Saturday, March 28, 2015


The Acute Fax of a Human Being on body Mind walking Sole; the Face,
an ordinant shake to level the mind will vast a division to product a ditch,
clarity calculation with a field of rain,
rows of lines in burro of tractor touching Mule,
stall the Water in a fountain mouth the trough will evident a Skull: Stagnant ponds.

Chisel carrots with Apple Snacking and the Core be talked to Cork,
a beat at the basic bitten,
the Raisin in a pickle barrel that Oceans Seas bay Coaled.

Grieve Up on a Shell the pebbles of the Carnage,
shattering a Crackling Fire touched suffocation of the flame,
Windpipes in Fanning air Waves on Conversation Radio,
antenna that hops a hip to pocket the rabbit horn: the Bounce.

Potency of Tongue to language A caliber at Rifle is the bullets throat on a Mouths gag,
the snapping neck is Twined at a bale of Tractoring a brains Field; the Plow.

A discus is a Can throw,
a Truth walks the distance to Measure the inch of a Foot steps prose.  


To sanction the further on the understanding of Equipment,
to touch the task a the gift of speech is in the form of the sentence,
to branch the thought with a tongue.  

As in today being the now of the Hour on the happening to a type of U-tube,
approach I speak with an aspect to lift at the level of comprehending a vocal prevention.  

With latin on Italian over to the Chinese on a Japanese lung,
spark on with The Greek sit down a table with that a Brit perform.  

Moving at the text of light,
 an ignition with Electricity as the lamp Lightning of thunder showing the Eclectic introduction. 

 Ancient towards a walk on literature asking Sanskrit definition for the English,
to diction on the library of the Mind.

 Basic to that is the bellow of a Chimney affair, 
a cuddling of the chairs that must have dined with flavor to spice the Trees in Humanities grovel.

  Park not at the curb engaging the Paints,
that artistic chore to draw Sand with a pebble on the Rocks of shoed.  

People have gauged a pretty dime,
 stellar for the inherent twist of times Tables on charts of Arithmetic or Woven rugged.

Being that in a speech to a ladder of the fleece a Mill is on the Cyclone starlight,
spread in the Skies of Wonder the purse strings to guide the dead from the Life of itself,
down foot with a skip on the Hoof to grain a sandwich with salami As bologna stiled.

Gates in seen that Amazement from a Pear truth is at the driver for the Thought of angle,
as that is either a square to built parson bye days of sequel to enter besting the shirts,
as dressing to dinner is sure to bar a dance I see that lens is blinking with depth on the miles,
inch to spark a fire as that courts an Answer with listen to the Bells.

Chiming still in the audience are strange longs,
bringing to attention the strong dials with sleepy chops,
convenience to think Tank farm with festers boil,
shall the seed drop a channel than does the Stream rib,
at the snap of the rinse is the Soap door or on the knees,
bending tune to car steeps this ankle drops for heels sleeve.

Burned deeply by soaked shavers crying out to branch arbor`d,
these bang the fined to drill a stamp with Tale to taught of value,
perfection is the belief that everything is in the harbor to sea an Ocean on the brims stone,
knots that calculate measure to Fast a turmoil in the sign that Minds become a garden of clone,
in this a breather is grown to fret a lather to tussle with deep saddles on personal Popular tee`d.

Class Master of said is a Singer that grew me a Starter to spring the valley with a Mountains long,
in the Music of a played James Blunt tumbled my seek to a girth of belting,
no strangled choked my vocal port as that scene shipped a News that shot me to the Moon to speak Ki,
on the let Sea of lagoon in a life of Held to lake at the Pond of frozen by iced up and rattling,
that Grand section of a Stirrup legged my life a Course to Immediate as home is signature Scored.

Love Was Not My Firth Answer It Was My Ride

In a slow dance with my Mind in A Film of tears to the dry docks of locked at See,
in distant rails to the trains of a Milky Ways placid lather on drippings of the Stars to sail,
crossing the divides The Rifts and the missed Cancer be that Taurus ring,
singing a breadth touch the shoulder of what has not fallen to the trace of fresh Air to Hymn.

Scattered amongst humanity is the feeling of daze & compete to Complete no send,
just slip cut to shrink slapped again these are the storys that banked by swagger to bend,
as that waist of mine is only the crutch for the belt that is a jail to chain gangs,
breathing a tack that has saddled my girth with this earth of skirt to shirt a tie on the Collar.

Priest to sash the Tassel of the slash is an Alphabet soup on the ankle,
bars that heavy a sound to the known of hobbles worn by my laned life,
lines to sentence the prison of the shoe sewn bare to the Feat of the sighed,
ask for an etch to draw upon the Mind.

Brain sorrow is the Wares of the dimensional flew on the core of the Fire blue,
answer sweet child of mine the shelf of Human Beings have eaten the trees grove,
in this simple port of Cherries on the popular is the splitting of the legs to bone the thigh to stoned,
treasured by the sky dear child of sign Make weary the tremble as the dealt is copper pen,
ink flowing Creek in the river signature of Worlds apart before the spend,
to that I speak in the gentle breeze to Storm that a Steed.

"May The Details Be Lost On Your Troubles Tonight And The Rain Be Set On Your Mind"

The entity of the Sun in an Eclipse of the Ring of Fire on the Moons shining set to Rise a breast,
on the eye scope of Vice to touch the slam dunk of Probability to believe that Sing,
take a Class of Logic on Philosophical treason to dance the Waltz of the Blunt for that is James' a Hunch,
the shoulder of the Foot to chain a link as that is the walking Crawl on a tack in reality of day`th!!

A temptation to scrawl the Balloon for the flight is of Every last rain on the drops of ditch,
scrabble a Word with the worth of escape Technology the leach and rails the Town`d,
spank that a System of Operation and tongue the Down in a Stadium of Games!!

Torch to the Talk sentence to design Quotes by the shot inch A Thought in banks of Valley more's,
humanity on the ending Beginning Story for the Tree in the Bark,
rinse the cuts heel the bent knees Know the stirrup goes,
riding a Horses swanker to Event the blast as A Jump!!

No shower of Soap or sprout of Bean to count a Candor the simple on Stair,
building case by Studio of the rinse to not A Cross but the bird of the Night,
owls to Eagle the day Crane of message a Crow by engine charging not a Dare,
try stop and that is B.D.S.M. and the Finest degree of the Candor on the Whippings of crumb.

This is the Time of the sound that shackles the Environment to Seen by Scene cut Wrap clip Print,
a hobble of the Sordid crib to clamp the Taste with a Belly ride,
as Such the purchase of the seat is an Eventer of the Solar slide,
see the speak fuss the problem the subtraction is the sever of a Knot!!

Tride & True held to The Blues for Just Love taught by a factor that Patience of trace,
on the guitar of the harp on the Clarinet of the Toot to fiddle know Violin with Baldwins piano mend,
a bench in tabled Music on the bass Fish for the Cable morse for the Vernacular its a lens`d!!

Treat in the Dialect of a Kenning to a hatch,
The Chest of a skater to the Ice of Human Beings on the Mints,
so thin slick that the brakes will Cause to Falls,
origin a blank with a Whole and gross the Coats look Rooms!!

Elephants pleasure Stimulation lions Capture hippo Sign antelope Swim sharks,
a beach with A Whale orca cost for the Fax of said on the starvation to the stern,
taught See not kill Bee quest for the Have Mountain bridge the Toll to a profess^shun,
mickle is Pen to shadow the Men^is^Treed for the cloak of the Covers on grand!!

Less you forget the looper on the rising Sunsetting the horizon on the Oceans grass,
seaweed to boat a Waving leave as that is spanned in World wide anchored by the giraffe,
A Zebra for the crossing locked as Individual stripes the Whips fingering space,
a grub for the Worm in the grooming of Arena is called 'The Rake',
the hitch is the Pole.

No Track^Tore Needed