Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just Slop?

Should I wright a Square and the Triangle gave to Priced,
that Iceberg would be in give Inn.

Just as the sky says to moon as the sun is the atmosphere from skeet,
a X at the why would speak!!

Oceans on Filter to scrape the bottom See,
a Mars to the sat a lit is the Space Economy in today Two-thousand Seventeen,
for a dive to the sands at the shores of what is discovered?,
the basic realm of under saw is cut or piece to summed?

Now on the tread to what is ice it is a pi write Pen,
ink to angle up the perpendicular and what is on the sive,
a great to form for study storm as built by graph designs,
Man on Kind to ships and Sound?,
know that radar has it's loud!!

Imagine on that is who is what to Vampire on the seep,
seaweed kelp to whales fluke a barn at stall of starts!!

To venture as the people sit to throw the arms as or more,
yet denial ad's to scrape only thought of random,
to perfect the choice at oceans closed is to say what's fish,
a taste of salt to grape the jam.

Pea nest as the Farm,
the lanes of shipping can become an opportunity,
to wave the say and bank a came is smarter than a Valve,
now what shall Treap to Sickle cloud a rein or pouring shroud,
for sake and honest True and Just it's knowing of the shout!!

Smoke is what to Stars,
the years of cycle climb,
to know of sand which read or clam it's muscle in the bone!!

Left-Handed *abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz*

"Increases the compression without tamping The Henge!!"

What is the simplest things when it is the simplest things that math  Speaking with vocal noise or audible vernacular is reserved for those that comprehend.

To enjoy writing is to remember the 'Letter' that contained the message with the information to return.  A bright mind often compliments the 'Shadow'.  These memorized facts while written will bring not a envelope to be of from the written and send address to or in.order to know the mail had a stamp by the locale of direct postage!!

The balance of more then harness is the ability to understand that humanity employs governments to product an actual industry to blame.  The factory of such has built a monarch.  This would and has delivered yet another society that remains to date "The Dark Ages' in not the consorting inhabitants at just a marriage in a divorce but also a divorce in a marriage dividing support with constant residence.


Shall people bother the truth while looking vista in the mirror do the facts renew a sight into the 'soul' said to be the eyes?  Is this the simple reflection of the corn that Narcissist shook at the pool's river?  Are the old paintings Murals in a speak to describe the creek?  With each brush stroke is the lashes.

What brings license while humanity rides the burned need for difference should Mankind dip ink? 

1. Tunnels became worm paths?  No, as that would have shelved dust and gagged the Ancient lad. 

2. An alphabet in Modern Times is always now! 

3. Should belief want?
      a. true to description a word in and of treasure will shiver as Latin with cork at bamboo.
      b. thus thy route touch the base.

4-11-2017 thru 4-24-2017 I was bored and tried left-handed writes each day on the stream.

As a crumble grain seed,
field drag soil breadth Wind,
baste of slate,
corn and Wheat bales hulls seat.

Speak softly asking the shovel at shed,
the tool off ditch.

Where is the soil in your concrete tarp,
should your handle be sawn-off?

These tools are a yard?

Then the soil,
now dirt became the word's face,
 of what had been said by the mowed lawn.

As it all does the seen in a vision when aye was four,
the reality is less terrifying.

People are just wasting their time,
while aye have chosen to grow.

For instance and by example,
by learning to write with my left hand,
aye have learned to stop writing on my blog.

With this added and unexpected time,
on this planet's clock,
aye have been able to expand my brain,
my mind even further!!

This is an unexpected but defining benefit.

The basis off-planet,
is Creative Design??

To sent of form of being,
a foot at elbow hand,
the Hip Joint to learn a stream,
this a mountain's fact on planet lathe,
a shingle grave memory wave?,
what ocean ice gave Glacier performance?

Each in divide there was and is math,
add and nor subtract measures,
inside balance a mind travels show,
Tau a Pi too M sea squared round slate birch,
grass wheat's a mull of apple sigh dure,
the squeeze a lime,
drunk land skirts Suns!!

Each independent 'Solar System' is affixed,
by only dimensional doors that travel,
at the understanding,
of Man's growth?,

You must know the rotary number of all the constellation's,
Universe to simply dial,
the actual galaxy's wormhole,
in order to journey,
the spacial tunnel's that can afford and maintain,
Man made spacecraft currently.

Sieve touch words,
flower's bloom does come Aft knot on Wind,
the mouth of water's grave or Tomb bee lied,
from enunciation touching that act cent,
eh penny do to Sheep,
the errand weave sweat.To.err's?

As pause begets the brain at a Mind's Scotch,
that ice is glacier chills of a goose's booth,
coffin Nip,
awl Ka hall the connect capacity Skull!!

The 'Leach'

A consideration?,
Not should the PhD bee,
honey too the comb's blood.

At strain cancer receives buy invitation on exit to live,
grow and comprehend the human body bye preference?

To negotiate cell bye dish,
'the leach',
defines this bridge,
to cheek piece!!

What has the posture,
off at a wall,
yet knows the that,
Humpty Dumpty had a claim?

Style of mind becomes casual wind,
in Storms win these word more than theme of experience,
travel bell clang.

The throng of Clashing tight end's Ark,
hoarse to letter spells deep deed to written,

Should Chaucer have drawn a drawl as Art,
the sculpture of word word would brush meet,
a cup to Chalice a mile of gems.

First drawing with my left hand.