Saturday, June 8, 2013


Writing, a particular 'Type'
using 'Words' to express a sip,
the 'Cup' a rein the 'Sentence' drain,
spelling collects too difference debt,
'A Sign' to erect,
of a 'Knew' dawn,
 exampling Set.

Amongst the titled voice,
life will rent to own a choice,
delivery becomes the phone,
in a riddle or poet's Home.

Working 'Prose' collecting shows,
makes the view in hindsight true,
a certain 'Foil' of can't undue,
wrapping answers questions new.

Discern knot Hate a beat to state,
for in this place,
a Land of Take,
the silence screams of illegitimate things,
required reading as sum is streaming.

To 'Put' upon the 'Mind' to 'Do'
working times a given tool,
the 'Truth' is Viewed.

Approach of Honesty,
a distanced advantage,
Visions Leud,
increasing Shrewd.