Friday, April 11, 2014

It's Been Said

The story told is simply rolled,
to scribe for future past.

To believe in what is deed,
the release brought only breathe.

The latter of the after,
the facts have caused a stature,
to stand on bended plea,
to ask and not to answer.

Corrupted lives don't realize,
the watch begets the view,
the more of less in aspect,
developed to out the truth.

Click to each of every set,
the post that is a favorite best,
identifies the sides of whom,
would like the wish for dreams to boom.

Discount the hand that rights to shake,
the contact that we all must make,
politely done with pen as gun,
verifies that lives were spun.

The sting of any worthy cost,
is the patience to discover loss,
upon such anxious question asked,
the value turned to Shows and Stats.

Of course the plight of all in might,
is surprising upon invite,
the best of worst would be to see,
that acceptance is a read.


It is great to know,
after years of prose,
that life won't change,
it seized the throws.

The brakes I've sought,
to delve in plot,
how to decide,
not pass divide.

Courage in gifts of change,
the words to power not derange,
to bring an end not continue in been,
allows the grace to envelope new space.

A viable choice to have made in stayed,
as what's been done was done in laid.

The life exist of hearing this,
the news to pass is in the cast,
once the road was seen for drove,
misunderstandings delivered prose.

Circumstance brought more than known,
suspected that it was a tone,
now I understand the life of stoned,
is to be destroyed while in the bone.

As the truth has taken time,
to understand not to rhyme,
I did not know that people would,
spy me out to improve their could.

Worn since birth decided fate,
the pass of all my family's hate,
piled upon tons of weight,
the process of accepted state.

Interest in becoming more,
building values to 'No' that door,
respecting self important measure,
before I took to writing tethered.

The done in Act is perfected fact,
the tries to break were falls in make,
to keep me as a garbage spake.

Ready for the next brought chore,
the trust I had has turned to horror,
to say that I have a part,
is to know I've had it from the start.

Perspective View

The retrospective beauty of,
a life that has been cast in shoved,
expectations fall to knew,
the garbage can for all of you.

Embracing role in birth of cold,
the script is written and thus so told,
you are the bin that trash does hold.

The collective dumping of what is done,
likens itself to packing sum,
the added wait to every dream,
makes surprised a given theme.

Perhaps what's shocking,
is me still walking,
the fact for fact is learned to track.

Without a doubt the sacrifice,
performance turned much like a vice.

The energy that creates the need,
know accounts will be a lead,
to whomever wished a scheme,
on how to make a life for mean.

As no difference ever comes,
the drum is almost nearly strung,
so tangled up in what is done,
what's forgot is memory tongue.

The basis of the carry forward,
is to remember and not forget,
for in the present the past is met,
the shake of hand involved a reck.

Take A Seat Know Stand

Balance breathe of spoken speech,
breaking chains to ever seek,
turning back to understand,
as the view comprehended planned.

The measure is a lively brain,
to interview a public truth,
personal dues to embrace,
different paths create post haste.

Dreams are something that we make,
to enable ourselves a place,
to work for what can be made,
to enlighten others for better sake.

Commercial venues to express,
not emotional typed depress,
rather lift our reason to,
embrace accounts and stop the coup.

Playing games with deadly pains,
ascribing particular person blame,
could not be possible unless you train,
the rails built are linked in skill.

Truth will always stand alone,
the change will charge and not just stone,
the engine of a caboose in tone,
the past presents a future thrown.

The tidbit of the speak in say,
is the bell that rings today,
should you know a given way,
than production will never sway.

To take from lost a brand knew win,
then all that's done is simply trim,
the edge of reason or birth to scorn,
the stage of comprehension born.

Repeat the processed by only read,
remind yourself that I'm not dead,
the path to open the door to stair,
a climb to build the ladder pare.

Trod upon the broken pawn,
monopoly makes me yawn,
to look to difference instead of wrong,
delivered life to live a song.

Icy 'Till

I implore to temper self,
allow this horror to fall in tell,
may this guide my wait imposed,
be a road healed by redemptive prose.

Hold to what is and respect the hurt,
may these words rain upon this hymn,
to shower my being with interpretive meaning,
not to endure but to remain in learn.

Hold from my write the ability to type,
to stop me from exacting wipe.

May my key be compassion,
make my lock understanding a threshold of care,
allow what is said to wash my despair.

Keep me from expression that plots to alarm,
embrace my thoughts with the gravity of talk,
bring to me the patience of lead.

Embrace this able deed,
to not impose indignity,
may composure grip my read,
to make aware this wretched snare.