Monday, July 14, 2014

Park Sharked

I charge this Time of Ageless shine to the Sun in Moon dimed,
a slot to speak out the breath for in the longs aye the songs,
to attempt the grace to seat a stay without the vile mean,
discard the directions heard for elective,
the broads are just another shore in the Future of the Mored!!

Thanks for the Construct breaks the Habit of knot,
a simple scratch to remove the act is done without a plot,
from the base to the Ace the wilds of the braked,
trusts no one to shrank the Math,
a divide in the read of peace full loved!!

The Finals of Goods in Bide

No Dream Wishes

Won the Rider to the equivalent girth Horse,
saddle track nature to a bridles Rein,
buckle mirror Knot the Arena a stout,
cantering Inn the posting Trot loud sits,
cruise to the halters state to the fenced.

Rounds creed no Circle a Straight power,
line in the words infinite versed,
trace of the Letters all Capital heard,
course of the skill is base learned still,
a Courting of Nothing to Balance this Mure!!

Calk the Noun in Total Belief of Noted,
crank the Smoke as Exampled by toke,
Inks to the Stirrups leathered to Stretch,
snub the Post for Halter is breast,
visit the Barn not a Fool hardy Spine!!

Grab your Helmet the Skull of Trait,
throw down the arms hugging the date,
time in the ridden marked for the rate,
set in the gear lore a mounting escape,
made possible the gift of ever in stubbed.

Sake to the grit for Sand lakes the Footings,
print in the bleach a Floor of the creek,
river base the cravings to thinking falls had caved,
no the feather laid vice took for otters price!!

Stoop to the Spark a Fire read race,
burns on the brain of not I in said case,
upper the stiff to Any a Tit,
come in the Take the Value is Brake!!

Stripes to the Show flow of Skeeters bats,
would the Oak tie a ribbon of Yellowing laugh,
sure spoke the Veal as Muscle in knack,
between the Ears the Prick needs no Apple,
for written I ride in bitten I ply,
 the horse is a Knowledge Been sunk deep in my Side.