Monday, September 16, 2013

The Shudder Of Suite

The bounding of any Hymn,
securing a Lore,
a Song or a Scroll,
rolls from the Tongues that sing to read.

The deepest desire to grasp entire,
the complete of a whole,
distributed to told.

The divisive clamp,
the directive to ramp,
the authority grates,
the Tip?,
changes steal the trip!!

A certain brink,
brought with think,
invites no end but creates reason to begin.

Embracing when as an acceptance of Being,
the Translation; Believing!!

The Fate of Self,
an enduring wealth,
a provision of Faith dealt,
held within a Singular Cell,
it is 'well'

the depth of no crater,
design is greater,
the height of all Scene,
is participant if shown.

The mystery known,
the Road that Nature roams,
no 'matter'
 a viable space,
the Dark in Birth,
sets pace.

The Venture of the Sight adjusts,
too know the light has no plight,
a memory recite; a way to fight!

Whilst in this state,
no rest, a nest to impress,
the Web of Deceit is,
the present test.

A Feat

The Reach an Arms stretch,
the slumber of man's Vest,
the metal of the chest,
Kept: Humanity wept!!

The Stream of Know Flow,
washed out the former shout,
to conquer the mention of real,

The bridged Accord,
the sound of Foiled,
the un-earthed found!!

The startle so loud,
the noise of Crowd,
mended to make proud,
the evidence did plow.

The Major Constellation,
the type, a relation,
Stood to be Scene,
so easily Feened,
the nature so deemed.

It became what is known as relief,
or just maybe, it could be,
a dream coming true,
in a single and simple fact,
Time always Tells,
it's Exact.

Ghosting Earth, A Realm With Turf

The Heart of Humanity,
the measurement against a Fetter.

The weight seems carried,
a harried approach as mans encroach,
distributed to lighten their load.

Shackled to the Mortal Body,
the Energy sapped when trust becomes availability,
the length of Stay,
a morbid play.

The sighting of a Galaxy,
One so brilliantly made,
by design, not Ours,
We are Able, to Be stable.

To enjoy the Stars,
shining so bright and seemingly on course,
to burn, to learn,
it seems Our turn.

Soaking-in the Moon,
she is in full-bloom,
the mirrored affects the Bay,
the shimmer of Earth increases her girth,
lighting the Sky to complement her Sted.

In patient Order,
Isis, Set,
the Sun will peek her due.

The next Horize to realize,
a brilliant day,
a time of due.

The fragment of the southern tip,
a Cosmos teaching,
a pleading stored,
the Energy seeks to out the Spear,
the point to drive,
explosive pry.

The billions of years in birth of here,
the death will find a future peer,
the sound of longing begins with tone,
the moan of growing pains begin to stir.

In existence this Planets resistance,
design does magnify with persistence,
the darkest hole, the greatest light,
could never pass without a Fight.


The Memory Door,
for All to chore,
the Mind of Thought is often fraught,
the Work it takes is wade.

Life is planned,
it is standing,
with gracious detail Mother Nature appeals,
it is Real.

Humanity believes this breath surreal,
at best a rest,
at worst a deal,
this reprieve delivers feel.

Is it the Dream that enters sleep,
that Keep, the Hold,
a vast repair, so quick despair,
when Millions 'out' Wrath,
a subtraction or act?

Is it the Math that adds-up to a Fact,
that the management of a provisional Flat,
this Earth in a planetary Row,
is chilled in galactical flow,
as a tactic of a Universe in a Solar Systems growth.?.