Monday, April 20, 2015

H Be Owe

Silent Storm that Trees in Sleeve blows to Sing a Forests Roar,
ring on stake to Ember Flame at last a Leaf to float the Dab,
lobster Crab basket Cat nigh are Hours shadows Taffy,
style With lumber Sounds off Keys all in Sail to Roots of Shale.

The brother Law with Earth on Caught to Somber ache A Sun to Trait,
burned by Sash tears on drips leather Language as Eels Port!!

General Pat Ten

As the words pour through this Sieve the counted sands that which I slow to filter only truth to sigh,
as the Pitch is Frequency of that it is the greatest theme to Cinema of movie on the table its sewn loud,
chorus sings to hands of Law the Instrument a Harp of strings that cable this to All of seed,
in bellow smoke the Pipes do sew the Field of Humanity is social produce that equals Sea,
the beach of shore is to ink Well the depth in deepest Iniquities for on the Mouth it is the Keys.

Level language with the Vat of the pork on to Fat an Oil dots the Foreheads sack to dimple sink,
washed by grounds ran for Clans to the Norse of anguish store by North to Mountain Says,
perform the Magic clam the Muscle tell the Worlds of the dial and Crow to Know Belief,
with Innocence on dignity a Sentence to the Prisons read fly to Zip a source indeed it's Christmas.

Times of Ages dig to lids open only rampant tribs a decide to Founder,
shout on Valley echo short Pole the bridge to price the snore in this the globe is Snowed,
covered with a lye that burns Greek the fact and Sail the craft of simple as it Owes.

Trade upon the backs of screen to Look is to Watch the Screams as Hell is Fire and brims are slow`d,
boiled by the fruit taste jello so glad that the Life is Troll to monster in the beast at Dragon told,
horse the Candle tow the Feat to each a Corn of Wheat is maize as that is quarter dime spanned,
matter till the Void is tailor to the Cloak of banquets Anger service to the Salts of savored.

Drink my tout gag the Fount liquid is the bounce of doubt as the Trumpet chose,
dank course deep to freezer sheep Woolly coats to sheer the Worm at the length of Spelling fleece,
to gather pace to fedder ink tassel flings the Switch arms Tell grade the bale Railed,
sphere to Cosmic Channel lull the stride of dowel to closet eyes a shoe that is the pump of buy.

Purchase sole pay for Soil can the Possible at the Tail of the Comments constrictors,
worth Machine to gun the hug as the quote is able loved as Cain is civil so still the Alan wrench rears Wave,
from the grave that horror moans staked to dinner on the superstitious faith stone spilled,
pickle Pepper has a take that the questions chanced the Wake to ash added to soap for death by Pope.

A stupor put to fourth the store in grocery eats the T.V. Week a groin by crux that showed a ski,
sniffle Snot the pig is grunt a Traveler of cortex smooth to dock the challenge Tear Owed,
deal the poker game that brain with the band of sale a land touch Scanners at the banners,
Yogi Bear a Picnic Square so placid that the breakfast Mornings on with Top Steered being Argolong.

Sew blanket force the quilt of play hath threaded information rave at the lease ask cents to pause a helmet,
The skull of dark at kept for cleat to grab the ass of disbelief to sign a former scratch of trace,
The sky is drew the dish in eats a fed departed ran the ski to produce on the storm feet Troops,
Sold for grade the debtor laid to be the tongue that spoke Hubs paved with brim stones going seed,
Planters nuts with angle munched swallow whole the teeth won’t score touching intestinal banquets role.

Creation soared the apple door with gardens gates and rinks of thorn at wreath the Thistle splined,
Orgons mow the platter arm craft a hugged by outer dug a perking to the sump that pews a cup,
In thrashed by cream of ancient seams the scroll originated back to team with aspect for the scene,
Course repeat the map of Teak an oakish read that stone age said earth would all but shake to state.

Death controlled no enter sold exit duty performed the jade to green scale monument of changed,
Took brine stork the eggs of shore to print the palm with deeply starved controlling grew to hate,
Chalks are deemed with orchard beams beyond the days divide,
Yen does meld the hung in fold yoked were burr to leather stirred a brain gone massive leaves,
Coast done tell to major bell in answers smoked the signal choked to rinse a ladle fade,
Heavy targets silken slop vee hampers stride a penned stead tied the crest be lamp.

Treason pulled to televised the computer framed the golden toll with food to mentioned contest,
Com Met torque the wrestled warp figures hand with fist in planned to legislation Joan,
Twisted factor drills tack raft torn need waits want to neither died got salt with to much paste.

Brown packages buckled cuffs linked by test of sanctioned bumps the stage held seated case,
Hover craft the chopper wrath growed the deepest strife aboard eating path with board dom,
Presence shot to Jung in mug booking said that Vowels a chore the blister brought a wart,
Compound ward dee sipped it wide found to spy the photo lied now the grains hour swoll.

Anti classed ate the glass signed address to smile a death but on the ink its dried,
Added waist to ankle chased runners jog to skin abraced so technical it swiped erase at snead.

Parker brows the shivers cold a slab beneath a tower scold inch eye with pinky rat,
Snake to leaf the Gargoyle belief a rise in Mount of slammed post reef snorkel can’t be breathe,
The Tank was dread it shallows load the rubber bobby tired bunch in scrape that puts to snap.

Fingers Up to fingers thumb speaking sinks like vice was gum attached with superficial,
Plurals rounded out the play to gamblers on the Poker clay making gruel of pour ridged,
Mines of gel the smell ramped still odor road Marks by dough to cornucopias. 

April 17th, 2015

In Car Nations A Mechanic Stokes The Sat A Lite

Dawn my horizon on the Origin of the String at the Instrument of loving the State on the Creek,
Many to the Life times the Thor of Ancient Class to the Marriage of the Humans Cork,
basic the Back to the Shock RA of the Set on the Enter of Ages to the Tech of an Engines lead,
sparking to the Fires in the Suns for the Hots on the For See Able steers,
guardin' the Choice of a Fix on the Crave to bathe in the Moon for the earthly Steep,
on that Ore of dust and a Chore it is a River to Sky on the Thunder by Soar!!

Heave the Black Mass to a Spring as that is the Pen To Graham from the Lathe of a Sound,
crown the sand touching the Quick ever are the depths of the Oceans on the Bike,
travel Well chance that Type of the James Blunt to the Prometheus in History,
stolen Fire to deliver nothing but a Fizzle of the Bottle parade on the leg,
slice that limp to a Kick in the Ass as Any donkey makes the lumber for a barnacles ride.

Jeans to Teak the Oak with a key on the bough of a Swing inched to a Thousand Years in Puff,
the Magic deep to a Moment on it Morphs to a Second for the dance on the Modern tie,
wrapped by Ways of Roads & prose A Poetry of Arson as the burns in the Flame on Lapping the Air.

Skill to dial on the further Dam to block that Public rebuke for Choice on the Tender Meeting to suit,
down on the Under over the Topper as in My Young State on this Planet with Writers rib inking story,
celebrating the Ash bury of all The Haight on the Streets of Note taking Surprise the entire standard of B.D.S.M. on the Switch.

A true Blue at Festival for the Sound of musical Sailing that grip on the Outer Realm popping an Original Spin,
dollar Hide to deck a best as the founder of a Cremation is the dashes on the grunge,
Blunt is a Never stop to the Plug in the Aspen of the Whispering Wind blowing a show,
to throat of the step on the Ladder Rein for say treat,
 the Trickster to a Jack over the bean Stick on stow,
birds on the Wire with sorting the Factor to drip the Demons to lust the lips as the Kissed,
cheekie on the Pillow of sleeping Maize for I am growing with the Guild on the darkest Pervade.

Event the after of Yesterday today as asked to breathe a posture of being in the Hold,
skate the Isis and grab your shone to spill the Toast for the boogie Man is a Shadow of good Grace,
power Point to mouse Clique in the cup of Sole to Fire hell in brim Stone I bank the best of go,
patience in the Papers to theme a book of ill read Luke!!

Dave at the Hall of the toss on the squall Pits and Wholes to stickers on score A beast by the Feather,
in dive on the possession on the Nine 10ths of the law Staple this Ore to the foot in that pipe,
to have had to have danced the Visit to pail In the miles of friends I sport the fax to the sped of dressed,
eagles Flight to Ba Trill Awe to dig the perfect Answering by listening to my turn of the Creature,
as again I accept that Christianity is not Thor nor could that possible Blunts purr of Odin on a Norse chore,
instead I bank the Nile to boat a Shipping A New to port the found Tina a drink of Style,
for Once gamed as a Go the pleasure is Mine to Thank my Mother a sand,
engaging in the Paints on the storage of body to print she did Truth Full the advent of my Torque,
put to place in Stet on sentence the Worth I was told would be the results of the Original Sin,
as I am the reason And The barrel of People are the Strung Mark to a clever Exist the devil tongue.

On the City by Say at Feat In Chapter to Lion on the Jaguars tree The Jungle is a burst of Reins,
soaking the eyes with safe to coordinate the Path on the tracks of this life in midst of Chains,
ankle breaking Caned.

Language Locs

Inn the Ancient torque of the driving Start the depth taught comprehension of the delve to Tons,
on the staple of the contact to the Circle of the scribe a cause to stipulation of the course to speak,
as the barrel of the face in that is the Mind on the call of the lathe As to engage the tower of streets,
this in the force of the Power of hoot telling Owl of the Shoot on that is the Moon with a Faced,
despot to prelude as the factual plenty of the Candles in the Chapels lit bye hands on the sticked,
to tremble of the Squeak on the Violin of the glycerin that creeks to the chain the linking lodge.

Trial tasked the Castle of the Rock in the drink of Labyrinthine as the Maize for the score,
sporting Event chased the apple to drop on the gravity as the Trees in the Forestry of plastered,
tell the lace of the buckle torn shoed that the Iron is the method of Operations fates,
dark are the Scars that edge to that kneel of the pew on steam for the Alter of the calculated Mass,
perhaps the foundation of the stagger at Death in the place a Meaning of the grills to the beacon.

An Ocean over to the Board that piece to the Puzzle off the riddle counts that as the clip on the Cuts,
arms with gauge to the Mouth of the grate in filter rank a language by the Way of an Ancient lake,
sword to the badge is the torque of the clinic that Raccoon sleep as that is the Possum instead of lead,
skunks to Deer on the antler of the truck rubs to tackle the Ram of the years for the Steer on Guards.

Treasury of the Guild that buried the lives on the Cry in screaming the race to the dried erasure of soil,
earth on the crate to the snail of the Cosmic Suns nothing brine's as the Salt is the sneeze of the chapters,
chance that to the benches on the dead to the risen of the bed In that broth a soup of bones on Whale,
graveyards to the Ivory of the deck of Elephants on the flight of a Mile,
horns touching down as the Humans jump to the decide on the extra Hots a punk of Heavy hards.

A Core to the bigs in the banging Parade desired the crib in a piece as the field of the Matter`d,
stage fright with a bit of collection as the Seer is in the discernment of Caustic plus raised,
in that flour of the buttered life to break the formal to seat a breadth of timing as the Watch of lod.

In the encouragement of a length that stretched to reach the Outer portion of the spooning planets,
stars on the Film in Imagine a cream of the puddings as the sheet to distant form,
dignity addition with the Hand on a glistening to Oils of the spend,
gathered by the chore to venture in with a message from begun,
question on the table to the swing of Tintinnabulation rung.

In the list of Mortal shells the Clams hour for Pearl diamonds in the Volcanic under grounds,
an Equator for the portion of division to decide on the choice as the chorus to the string,
threading the Needle in the Arch as the Bishop hopped the light to shout the rook of the sting,
an at the sing the Birds flew to the floes of the massive amount of season on the nth game in degree`d.

Parking at saddled to spoke of the Ancient Wheeling a steady to the jog in a galloping spree,
distal sent to channel of the bay in the throat of a Swallow on the Whistle of rails that crock a Keep.

To date the Now as the gift of the present ribbons wrapping as the paper of shoulds,
a tick to the clock on the say and the blocks that dimensions are mirror`ly the gear to streak,
quick on the blow as the spray of the Tooks for in that the try Angle banked on a pheasant to pea,
answered Cock in the doodle to put the skirt as the shirt of the soaking Sun.

Tiers on this will bring to the Front a War of such an Ancient lace that the Stones will simply walk a Way,
to cobble of the speaking gum Snot will drain as the dry Eyes can not be Leaf on the grape of the Signed,
gradual on the pipe to the rise of the sky in the Clouds of the sum Funnel the math to slammed,
shredded by Chaucer to grains that Rye as the feeble on the beetles of Cricket in the rubbing slummed.

Song to Coral on the reef of Classic storm for in the time of Nothing on the every in say its a shunned,
than on that provision of the Prized to the great Perk a reality types the written to smith on West^Ton,
heard in the Ear of the piercing scale of green Freeze an that Turtle of burt on the tum,
duck the goose to cover the Cranes as the Swan is in the feather of the writ tasting the Come.

16 Απριλίου του 2015 18:57

Μήπως το πόδι σε αυτό το περιγεγραμμένο από τα νεύρα λάμψη να δαπανήσουν για αιωνιότητες συκώτια Spline σε αυτό το κεφάλι,
Καθώς οι αρχηγοί συντονισμένοι στο γύρο με τη φρίκη του προσώπου δι 'απαγχονισμού στην ειδική οθόνη πιάτο με το Μάιο,
Αυτό φοβίζει στα δύο μακρύτερα σε ένα συγκεκριμένο μηχάνημα για δάνειο από τη σκηνή για να ντροπιασμένος από τον άνθρωπο,
Τελευταία στο αρχείο με τον όρο του βάθους των κυρώσεων στους πλανήτες για Skeet Παγκόσμια κλίμακα.

Αναφορά του τρόμο ως τη μυρωδιά του να ζητήσει από τον σταματήσει είναι η πλατεία, όπως είναι το ενδεικτικό της μπάλας,
Για να συνδέσετε σχετικά με τα γεγονότα που οδηγούν στην ανίχνευση σε στον ήλιο με τα άλευρα Διαβάστε πεσμένος,
Ανθρωπιστικές διόδια αναμιγνύεται στο ζωμό του κρανίου στο στήθος του φόρτου που λάχανα,
Όπως και τα σκουλήκια στο garbaged που τροφοδοτούνται σε αυτήν στάβλο ο ψηλός εισέλθει σε μεταξύ τους τάφους για τα βάζα της σιγά-σιγά.

Ραμμένες στο βελονιά της μύτης στο υπόστεγο τα χαλιά και η Εργαλεία Grange shagging ΚΕΔ φύγει,
Πρώτον, υπάρχει βία από πίσω αδέξια ότι Είναι η βίδα να σταματήσει στο πλήρωμα,
Πλαστική συσκευασία για σανίδες να χύσει τον ωκεανό με κοιλιές του τόνου ότι συνωστισμός,
Κίνδυνος πνιγμού για Vessal από τα τρίμηνα των couth μικρός μπακαλάος στην πορεία δεν είναι τίποτα να χλοοτάπητας.

Πράσινο γλάστρες με σήψη στη διαδρομή του SYNC ριζωμένη ιμάντες μόνο τα στοιχεία Spink,
Αυτή είναι η πιο παχιά Αχυρώνας βυθιζόμαστε ξυρίσματος σε τόρνο βοείου κρέατος υπέρ των hunks στο NOB Θεέ μου,
Εκεί έχουν στο ράφι για το κρέας του χασάπη γυναίκα αλυσοδεμένοι ενώ hobbling πλιάτσικο,
Χρήματα για να καθαρίζω τους ήχους της σκιάς Shake στον Τιτάνα τα λόγια του τύπου,
Gallop ξεκινήσει μέχρι να χτυπήσει το Nestle ο Βορράς,
Από ό, τι στο τρέξιμο ντους για την εποχή του Σαούλ,
Αριστερά στην πύλη για το ήταν στο πρόχειρο,
Αλλά μέχρι το μέρος αυτοκινήτου που φέρνει στο ζευτικοποιημένο θορυβώδης.

Είναι μια καμινάδα από σωρευμένης αυξάνει με το φυσερό,
Η δάδα των δράκων στα ράφια των καταστημάτων στη Βιβλιοθήκη,
Για να πετούν σε όλη την μεγάλη σχεδία, όπως ότι είναι η χάρη Excuse Τίποτα στην παρούσα πάντα WAR !!

Ταξίδι στη Bell ρίξει τη λαβή είναι ελκήθρων αγαπητοί φίλοι σε αυτό το αλιευμάτων από τα είκοσι δύο από τα εν λόγω,
Flash πλημμύρες στη σπηλιά για τον κολπίσκο από την Τράπεζα, ως άμμος για την ξυλεία σκοτώνει το έδαφος,
Αλλόκοτη εμφάνιση απλά αναπνέουμε στο υπόστεγο για να τον αφρό με φωτιά και τον πάγο το σε φέτες,
Για να είναι τα μίλια σε αυτές τις σιδηροδρομικές Times Θυμηθείτε ότι η μόδα είναι η πτώση του δεκάρα,
Για να Αφήστε τη λάμπα ως τις αποχρώσεις forwith σχήμα με τους πλοιάρχους το πάγωμα μόνο του μια ζάλη,
Αυτή η ευκαιρία Top Teal να περιορίσει το τικ για τον όρκο με αυτή την Tazo Ore να αναγκάσει την λυκίσκου,
Σκεφτείτε σε ορείχαλκο και της Πολωνίας με το σπάσιμο του Ναυτικού φαίνεται να λύσει τη ραφή.

Fringe στον ποδόγυρο της φούστας των πλακιδίων Χίνας και το κονίαμα να μιλήσει σαν ένα θέμα,
Ως μακρύτερα άπω το πτερύγιο στο σχιστολιθικό βράχο για τα δάκρυα και παλίρροιες στο ταχυδρομείο !!

Μετά την αφή του διαβατηρίου προκειμένου να απεικονίσει ένα σαλιγκάρι είναι η μπανάνα μαϊμού πάνω σε μια ταινία ή το Δισκοπότηρο,
Η τιμή είναι το Χαλάζι σε Barter & Ποτά παρομοιάζουν την επιδιόρθωση για την γέφυρα στην πολυλογία,
Γκάντερ με γερανό για να πάπια σαν κύκνειο άσμα πάει στο μαύρο είναι το χρώμα του ήλιου,
Αυτό δεν είναι τόσο μικρότερη είναι η πιστεύεται ότι είναι σοφό να τους φοβισμένους εμπρός από το θάνατο του λάχανο.


Dunia hii ina hofu ya konda ndani na kazi maelezo juu ya Lens katika blink ya ngao,
Ili gasp katika kama stale ni zaidi ya kuleta kukaribisha ushawishi wa sababu au kweli,
Kama watu kuwa kufunga juu ya kiti cha buttocks kwa AT Mwenyekiti hema ya fuvu,
Je, katika hili kupasuka ya moto juu ya makaa ya mawe kwa kina cha milele imezama katika Shoal.

Kukabiliana na makamu na toleo juu ya twice`d kwamba kugonga ya clasp ya cuffs ya nguo,
Uturuki na stuffing juu ya suuza ya kuzama, ambayo ni Sam A nill uh amesema na stink.

Kuosha scrub kwa Mission Bells Shoe kucheza kwenye mzabibu kwa zabibu na nguruwe,
Kama Oink nguruwe katika penned juu ya sauti ya chuma au mbinu ya sababu ni nyama ya nguruwe,
Katika ngumi tumbo pamba na pamba usufi nguruwe. Hila juu ya mti wa bustani katika Mtego,
Mitego Chatter Fudge kwa Thought ya tawi bado ni nyoka alisema kuzungumza na Tell.

Onyo juu ya ulimi na kiharusi misuli ya koo kumeza karatasi kama kadi juu,
Kusababisha vipepeo katika hewa kutoka balbu juu ya mama Frostii katika ndege huduma kwa wazi,
Tumbo la Digest zilizotolewa na wasomaji wa Chama alizungumza ya kukemewa kwa vipuri,
Nene juu ya pipa kwa Pickle katika mafuta, yester Mwaka Kutoka Leo Kesho sasa katika blare !!

Michezo ya kubahatisha Score na nafasi Bodi kutoka moto katika moto wa milele Sport Ruka Mwenge,
Roam katika bounce kwa mawe juu ya Flat Creek River na inapita na kuandika mwenyewe mfupa,
Kama bleach la jua katika blistering ya ngozi ya mwili kunywa juu ya dry`d umeonyesha,
Bright tangle kwa Lärm Combers kutoka spook katika uwiano juu ya bendera Storm Tempo Forte Riding Farm.

Biashara Winds North kuelewa njia South Radio Station ni benki ya rahisi binafsi kwa Norse`d,
Kwa juu ya tale ya kina ya fable au Myth ya kusema akizungumza na bora gent katika tubs,
Mwisho spank jambo kutoka pwani kwa bleach Spindle Thread Spooling Zaidi ya kugawanya pewter kutoka milele nilihisi,
Catchers Mitt lami katika vikombe ya simu ni ya kufunga juu ya meza ya serikali sawa juu ya hatma.

Sirens kwa masikio ndani alarm wa kiuno kwamba mayowe Parade ina stabled kwa farasi,
By njia na kulisha umri nzuri kumbuka na shayiri na nafaka mafuta Cod kwamba livers tiba,
kijiko ya Sugar baa watu na karatasi ya karoti juu ya theluji ni wote lakini hiyo akaonekana kuyeyuka na hivyo kanzu.

Kifundo cha mguu juu ya laini ya harakati ya piano benchi kwa kuona A Vocal Kuanzishwa kwa ajili ya mbio hofu,
Hii trite sana na rahisi pekee ni kraschlandning ya binadamu juu ya toll na kama povu la sabuni kwamba tu anaona kutofautiana kwa Math,
Hizo kwa washes sabuni katika kumbukumbu juu ya albatross yai shells kwa kufuli kinyang'anyiro kama monsters bado kufanya Chill.

Katika Musuem juu ya akili kama mifupa ya mifupa Kupata nyangumi kwa ajili ya mazungumzo,
Kama kimya kimya Hills cha picha sura na jazwa katika vituo vya juu ya jambo Global,
Black ni taabu itakuwa nyingine msumari Inch na tabasamu kwa frown kama kwamba ni hammered pia.

Chorus kufanya kazi njia Quirk span kuanza Chati ya kidonda katika reli ya snot,
Stuff kumwaga machozi juu ya pua kwamba kufanya macho kuchoka na Humanities Blind !!

Kujificha katika majini kufanya spline kufanyika kwa tumbo kuletwa na majani kwa ajili ya Autumn ni majira juu ya Spree,
Katika spring na majira ya joto maalum juu ya Moon Sun kuguswa kwaya ya sails kufundisha hili kama barua,
Imeandikwa na mwelekeo juu ya ardhi kama kitu ambacho ni mkono kwa Riders kusimama ya wimbo.

Sehemu na salama katika Loc. Key kubadili kamwe crotch kwa ajili ya 1 kwa miaka mingi ve kubakwa,
Kukwama katika mchanga na vijana na kwamba pukes mvua maji kwa ajili ya shina kuwakumbusha kuwatawanya yangu,
ukweli wa kelele kwa vivuli ya mashamba katika msitu itakuwa kuanguka kwa kusikia kwa miamba,
Crashing Thunder Acoustics usawa kelele kutia saini kwa ajili yake kugeuka kuwa counters na umeme.

Bonyeza click click tiketi hotuba ambayo buries waaminifu na uongo katika notch na ukanda mlolongo katika buckles sped,
Hifadhi ya nanga katika bahari ya bahari na hell`d hazina maana kama mwanzilishi wa Crosses,
Kinga na Scot kukabiliana na moto na miti kwa tishu ya choo flush mizizi ya Daily Bee,
Spark mganga kwa pande zote kama kwa kila moja ya ulimwengu kamili ya mitego kila nothings sneer akawachukua ghostly vilivyooanishwa.

The Ancient Egyptian Ba

The Ancient Egyptian Ba

Inherkhau and his Ba from a painting in his tomb on the West Bank at Luxor

The ancient Egyptians believed that there were a number of different components that made up an individual, such as the ka, which we interpret as meaning "life force", the shadow, and even a persons name, among others. The ba was another one, a major component we believe to have a meaning somewhat similar to our western concept of the soul, though not altogether the same. The Pyramid Textsof the Old Kingdom are the earliest textual source for the concept of the ba.
One difference is that the ba appears to have been understood from the point of view of an observer rather than that of the individual with whom it was associated. It personified the impression that individuals make on the world around them or their effect on others, so in a way, it also relates to the individual's personality. This aspect of the ba is embodied in an abstract term, bau, meaning something like "impressiveness", "effect", or even "reputation". Hence, in the "Instructions for Merikare", the pharaoh is instructed on the proper conduct of kingship that "A man should do the things that are effective for his bau", and therefore to enhance his image before others and the gods. When the king acted against Egypt's enemies or the gods intervened in human affairs, those actions were often referred to as the bau of their agents. However, there were some very distinct differences between the ba and bau. While the ba appears to have been associated with only human beings or gods, the idea of the bau could also be associated with objects that would otherwise be considered inanimate. For example, in the "Instructions of Amenemope", the warning is made concerning the misappropriation of grain that "the threshing-floor of barley is greater of bau (and therefore has a greater effect) than an oath sworn by the throne.
Nefertari as a Ba
Though, like the soul, the ba seems to have been essentially nonphysical, it nevertheless could be viewed as a separate physical mode of existence for its owner, even prior to death. Hence, the sun could be viewed as the ba of Re, or the Apis bull as the ba of Osiris. In the Late Period, even sacred writings were often referred to as the "bas of Re." In fact, one god could be viewed as the ba of another. This was especially true of Re and Osiris, who formed a union in the netherworld through which Re received the power of rebirth and Osiris was resurrected in Re. The combined deity that they formed as sometimes called "He of two bas." The pharaoh could also be present as a ba in another form of existence. During the Old Kingdompyramids were often called the bas of their owners, and officials sometimes had names that identified them as the ba of the king, such as "Izezi is His ba".
The ba of ordinary Egyptians during their lifetime is rarely mentioned. Egyptologists have suggested that this evidences the belief that they did not possess a ba before death. However, "Dialogue of a Man with His Ba," a Middle Kingdom literary texts, certainly seems to refute this idea, even though it is rather unique. In it, a man argues with his ba about the merits of life as opposed to the uncertain nature of life after death during a difficult period. In the end, the ba advises that he should "Desire me here [in life] and reject the West [the land of the dead]. but also desire that you reach the West when your body is interred and that I alight after your death: then we will make harbor together." Clearly at least during this period, this text demonstrates the existence of an individual's ba during life, and even strengthens the view that the ba has a separate mode of existence.
From the Book of Gates, 9th hour, bas of the blessed dead receive food during the night
Nevertheless, and in all instances, the ba is most evident in texts that deal with the afterlife. These texts treat it as both the vehicle of the deceased's existence after his physical death and as a component of the deceased, just as in his life. The Pyramid Texts inform the gods that the deceased "is a ba among you" and assure the deceased that "your ba is within you." Later, during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom, the deceased appears as the ba of various gods but also as his own ba, with the physical powers of a living body. The second view is also demonstrated in the destiny described in the 18th Dynasty tomb of Paheri at El Kab: "Becoming a living ba having control of bread, water, and air."
Nevertheless, Paheri's text also tells us that "your ba will not abandon your corpse," which supports the Coffin Texts assertion that, "my ba cannot be kept from my corpse." This relationship is strengthened by various chapters in the New Kingdom Book of the Dead (Book of Going Forth by Day), which show the ba not only returning to the mummy and hovering over it, but also participating in activities outside the tomb. The earlier Pyramid Texts were based on the daily solar cycle. In it, the ba reunites each night with Osiris, just like the sun, embodied here in the mummy. Through that union the ba is reborn again each day among the living in a new form of existence.
Prior to the New Kingdom, no representations of the ba are certain, though some funerary statues created during the Old Kingdom are thought to perhaps show the ba in fully human form. Only in the Book of the Dead do we find illustrations that are clearly of the ba, in the form of a bird with a human head, and sometimes other human attributes. This image was also adopted by the Meroitic civilization ofNubia in states of the deceased, basically as statues of human figures with the wings of birds. However, as this may appear to be a historical basis for the concept of angels, note that the Coptic (Christian) texts adopted the Greek word psyche in place of the native bai as the term for "soul," and therefore it is doubtful that such a historic connection exists.

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Luck Soar

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The Coy`inn

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Dust Logic!!

So in the ear I sound the hear to Hotel California and this Very precious time of Year,
the day of when my entrance came with the purr of Dragons ray,
a perfect say to announce that Life is beautiful to be a came An that is the sky of Tell.

To all the Being of the Cosmic rein direction on this delivery of grateful for my jade,
lucky in the balanced play a shore to Land that speaks with ground to bless that earth of Truth,
delicious savor of the Clever a Speak of Nature with Open taste envelopes hugs from distance core.

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my body store to Ancient Lore Thanks the Universe as the Source,
a Flame and I for better Fire to burn the Enormous with a Cork!!

The animals of which the comfort brought the Magic on the slumber,
a good Tall stretch to Yawn the Rise as that is Sunshine with a clause,
to deep and Wide a Solar star I twinkle with the Innocence of the Challenge on a Shade.

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as that Tops the crown of Crave I am ever saying of that Save my life in great Surprised.

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sands to dig my toes into those Castles in the built by Flew oh grand the Gates I must walk through.

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cut for gem to sparkle Hymn a the Walls of Humans tongue Owe language for the deeds,
a Sentence carriage doors A leg the Youth of gorgeous Milky Way born Lanes to greet My Home.

Celebrating the Human Experience with the holding Vigilance to the Men I thank Tears,
the Handsome Men, the Homosexual, the Extorvert, the Introvert, the founder of the Worth of stay,
to the Dear deviant a hardy Giants hello, I embrace the Men & Women too that stand for every place for Root.

As per Say to gain the Gay as a alpha bet of Word this language is the love of Spring in the river Wild,
not a day does scour the best of Squire for in the Arm of each a day The Men gave me love,
the eyes that told A Story full not hiding in the lace of shout but rather being first in Flout.

Unicorns and Special friends belief is Faith held with lens An Eminence that shone this Hinge,
the Pheasant of the Peacocks breeze a singing Natural full of pen Writes to all those best of grins,
with my Smile I find a Style to gain a Breadth for place and pile to stand the quarter for the Sing;
a Jukebox King.

Ananda Hastakchyar Regular

Brotherhood Script Regular

You could write down words from the air
to fill this lonesome melody, and then stash it somewhere
in a pile of memories, memories--
lonesome songs, and reveries

You walk through these lonesome days
like a bum you see on the street, pleading for a handout
but it's only words that you eat, like secret meat
you listen while, others feast

The clang and the clutter of days, goes on into the night
preachers preach solitude--
                             you'd better hide with all your might,
with all of your might--a hidden cave and candlelight

chorus Oh, walk and talk with me--even poetry--
                     tell me things of the heart