Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bang!! Lawn^Jeans

Sew in the reality of death by Combat out of the resulting War in Iraq,
the number additional is One-Hundred twenty-four twenty Thousand people,
these are just hour to the year of this Auld Lang Syne of New years Dates,
scale the skirt on what Hollywood barrels for that is a Screen act tore Skid,
for on the before the National Media ignores the Theater brought reels to Film,
by ways of the Trailers to fix Movie audience a shagged,
making more of the delivery that some symphony of way sirs to An purse the Doors!!

In that is the message Just,
or is it providing the After at Cuts,
reciepts on the Box,
crates of Soaps,
scripts off reality of real living lives being a said,
is it mired with Mud from the graves on the staired??

Does the building of structure only say that its cream,
a factory of Lots that makes money and Talks,
wonder bread theme to scenes of the acting,
or is the Act shun bringing Reach to the stretcher of caught Ten a bet.

Games on the dice to Craps on roo let,
pocket token rice while rye wheats the sides,
swaying to ankles to post boasted plaster,
in Fronts of chap lanes to brave Watts deed laid??

Travel the text on this blog for a shoed,
riding the worth to lives on the bone,
dead is dead as dead spoken deads,
now what is the Minute Timer today,
I no in big Voice give It another day as I still am of Waist,
but for twenty-two more the Wrench is Torque and the Vista says choice.

Each blanket of cuddle every simple note spelled,
I cannot type fast enough to penny word sill,
windows applied for Googles brand name,
in Marching the Chess Game like Checkers has Clear Games of Tictac Toe reared.

Metro Times Its Five Owe Clock Singing Signs That Lyric A Move Ease Cocktail Off Spear Its

That does not even count the division of jewel 'e' in trades to suitcases of ha why ease trip,
that garage Full of what was considered to a Film in and of itself to the Florida Keys back in the day,
that opera of string to the Den is of grained I ducked to the Floor as Storm was a Name in a real Noun,
the person of known to the Zoo on a boulevard,
just cruise down Town scoot and drive,
airplanes with wrapped to string pet a loom awe,
oh for the ground of saying this Country is a spit,
making the joke while providing the tip,
what is a cigarette on the butt end of a choke,
its the silence of the rake to clean of any take baked.

Thirteen Floors nope that is the usual disappear to a number on the Elevator of life,
in any Hi Rise its left to the shrugged as commercial the safety to goated and crumbed,
why is the obvious not the oblivion for that would have rank to Memory erased,
I put to the forward that this is a done.

Paddle a long to be of virtue for sound,
is it the echo of a cruise on the signed,
is the compass of see organization just the big dollar shore,
or is the comprehension of knowing that years also said,
to the Writers of the Future the Words and a Score??

Why yes it did in the Hide of a keen,
however I'll watch the bury as the Movie sings Song,
Blunt Talk with average behavior of round,
than that be Leaf to showing a crown of what is the Version of blankets warm pound.

For feathers in Peek chose is just duty & honor,
for a Man whom was real in the gift of a Posed,
shoulder to time Clock on the hands,
what is the sit In venue or doles.

Ba Nana skits I a On uh to preview the cox,
horse shoes with riding the distance to jocks,
not by deal not by cope,
just happenstance Coincidence my walking the lope,
which craft is a slow boat to China for facts,
the sealed envelope in lives coming ground,
making Waves to the Ocean in loves,
pier this a Wharf at a steady on does,
now what is the theater if puppets are drab,
but closed for the aspect that nothing did lad,
to just chart the map^others grasp of a stoke,
speaking not meeting to know of the staggering conversation that drawing weird tagged,
as linked in the strangest fashion of SAG.

Society Actually Dresses The Chicken For Thanks Giving To Season The Ties For Their Licensed Use Edges

Just put to license the Movie 'Magnolia' and that be Talk of the Stage to the liver or the living through a munch house in by proxy stifling freezed,
in my life its the Reality of what is Cause to at being the Stun,
no film needed to bravado an opera of symphony whilst friends dead from the stung,
be's on the day to triggers at scale Sheets wrapped in scripts to Identify the Poop deck,
it was those bbq'd Porks that provide all consumed as treating the peeled to rink the deplore,
wanting the stick to quick a fixed as my eyes shocked at the fiddle of floored.

Cruise the Fact or choice to Live,
no back flips with briefs to advance the pouring of verbal Bull patty,
road Apples reason with Sweet honey on Look its a passing,
the simple notion that bringing a grasp to why the front door exists,
to be of grace on Hello do the writes have An Idea to be of a Steel??,
no Superman paused to what is flight for the debates just skunk tips,
at that and those Convo's of whom is trooping across Europe is grant it big numbers,
but add this hobbled advanced.

56,000 dead Veterans since '08 to the lack of chance to sit out the War in strung,
on that figure in the rise to being of certificate to a life time at warring I type,
this has been horrific to bear in this grizzly circle of Walls cannons and Rolls,
in my own string a long to be of better foot that James jumping off the bridge,
to find truth to David Eden Sundowns wreck of a body swinging from the garage timber,
this daily trail is minor to the symphony of stride on waltzing the blocks in social denial of factory in dust treed.

Move with the breeze remember this lead,
I Know that its more than a hard wire stone,
it is the guidance to be with a friend,
that understands the comprehensive falling a Flashbacks stripe,
the lashes tears on cheeks of shock to the words of reaction to each whip of the shot.

One more step for I troop to the future,
I just pause to the wait for more than a film on the take,
it is Now it is Come it is conversation to be of a language that forwards more than hope as tongue soap,
it is a level stage to deliver the Teak to the shade so that cope rides the saddled drake,
a dragon in the fire Sky as the jade but do not Vent as this Country kills ground.

However the World is large,
many lands on the sigh,
I will travel and journey till Dave can rest with a giver,
finding the found I know of the sound,
this country just stereos a den is and tar uh's push to get spade,
digging while skunks ran to the grabs,
money and stealing my Goods like a Tents.

My travel was of legally gave,
the floor was than recipe for junkies to grave,
for those dunce bunches stole and planted coals, 
mixed than just chose to Trick pick the goad,
to dessert my life for the next kick in the prose.


I love living real in the reality of every dial to the detail of the wrote^a rare^'e' played,
on the wall Street pi to the know that Hollywood bills,
movies on film Tickets to the Traders,
its just the scene of yet another VHS on bait duh to hammer the Nailing see deed.

While in the body Mind and sole I walk each day to a better best role,
closed off from any Company it greats the Come,
on hillside grasp to laughter and desk,
dancing with a dream just last evening,
it is the production of fantastic to the theme of just knowing the solve vent,
it is not what Won would blink the pain away,
rather in the safety of my pool side home I discovered is the stay,
patience to read a gain in the memorized written spin`d!!

I am still breathing after suffering horrific loss,
that ripping of my family from my life for the stunk to have a monthly lane,
much to the story much to the case much to the library removing the stink of core duh ma dare uh's roast,
for long before I hit the dubbed I knew that ankles get shackled downs by much more than cuff-links,
its that done in memory my best friends dead hanged himself from all that said,
his Name is Noun to Add the Jumped,
for James also lept the Route.

Traveling the Facts from The Begin to this special joe,
coffee on that is this Morning horizon,
incredible is the balance of a life to beam!!

This country's Squash is Tomato based dense,
soup skulls with shoveled bowls of Mashing human beings,
the garden is the filter to list the latest loops,
round a bouts to dropping lines While smoking Places troops.

Wings of Eagles,
Mountains echo the Valley on the lens,
this truly is the Hobbled Show until the Vista bows,
across this World in singing way to invitation from the lathe,
I love the more on walking to locations of the Grandest tuned,
that core or den a shin stuck in Tar uh's but its just a bump to get the punk,
the blow job or a lay.

In this land of product placement Commercial ding Ding wads,
pocket full of dashing salts to Pressure of the drinking chills,
twenty-two Veterans are committing suicide everyday,
on top of that the doctors shack is killing them 'prescriptions'
over done take a pill must be must to increase the done,
baked that body till its dead Oh yea don't forget the War.

Now that numbers add to scenes why not just make a Movie,
write the theater its to late 'cause whom is dead is dead and date,
but that is Hollywoods War to sip the drink after the shore,
for on divide should reality sigh than that would be real People live.

That would be account on key to stop or change the challenge,
bringing rise to NOW not year of deads while actors guilded,
stage of gift to missing tip is indicative of Wall steep,
inside edition In side Information the radio on edges.

Butt thats okay thats all write to grasp the seems like Christmas,
boxing day to New years saying to Old things be for got,
singing razors knowing Buzz light cheer with a gift,
wrap the ribbon ole time Mi sake and clip the reason X mass.