Monday, October 27, 2014

In Script Shunned

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in venue of private pursed the flow of shattering words brought forward in inch long graphs,
acorns branch to Nutcracker dance in Arrows of bullets to rifle the plause to personify stratus,
in sphere of closed shores that sand of salt in more is breaking the Plateau of just Happens,
to be brow driven in lane living a spur to mesmerize the darn with oak symbol Viola.

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translucent by previous laud a temple of say to the lyricist in doppleganging the Fleece,
a Coat of true Color sweats to the work ink by lathering the Soap with informally lope`d,
treasure Chest in muscle less Minus the breach of trust in mileage it Remains to be.

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growing upon might in a fireflies ignitions Space to the cowboy of laret in calf buy,
an auction House of construction lighting the Thunder to strike sole in Hart Files,
a ship to song with Captain perky a crew with Valid identification knot The Commercial,
bearing The Incredible Hulk dues of performance truck stillings to Television magnavox.

Although the joke will MORE than likely skip tune the brains of Tunnel listers,
a railroad crossing Feet-Up hold your Breath and remember The Too's,
in division of Rock paper scissors warp language in Root Beer purchased Cough.

These are the public educative 'Chicken Wing' conversations in tithe reversed platings,
smash Hits in Freeways living for the Table of silverware on the wait of dinner signs,
bench to Chase the pepper haste a Graham intestinal digest of Seat!!

Used to be in the sixties that the Haight had markers by the sofa called Couch,
a beanbags sinking All concerned laughing status of coffee table was book leaned,
glass shops other Wise head Phones riding the cycle to the bike Top!!

Operators often brushed long conversations as Snoring was the rumble of the undertone,
age appropriate had it's Own class in convention of bigger Ears with great listen,
blocks known as Leg 'O's' would scribble blind in Mind read members,
the bridle`less correspondence rivaled only direction of Time turning key Storm.

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behaving with the wind in a twister of a life Choke is flight of know fuel required,
basis gathered ate squash singing Lassie on the hen Cocked botch.

A Hot Taught Pick.

Perk Grand Quest

Cruising thought about the next Computer Wares as to free The Hands make simple,
wristwatch with auto laptop battery knot inclusive for the Glass of eye shades,
the bifocals of old time split screen New where's ask the Comp. Techs by design`d.

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the relaxing look of Sunglasses especially rewired to Intel of screen on bottom well,
since to the Tell 'All' persons even would not be required to change positions of the Neck.

While technology loves increase the bearings will advance to the dilation of eye spotters,
crew the Ocular nerve charging the Mouse in directional skips or smooth gliding,
as the actual laptop component inscribed with add-on's is located on the lower arm Wrist.

Keeping sake with the eyes down eyes Up transition to drive the Walk purse waltzing streets,
this contrast with no interruption to stop only the pause of blink being understood as Shades,
credit to the purse in strings of Applications ear piece to no touch Transitional space.

The comprehensive in Method would treat the held with value of Measure per sight glance,
as reading is a state of being 'Understanding' the freight of carriage is carted by nose,
the bridge to remove the add Fiction to the ream a hand motive trials only Sun Glass Hut!!

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the mode of transfer soon to perform 'At-Task' wills nothing to distract mirror as Look out,
down the pike with Choice of like prescribed Elms with ribbons tight.

These are the hours of the glistening Towers shoulders square Shoulder with the Fleas,
in the market of dialtone an Train that imagine counts bring ladder opposition know contest,
fixed with preference as the light of the Scene is the bye to That think of impossible sync`d.

The Moreovers

At^Differ^Rents '60's Scents

Spank time additive 'Chatter' can't stop The Stream on the Wire heir wall,
waving on the circulating blood is the Pulse rock of heat beaters in Rap,
drumming to the Taps of a pore in Which picture or the pixels Running Cheep!!

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speak a Cable on remote trouvère is Ink bureau of the letters lost,
sifting shrink belly to touch Appetite a menu of the Mind bending keens!!

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brownie treat with grass stick the mental tell apathy,
strudel Spaghetti know body teach after be Formal rick.

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open the door to the glass in the horror of blinking on the flick,
scattering to the tale of bank in the secretions of the Magazine tick!!

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tree in the limb of the bough burning Bird finger on over to stick,
sitting apron tie ripple lines vs the sign of crop bring belt bustled binds,
hand Cuff with trip to bust before the act of reel in spin.

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along the travel in the circular lakes A mind Forms body armor Aced,
deal scrap Metal in thumper Crew the banging less moreover leighs,
a neck Laced with flowers on tongue in gazed showering pria slayed. 

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industrial engine Inn nears chaplain in sain lief on the sweat of the Cane in be Hold.


'Aginner Po'

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dabs that color on the sip drips that taste the salt of weight & Means,
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blistering sentence Pear a phrase link at garden of a Friend!!

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deep light lensed with shattered Stake cuffs in jingle merry leek`In,
chortles gut with directive but at the School logic Chucks,
brimming to the Copper slopped Ice Creams bowling You &

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ink wheel rolls with Print tap coals a Heated warmth to fudge,
in sheep flock on the Irish knock The Fell of classical in brought,
riding Cornwall in the field of Thought touchdown is the Posting slot!!

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little to the Undo meek in the Rode View that Tarmak clip on 'No' slip,
ask the jeeves of Herbal route dug the Bulb in planters stout,
seasons of the Muni File billboards of a part in dial.

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benching 'Breakfast' luncheon 'dinner' profiles Face asking Tell,
answer on the Say T.V. prophets are the Visual leaves,
one Tag too stag Gerber Flagged by the set of Raisin brad.

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screening Inn the suggest Ten of Wares behind before the pin,
dockers on the Levi Trade 'All' be vibe in Neons rave,
width to Search settles paved Watch 'The Rack' drop dimes pak.

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information ole creep on dash parking Plaster with bumps of cache,
dolling measures in equal stork Ribbon rosin in walls port,
Sherry 'Vodka' Absolute 'thinking quits' the trunk of Flute.

Bonnie Cauls 

Open Error

The hand Write of backwards Upside down right left in cursive length a brung,
in mid stance air of working it out the scene looks to more the head gear,
in with slick to shirt the script a particular sheet of notes,
in musically driven to quiet sung a Whisper on the Rings of lung.

To shade the script with Cut & Nip before the After in between,
vernal Rice its grains of see touch stand with added virtual lease,
upon the rent of productive space drawing lines to sign,
strange in told the root of bold for sand does show an idea of read.

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raw venue to Stage the same in photographic tip paint,
dyed of simple Mind in feat for the dirt does under Neat,
heavy burden carried Through to know the base talking shoe!!

Stamping urgency with Stride of sent Front War battle 'Ring of Send'
the scortch of scratch skins akin gently going Won by tend,
for begin the step of lock Heed grape the messaging is Never more,
know the Keep is in my sole Tows that park the Parched to star!!

Slender thin those Narrows spin 'Black Holes' of the pearls din,
doorways Thrush the sirens 'Jim' announcing spoken by the Hymn,
to admission of the ship Wax for candle pen in whip,
bottle Boots sync Arbors wrap or The Visa stampers Shot.

As per Nature in the Crop class of Orphan I in shock,
the turns to dance a rockers sock ballistic miss Isle look great Fought,
tree too statue carved chord Ripe moved the barn`ner jaked the lot,
but However more's knowing clot traveling see in private chalk.

Signal flares cue to spare Pool sticks in the net of hare,
hip Hop skip Jump step Run lead,
in the chaos Eggs are Prop,
skull Cracking bone Notched belt Looping sharks,
don't bounce Blunt Island he's Singing psalter!!