louse that Oddfly of Sync,
a gargantuan in Clatter the brass of a sip,
cup in the Flint the sand State to coal,
soak in the Palm asked Ball`wing ink`d Strong.

Flex a lil' muscle with a Campfire mix,
milk & Cookies the chocolate Stick with Marshmallow quick,
Graham made a Cracker and the taste is a Mic,
victory to A Being on the Bic.

Moon Date

Ask animal silent in thought of 'Just' tot,
the conversation of Cat with law Clause,
a lion in den at the Zoo of a friend,
the House of a told to the Fish in a bowl,
drop keys attach the Party-time-Line,
snatch to the Pick put Sheet to a Shrine,
four in the Post stirs as Stirrups ion,
sent turn Reef the freckles of Torn.

At fee on the Said a Write ink Can mat,
the banana of Slip too Tops on a deal,
crib the Horse to Wood in the stall,
these are the Tales of Masters at Perch!!

A`net to the Stocking at guarder of Band,
the clip on a rib Cork corset to Clam,
lace in the Buckle the tongue Split to bubble,
trace of or gain the build is a Store!!

Shank on the snap of Chained to the halt,
runaway Ran 'til the Log made a leap,
on Up in the Saddle the Written in feat,
the Stumped on the Thought that nap Eve air Stood.

So-shall It Clue!!

Legend Airs

In the Outside on a display of tree in the branch is a Tell held to bell,
the Scene alarming to the Orangutan of a Known piece in a interest of Thought,
to Remind of the Trip,
in Top of form Age Has shade that Casts understanding to Dance in the breeze Trap, 
arm the Setting to the Hare paint Blinks.

A clutch to the Grasp in the strength of Ape has a say in the Intelligence of Sake,
a clearing to the Nature in a Morning drink of Food,
these Art Actions of Name by degree Show the Prowess on as guard to a World gone snap,
compilation at screen in digit feet.

Hand ream on plate of Pink keys the Crane in Lawfold frame,
tusk said in Read a Spring of living Waters scoring to Treat the quest of A~Live!!

Door formal porch built deck of Clean,
on the Ayes of a hoot Trade raptor corn Came,
the talent of look it's Time on the frock,
all in the leaves of September clock Creek,
still to the Voice yet talking 'A Wind' no Mechanics needed the stature (of) Akin!!

If I see in be deed than does Cell Phone go palm Pea,
part pod wrinkle line a May Pull of Tribe in grass on the Mountain an apron of shroud,
these are the foot Chalks that limb to a Bough!!

Whistle Fuel

Scent the Church-hill que salt taste Pepper sneeze ask Shake,
staff propels the waist cork`d robe,
a cloaking shower once words of state,
sentence spreads the Fire charm lake a sort art Anchor the breath of gate,
too Ton mess in Year least rake Shoveling dung to closure Steak,
teeth sinking Fangs dripping song,
the churn Crop Narrows the Nib Crow Paint.

Ceil`fee pounds a hand to skate nor being lest form evade trim grate,
cart of the sift the plough on seed park of pew Rows play cake,
patty Burger Ham in sung buns in Oven crisp Fern crate,
box E on to Face it fake should the Horn throw trumpets fate,
cycle bike buy wheel late round the Crimson sale Bait.

Hodge buns hold grip the Sake all in moan of Meant to Pay.

Assumptions plume the Tower Snake,
squeeze the line Fork Lemon take,
be have a basket Carrot stick,
chomp the Apt to ledge in found,
red Park Moon to burrow horse Halter lead stack Wafer oat,
mix`d with Test the hidden Lo Trembles lit Text Ole Space,
in the History Pages take add the Vice 'A' ball & Hound.

Hunt to prey Punch piled Lay,
cups that fill with liquid say,
repeat the Chance that World dance`d thee Barn of stable at Hay trained Ba`Ale.

Boots At Work

I feel like I am Riding a World gone rogue,
People are the saddles with no-girth attached,
disconnected at legs with the bridle of Node,
the bit as the neck and Stirrup on head.

The shoulders the Product the mouth full-of Thrush,
Fingers ask palms to kick on the hoof while Shoes have no Cents an iron the Curt,
to breath the nose is exhale of fear Oxygen grey with acid in Stare.

Eyes equal cinders Coals that from staunch,
stomachs ate belly like lunch on the Arm.

Know shield of Armor,
the skin color tong,
touching with Haste and a post in a Song,
brains on the Think construction of gong,
banging the Silence in drums thumping long.

Wrongs Parts address the flip lid just crowns speaking a negative,
the Clique firm grown strong,
teeth are not bare but I grimace trait shook,
the lips not on smile the stretch is a Sip.

Percent in division the half Circle clay`d,
inking attack Arch presents Crotch enter Web.

The spider in crawl a Skeletal bleach,
the skull in the stitch thigh Scapel @cast,
among in dart Thicket thorns at the spine,
tapping whilst crunching molars rash prime,
the Pong`ping of the spank once a Paddling oar,
now boating straddle in a gore gone pour.

The pitch of believe Times the light with a bulb,
like plants that are potted with Route on a brawn.

That perforated Tear is sheets filter day,
with worth on the Mop push`d cork display,
once the shine raised the knee does a bend,
to mark on the seat a forward come feed.

Bites that are retorts k/no/w idea as the hit,
saves platter on shall week dinner to Fact,
the deposit of bowel on the tongue of a muscle,
no Gag on the strap,
leather is Sat.

The hide bones at stalk scraping the lawn,
mowing Ton choppers the blades of the Fair,
cuts out on clamber turns to the stir,
regarding engage as the foot on a Storm.

Twisting in gut the partition at space,
the between in the Counter is air on the dusk,
scrambling eggs while Shelves are (a) cracked (Whole),
the left is not over the Pan-full rust.


The canister porcelain with Clamps on suck grasp,
pointing the Picture of societies lane`d on in the green Red at the rage,
confused as the powder that rouge on the pit,
snap in Seen shadows the Sun,
bellows fit Mapping a Comment to the hist in a Brick.

Mortar to Vein the pulp on a Tit,
ankles that hobble with placement of whip.

Blocks of the lumber measure part log,
in the snooze once a button now digit and Shark teeth.

Which impression of Wait on the rise of a lake,
the cloud in the Sky a river brook teach ,
nature be Falls animals on clink,
the bars of the Prison @dust sync a Stick.