Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lucidity in Riddle

Halt the Axis of your 'Conscience Mind'
allow your unconscious-self too roam,
base your-self in this realm,
determine Need knot Want!!

The Metropolis,
your active brain waves,
connects desire,
adapt to survive!!

The Current of,
an understanding,
living in-flux!!

Grasp upon that which cannot be held,
takes Self-Control to Realize,
You must let-go,
to attain that conception,
to further natural ability,
a Concept to Balance,
the coming measure!!

With nothing more,
advance too this door,
pass-through with the causality of you,
a blanket of comfort: Still!!!

The piece to retain a collective lane,
exhibits only in re-frame!!

The Channel which You switch,
is in the Absolute you travel,
a better throng, too commit,
'know wrong' a constant tone,
a bevel in sewn!!

Fear used as format,
oppose only fright,
use terror to engage relative space!!

Remember with Prose,
a plight to right,
to aim this spear,
a bow in sight of pen!!

Maintain in this 'Blind' a guise,
discretion is best,
a 'Put' in this test of Life,
an anxious way too-set the line,
a communication with an Ancient find of Discovery!!

The drilling of self-reflection,
should mirror,
not captivate!!!

To stare at only Won,
will not encourage a proposal of Find!!

In this System,
a 'Foundling' in a considered scope,
a 'Virtual Realm' of Wonder,
where "Loss is Gain"
diversity a lane!!

Travel 'til Purpose;
know rush!!

Tilt the Level with Shim,
to correct the rate,
the strings which puppet no-man,
an issuance of a larger plan,
the guidance of assertion not completion!!

The Total of a Sum,
a calculated Call,
Inn a World of Withdrawal!!

The basis of Mass,
derived from 'Just' bliss,
will miss this!!

A cautious reveal,
to enter a malady in time,
the day in which displays,
an Ominous climb,
too Ladder a Weight,
a wrench to not twist,
but unwind!!

In 'The Continue'
an Open-Venue,
to a lasting breath,
must be of Invitation naturally,
not forced reprieve!!

The Steps that have Denied,
others of,
left for translated mistakes,
with purpose-set,
records the Ancient as mundane,
without regard for "Their Plan" or "Their Name"

The Quarry of Faith in Innocence spoken,
is to reveal the defining mode,
to enhance past 'Rote in Rune'!!

Pyramids built in 'Older Times'
of stark design,
to be lasting in stone,
to produce future 'Tells' to speak!!

Discounting 'Finds' with Inscription,
as Myth or never written,
with Moral Conviction,
lends to the eradication of existence!!

Named with "Authority and Decree"
written on 'Sackcloth-with-Ink'
delivered to whom can still Think,
with Dialect exact,
required for Tone-to-Abide,
for 'Telling' not dying.