Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Lauren

my kid.

                      the hurt,
                            the peril!

this girl is filled with a dream of what was!!

                        Creation                                            deliver me,
from this pain                                        inside of Me!!

Tell me            all the     Why's of couldn't                                                           be,
                                                            set me free so that just maybe...

..... in eternity..

                         I will .....

                                          be ...

something other than

just me.

You Will Not Speak, but I'm A Tell!

Tell.........! That is......

..the way out of the prison,
 which lies in the future,
 of your own head,
 is unavoidable, you are dead.

You have read
 and begun
 to understand
 the Levity of Time.

Do not turn away, as if you can pretend,
 that you do not comprehend,
for without Belief,
without Faith,
a broader understanding,
 of Life,
is impossible and you will end without regard.

 Make a difference in your life,
or it will end with a deadly Design of Strife.

 A void,
 that will never be filled,
 will be your Die!!

It is what I SEE.

For You,
not Me.

A Twin Soul's Flame Fire's Inside ~ BREATHE ME IN MY FRIEND!!!!

I feel You in the Mind's Eye that Soars across the Fields of Time.
Where you are my Rhyme.

Our separation in these Lands of our Mother's hands,
Creation Herself,
 blessed us to be stealth in a Time of no wealth.

Separated to become Our whole,
my Twin Souls Call sings to what you stole,
my life.

Back-Away from this turbulent display
of violent repair to become what you would never dare,
the answer to Where?

I say, "Know."

our Mother,
split at the biggest explosion but never quit,
the birth of Two,
to Keep her,
as One,
in what cannot be a Begin,
for you have sinned in this....

... The Continue...

Our Begin!!

to state so plainly...,
the interest in,
your life, my friend.


Alive & Screaming.... ...... my friend, you are not foe.

Run for cover before I go,
they Peel-Away my Skin today.

Yet I am breathing and awake,
while they dig so deep,
with no remorse.

The "TOT Two Wars" are now Full Bore!

We fought so hard.
We never snored.
Did all you asked and so much more.

Yet in the End,
we were still a Sin.

I close my eyes to never know,
I open them to stop the show.

The pain inside you'll never see,
for all I did was ....
Survive this Seethe.

Not such a terrible lie?

A horrid truth becoming an unbelievably Myth,
all in the time it takes to just post this!!