Thursday, December 18, 2014

Old Spice

From the decade of first to the now in the term is a bit of reining for the Clyde,
my grandfather was a steady on the lane the loss of his blue eyes with him to the grave,
in bed stuck a while I would give him his daily shave on request for his smile melted my sorrow,
the present today with nothing close to my self is in thought on how quickly the best goes with wealth,
patient he was with a hard life he lived so similar I propose that gave him an inner wise to me,
in depth understanding cadence that charming he would have blown you to Jamaica with a mile,
comprehension with no words the hard work and the horse his stories were as wonder bred to his save.

There was no hint of hatred yet season to stir he showed me the careful roads for disturbance was clear,
the signs to the towers that bridge the drownings a check so that my gear would not squeak,
he managed a communication that stood my timid scared and was able to give a gift so complete.

He was a Pastor, a Minister, he would take me out to the country side visits of requested by I don't know who's,
in the kitchen upon arrival it would end up being the wife of the husband unseen,
in his talent for scent of trouble he would grace the confrontation with style of near,
no weight to the person whom was there to destroy him my grandfather did know of an end,
he taught that with no gossip but with body language of real heart and true sole those fears,
the walks gone for talks while I waited with whom would serve ice cream or moon cakes with suds.

His face was a provide to the serious of peoples denial of painfully and purposely causing hurt,
with temper alone he would without sentence make evident the case of the persons bone,
that the state of the pick was not to mend but to lay waste to the mind of the targeted hymn,
my grandfather warned me of those people that reach out with one spoke and in the next verb annihilate,
to cast pearl before swine was a phrase that I heard it was not his but today I am reminded of this,
for again the hurt of the pain in constant rejection hammers by brain with a skirted type shift,
to the memory of Texas the R.V. in which I was left the terror that I could never describe sharks me,
the tell is of often the last lip desperate of course the failure to have mention the wedding in England,
the trips and the journeys training for ages on farms across the country in stayed,
I would go on but why do more than to say in simplicity and grace,
a rose is a rose with all the thorns predisposed to the garden of the planted root that just bleeds.


I had a little pony,
His names was Dapple-grey,
I lent him to a lady,
To ride a mile away;
She whipp'd him, she slash'd him,
She rod him through the mire;
I would not lend my pony now
For all the lady's hire.

The Anchor Addressed

Learning that is textured to tile by generation of school in the location of failure is despondent,
As the greats of the field in test and hound have psychology files dropping the philosophical bed,
In theory of thought verse the sentence of trial is the express of the avenue of said train,
To notion on the yachts as oppose to the Can in the new is the distribution of Mind hitting rain,
The guard often prisons that bar to a bead rifles guns and angry bullets to bleed,
Is the link of the jug to that taste of a cup in the breadth of a basic change on the violence.

Once lost or locked does than the crew repeat to the Cave of the paint on mix in the bricks,
To shake at the fish by ways of the hook did the bait in the fetch think to cauterize the set.

Should the flow of the seep be in width of the brain is the mind than drowning while firing wet,
Green peas to the bounce for decades announced so much to the done that the classroom is bun,
Not a challenge display on shape or the Nut it has been full-well cracked now to the fact,
From judge to the vat a frog to a Told these pots without warnings are boiling alarmed,
Listen to the silence it is deafening to quite the still move of swear is the dead in the air,
Agree to be branch reach for the spite as in stage to the monitor the screen grabbed a byte.

Cue to the stick on the pool table pick if the news this morning had been anytime switched,
The roar on Utube the slamming to face a basket of death to the circle of scrub,
No rinse to the sink that washed clothes on the chair truer to scot the Toilet got spot,
Trouble on venues with paper like drink pitched with a favorite is the big going stink while laughing at the clink.

Crazy vibrations with straight dives under rows A Let will allow for the country on close,
In operation Movie House the picture forms speak like those months before War busted beaches to breached,
Seemingly vantage this discussion of wreck as the media digs lives to the tombs systems erect,
The internet writes the Ancient History of course that was a two second count on a for score cork,
The lisp to that clock is that tomorrow is spanned in on the bet that rocks are the land,
For once And it only takes once for this art to know that the pull is the win of the start,
The answer not easy but then nothing is else from wax sealed Envelopes and films that won’t Tell,
Than conclusion is censorship for a great flick of mine was cut to shreds before and nobody shored,

For the bust to the ribbon on day of the gibbon is reality on an inconvenient lie that is jibbing.

Universal Plug And Play A Device With A Name

Story this board to the fact on the missing spelling of the news to pass,
all of the world tax on the choose is tempers flying as the technical shoes,
at present of casting the scribble to take these vistas are frozen on national slate,
the partition form balance to the speaker on trek miles in fear with a bit of a snipped.

Tracks that cinema to what is the purse on the problem of math to the War of reverse,
listing such muck than kicking a quit is the stones flight to time where the minute goes rump!!

Spank sing a wrangle on the corral of media Magazine the camera to dial the sepia,
barn to the black & white on a Fare charging the sticker price from the based on a chair,
wow what a grace that beacon of stare Eyebrows raised for a curtain in certain,
change that pull chord to the college of England than scholastic appeal is death by Church in.

March to Napoleon or James Blunt on example,
the ayes do have it in culmination of strummed,
marriage of character forget the short,
it is the type that just branched to the weapon of Ranch!!

Dressing so crated the box blew it's Nails,
the cross fell over and the tomb spake,
doors shut themselves the ancient corked bells,
can the turn of events be even to sents?

Dam wild to the stance that honesty did pants forking the testimony trucks obvious to chance,
that brand saying name to the port of call Prevent to core gent is a messengers Ball,
gowns on the fountain Water to stall a horse for the rider and the spout of the Paul,
tongues wagging Movie the films on the bakes godly in alarms that Sirens go make.

Straw with the willow the pole of sunk deep,
a celtic in Irish the smile eyes feat,
knee slapping chortle the kilt on the skeet,
huts of the bamboo and islands of crete,
the grease of oil in olives to palm,
soaking the fracture like ripe broken bombs,
yet on the feather the albatross sing Serenity is more And more is Ka bing!!

When The Clock Stopped It Quit Time

The Media today inks not a total difference in the Cigarette advertised,
light a time-slot with the advertised teaser for the fill on the desk whereby globals news is meant to break,
these cart days of purpose to the doctor of declare on the correct pack of smoke so like,
that prescription of two lay hour with 85 Mins. dedicated to the 30 glass half,
split soak to the barn commerce in local burn television,
whether the doc is on the scare or biting rinse prime.

Strangle the castors by what couch for the Stiffs just reveal,
that a stride of script to ill of lip is the job that hides the field,
down to the lie in the truth of the sigh will all the cockaroaches cry,
nigh said the fiddle of the coffee house swipe it is the bomb set dead in the middle.

Creased for the suite on the hem of the bottom of the hi heeled shoes to the tax,
sublime in the smug Smilers on rugs to oriental carpets that sing,
microfilm is negative that library thing recording the data that once said same sting,
funny tumble in the read role packs that forward the reversal to pill plot a theme.

Sure journalists this perk full display spring to the dial of saying away,
rather important to plop and look sack for the shock is the fax of their head!!

Like print on the paper as easy as read this post in the publish on bars of the lead,
there on the screen between all the sneak it is words that just bubble like pop goes the string,
dancing the tape for the foreheads are set talking and talking not speaking the shape,
borrow the work over to desk in the factor the think is like bed,
the mirror of the practice just right over toilet while performing that liquid of sit,
parking the facial frame so it fits must be of difficult while flushing the lane,
just a bit of ginger force wasabi to fish spanking the sitter to go get a grip or at least turn off your brain.

Burr It's Chilly This Christmas Breath

So long ago this story fell to breaks the society denied and people locked the case, core resolution sharpened to point as if to say that the brakes had a heart. It turned out to be a person by the fate, discussion of whereabouts spread like the fear, in branches of society that circle jumped the trace, leaving this persons death like a brunch.

Dining out became the list of the year, with the hand in the hold of this numbering gear.  Each classical menu was swipe up or to side, quick was the feet yet the fingers were ride.  Art apron an average shot on this died, no cameras as that had the film also hide, these strange new maps came to process a look, banking accounts on watched the sin mount.

Speak of the devil Satan rode blanks, millions of days had added to tombs people saved.  Offered from dozen or so centuries on grass, reality dictated the Plank and the caste. Oddly people had drowned, murdered, condemned and passed deadly judgment in the name of sum special in the supposed sky.  Founder of greave or the mirror on the Willow of wheat, paint and the garden rub dubbed to a Tub.  Mass water was holy because the entire creek river had been drained and the dead were the waste left behind.

So terms of agreement these random writers for Seers, like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Saints in the bluer.  On course were the syllabus name changers to insult every myth, making chaos confusion and oracles whisped.  The paraphrase was a short type of verse sounding sweet, then it was a hundred and forty characters smut, stride of the sleek wined down to the spit but as usual nobody noticed till the death of the strip.

Personal adds with these sights of the frame, on glass tasty rooms the computer were jet.  The screen in between gave some kind of Rite that burned the loopier of the search Forted built to stand the fight.  With all the technology of brains gone to sprite, the programmers ended up being lost in the drum but the bubbles held had corked this Hell.  Add the story of the sell than the practice had a skin, world war three bumped the curl and the world new a hymn.

Force in the arms that wrapped on the sleeve, tissue for toilets the clouds for the be, ankles once had a boot to believe, but than in the event of the globe it’s just sleeve.  This thing called the laptop at a time wore pant, the expression of choice would cover the stance, tricking the talk to work on a chance, and the success was so high that romance flopped at cants.  First it was accepted to stick the flower on the law, rose on the thorn still pricked the finger spy, a market to commerce made movies of slide, lifting the section of my grandfather’s cry.  1920 the shock was the crashing of sides, men jumping textile to the bolt bottles buy, of course on the spur no drink satisfied, hold all the help and delivered killed with the filled.

Frankly the chains held with linking like logs, notched on the fumble and burning with dogs, a sort of pit with the vine on tomatoes that spray, the taste of the fruit was cardboard displayed.  Right about the effort of alley by jade, parkers bringing certain to the pads of mention.  Media did keep the warmth insulate, spoken by read than bundled up for learn as the journalist delivered opinions not said as the running tape on that special once was delivered for worth of the words instead of whom looks good offering up all the dead.  Fires talked the crackle Men began to hang for scent of shaved, on that stage the office building elevators reigned.  The closure of these timely pieces was bitter sweet to them, for the Computer had a monitor the lever legged the say.

Thrown out of field the battle ran to cycle of the Human, the being cold with no spoke wheel a rifle on a seal.  Clapping cuffs the metal sound an acoustic could not method, it was too late the service raked and Movies ran the heel.    

Crow Bait Hook & Line Reading Sync Herd

The sell phone of christmas a holiday pound, the coin and the ham,
mashing potatoes form the root beet out back, a rhubarb for peace, gravy in lie,
rounds to the hole of the bread at the table, butter with spread, gossip up's led,
that rose on the flower in the Vase for the print, place mats, the tickets, cheese and the rent.

The runner so eloquently placed right down the middle, so that equal division knows of the kibble,
chairs cuddled up, the frequent locked out, celebrating timber like the lives of the shout,
do not call this relative, reject that one for sure, And, if they show up turn your back, spin your heard,
just let them know that there dead to our social hour by ways of complete rejection with cheap.

Dance as you must for the stiff upper class all has that delivery of gosh it's to glass,
but as the face provides that cheek cannot lie, for the bent position is everybody rides,
so should you be in a bit of a twist, with all the lies on the list, chance this a listen filling in all the banks.

Now should the stitch not Sew than remind the picture of loan, for in the decades of the breast,
there are chickens Turkey in blending meet to dine the Feast of grating greet,
force that smudge dig in more grim for in the World today love and hatred are sourced to state.

Cream the portion with the mud of not what you would like to do but really do it,
don't be a coward hiding behind the skirts of time or your favorite tit sign,
make known the hate that you feel stand right up and look into that persons eyes for real.

Why wait the tablet of the number why not just invite yourself to tongue plunder,
scour the skipped with they deserve it for even Robin Williams died of up stirred it,
alone in the grant to the belts on the pants remember to hate with the love of the dance,
those round the kitchen butcher blocks that sucking in the air for oxygen rocks,
down with the curt for goods and rise, work get the grain soak the brine form paste to Wormer bides.

The singer and the whore on the breath of just a door to tangle with wreck,
the comb all breakage the split and the hatred Toppers on the tails, it is black and blank,
to cover label for message the News on the rags That Corner for the pub crawl a deathwatch,
formal Christmas morning split the conversation to Hold equipped Champagne celebrations.
the week after holiday back the years to pepper fact what a commerce like Tribal branching.

Do not shiver it is the the cock a triggered pillow that 1000 Years fell,
in the sticky mesh of internet catch the spider roams with spinning thread to sold,
in thermal under cancer the stretch is angel shells Wings clipped by government,
flipping money bank accounts backing more to kill, children dead even shep could not bark this still.

The winter of the Christmas countdown to quote a brand of year not children for that was gone,
so long in past the days of gifts that kept  fun up on the eve of the night in gifting sleep,
stockings filled with paper wrapped the ribbons tied all just right,
the dinner thought of turkey ham mashed potatoes on the clam,
the thinking rise to early wise that cannot wait to open fate.

Awe but for the love of memories in the mind I store,
however reality take that wonder and kill it dead with truth,
for nearly ten years have passed since times of mystery fun and stacked,
those hiding gifts in the lower drawers or high above the closet rack,
that smell of candy hot caramel the Ice Cream melting the fantastic fill,
for the breadth of treasure so glad I said no time for temper Mad or dread.

So each day I raised my children and well threw out the anger for that is foul,
I would say why bother with the emotions that will take are grip making tar,
each of us can chose to be better than that angry spit,
so stay your drill know that still with each a present the gift was skill.

Now that waste of time in grain formal to the entry strain of curl that I held,
for on the thick of mind in stitch I saw such trouble on the clip that happiness be reined me,
the hugs the kisses the 'Oh how are you _ _ _ ' blessed my days the rays were strong,
dinners cooking desert _ _ _ _ burnt for maybe now she bakes.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ screaming the day attire TV off for supper table,
the food fights, the pool, the lunch time meals that found with laughter a best,
the home from school, the off to work, AWE the Fifth Element, the family cult classic,
then _ _ _ _  sleeping with out her bed, Mugsy sitting on her bed, than she couldn't move,
_ _ _ _ _ _ never cleaning her room, _ _ _ _ _ and his ferret,
the times were more than I could say for in love was the family that couldn't stay together just 'cause.

To update the cruise on this madness life now everyone hates everyone else,
not really sure what the stab for the latest failure of all the bells,
this one doesn't talk to that one apparently but in reality it's Christmas so if you’re English it’s Yorkshire Pud & bred.

So it doesn't matter because I'll be long read before anyone even noticed I was sad that it all happened,
by the time those _ _ _ _  make their way to my door I won't see them because of the silence,
I will look right past that disconnection I've made and see whom ever they've decided to vibe,
like I checked out to of the Hotel _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  left a number but the room is busy,
all because nobody noticed that so many years passed without ever hearing a word like hey  _ _ _ ,
what’s happening, time is going so fast."

Than to the surprise of the horrible letter _  am writing _  state that One did call on that exact,
in the fact that is the quote of the _ _ _  who phoned was worried and loved enough to speak,
so to all the haters that never want to see this _ _ _ _ _ _  heal,
I send you a shower of the only ember on this creed,

from the fire of elemental to the global democracy and the grand falls of greed.