Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Rolling Stones A Dusk Jacket For Blunts James

Alas the big bang came to Ancient held Hand in that the list of dragons on span,
for as the subbed line to the temper of stay a Status relief for the spoon has a tray,
service with tempo of controlling the brae in the pass of eight to the Nine on the 11th of chap Stick it say,
for belief had been lost and Innocent Tribed with ever in lasting from 'The Continue' on Mind,
each touched a thought as the Fates spoke alarm The Sirens gate screaming the Seals of stormed,
in the great break a Lettered deep Vined for other than Human the voice gave a Sign,
Freya stood staunch the Rainbow begged bridge but the However was the built reined in a bid,
a goat to the Narrows the path on the ridge just casually walking for the Gates had a lived.

Cache in the marrow a dimple to give the Noise of the joy founded every Cycle at give,
no Tunnel to rafter the light was the black in that the Flame said got a Rite and it's claim,
not from the silly Man that took write a double back tongue got the Sword at the swung,
forged from the ballast of Fire at source deepening Tale to shake the kick Force,
loved to the Watch for the film Holly would date to the Figures on dates that kept the darn Prunes,
in on the juice to the honey of taste Spice got a blanket of pig Fella's pace,
first little problem was solved by the Math the Second was Minute to envelope the laugh,
on the coming up third it bumped over Five for the Sixth of the senses said Oh gotcha Nerve!!

Lightning did bubble for that was the heat of a sample in sky of the nut bolts at cry,
thunder did share for the Acoustics did break All of the ear drums by spinning at Sake,
on the legend of Dawn to before that know Time came for a Visit and left on the Dime,
a drop came by Tincture in the depth it showed Sade for it was a Knew that prepared for a rape,
the social of circles the Wings samed the flight but one was a doubter the other was sly,
hidden well in plain of the sight know hidden message took Told like the snake.

Ink be Came stop plugging Mankind for further from Technical the system did time,
at a rate of the pace that the being could not say computers were Friendlies and people dunked guy,
in the drink of his Hymn on the Psalter of send One from The Match and the dipper grained jinn,
as I look to the Star and I wonder no clause it's an Operation at the basic of laws,
in from the rails that training in pause just answers with Wisdom as reasons have Caused,
the vocal account to grow with the Found staging a pleasure with supplies on the Stein,
down goes the Up for the bottom of glass than in a shocker the Worm wiggled rasp,
the choke throwed the Smoke signals of blast but in the Exchange the blanket was dubbed,
a Wet balloon with the fill for it's all Upside in the reversal of fortune made move House Parade!!

The Irony Of A Singers Surf

The connection of the World will not worry The Flame for as the flicker is a gentle breezed lead,
the Worlds fall into a deep slumber beneath the spear of the dead on their plunder acts seed,
in the ripe of the pickings at the garden of prose a tree will supply the apply of at sigh,
the branches shall swing free of the curse as the Animals saunter to specially nursed,
a stone tablet appears to written in ore on the granite of status the words offer core,
in the social refusal to mead a drink for the honey in the comb of the Trees on the think,
at the forest of Temple the Churches will close for no longer people to fees on the deeds.

Start by brought the about on the fast the quicken of light to the head shoulders Tripe,
in on of the first to that touch of the Fire an element riches with outer realms wired,
in task at the same the witness of dream Testify a grown on the pew of his pleat,
dressed for the Army in troops that did say Gains for the factors lives are still laid,
turned to the global by scene of a did that in the vast boil was boiling lived,
onward to stage venue it is the freeze for the melt it became out of pleased,
than in the bluster of operatic day a Singer in contract did Contract the Paid,
before that you New it to known in the shore as the sand on the concrete did stub the big door,
a block maker found that the Pyramid sound was in the most likely of places at Pound,
within the deep Tell it talked like a Town better the letter as the text ran text Dan.

Tile in mortals the paste was to stay but than a great Thunder shook from be Neat,
on the Tale of religions which was the declare The Cipher was breaking it looked like a feat,
set in the Tow of Moss on the Style a brick for the mortar the bark was of Order,
grace held the trouble for that is a court for worry on worry the Worry of sport,
than this day just placed Meant like spin Spooling not thread but desired at binned,
in the trash of the waste a big clam at say does the read cycle go brighter Won prey,
sure in the violence of putting it stand but should you embrace the land not the slam,
in that the chorus was ruckus to Here for neither did louder but the Purpose was Seer!!

So there abouts on the flavor of Taste the one that did speak said Salts are the base,
in the faction of Pine a Tree Redwoods chase a circular shape that trunked the big race,
a soil that fertilized with only a Smile said throw down your frown and be me for a while,
in the exchange from the dirt to the face Humans be grand the kill at the gate was as easy as raped,
one for the dollar to saved to dazed than it did add Ten by twenty per laced,
the heavy of loaded just chained Religions to score behaving with barter to Peckers that soar,
on the dig flight an Arrow did shore for the Ion shed Aeon in exploring adored,
down on the landing the wheels walked Feet one step from Man and the other for Seek.

As the importance of growth is paramount to the deduction of the solution life,
describe a nature by path to the actual in that already happened done on Masquerade Singers deep,
in the first of the compaction to the Back to Bedlam serial it speaks specifics of travel bells,
talk a Shaman trough a droplet to the tongue drunk swallowed by the Halo James Blunt reached,
in tall of the nothing for the bounce is not just the Matter of Factual doing the clap,
darn the spool with the Thread saline clear up the eyes and open The Third by intentional slide.

Concentrate never for that breaks the connect as Nature has intended the verse has original kicked,
from the start to the sync in the deed of the Voice from riding a Horse after James Blunt vowed dice,
in the approval of strange to the forced in the Twice I will not letter this differently to lies of World rice.

Long are the lasters to turns in the plow Solar to spherical turning with Now,
you grace if you dare to say that lust is not How you satisfy your push to the pull in the Tau,
to grasp on the depth with a natural on rink that change of the Meet would have cut the connect,
instead of responding to the Invitation I sent James Blunt and his attach just buried the sense,
narrow are thorns that crown to the Thistle wide are the egos that choice in the disk.

Enter the presence of denial or Proud deck with the Flesh it is a body of Dau,
at Ki I will sound the Ka of my Self for in the divide I joint to my ride,
ships that still build Craft as James Blunt has broke,
on James Blunts release to the Second list done I jumped to this board Reports are not stun.

I will tell on the every other at fact by snapping the neck for the dollar at Rack,
while that is the tongue of the taste bitter sweet I will tell you a gain that does not break the seat,
for that is the Patience to know whom made strike firing Fire in the rifle of rung,
to the sky with my Verse for I Warrior my know that each of those words are a personal Showed!!

File with the cabinet in the brain most don't use ask not of the value but the measure in snooze,
the Chakra that pumps with a simple of Tune bounced from the galaxy to center this bloom,
on the rails of Time in the Ages of line a rhyme that beats with the foot of his sign,
do not cast the Sayer for the Message is dime one drop to Sage too for the Dude!!

Aye A Muse

James Blunts Hell Meant

Since this worth is of character on a B.D.S.M. tack than the book sounds disappointing so Movie,
not at the base of what Said was the rat but to 'The Game' that Michael Douglas starred wrap,
it's a Thriller on exact of the B.D.S.M. know for in the farther it's all about Throat,
whom is that factor on the Theme of the Play like a Con Artist paying to simple the Say.

In experience of add My Mind to the Fact that James Blunt does tramp and I lady back,
for that is the mental ration deep seat for the distant to finish is release of C.D.!!

Gamble the paper Card up to the real for in the joke hard ball I have it sealed,
as the grease to the Oils in that soap he does use James Blunt is the Stage of at Use!!

No candor is kept from this less the whip for in truth of the Trust is the might in the plight,
for on the open in the board of All Frame a nail for system and the cross on the brain.

Thought it off to wonder for people seem to not know the familiar difference of lusting,
it is not in the found but the Hunt of a Round that delivers expectation if you're the expecters,
script to the reel for that is a deal that does not give up for it is life on the stuck,
around the film is basic to sill of the eyes in my aim at the head of the Same,
for James Blunt characters these Acts on display he just says that he is Sadist at stay,
I more ascribe to the All Around Tribe for shall the belief be the jump or the side.

Lockers are doors that keys can go pick as James Blunt insists on singing my list,
upon his release of further down line in his reveal it's the games on the find,
as James Blunt is an Island of recognition by write than I shall be the Poker of winning the Knight.

Know note to the post it is straight pointed Host for both of us have the Hours on roast,
he took my state to the World by his rate I took his body with my dream of a date,
in the couplings Math of no break to the Marriage is left to be proven by Humanities carriage.

So since James Blunt is on the real of Venue listing the temptations as making the field Amore,
there in the taste of basic at face no one of either can be caught out of sider,
than no vow has been bloated the life are the Times of how does the Wise know a Twin Flame alike,
cast upon News for the Informational dues in a scale of Millions the sake is vermillian,
touch a dimension be swimmer of solve no bother with Witness it's all called Evolve!!

James Blunt A Sexual Polar Roid

It  Is as if I was raised In a Galaxy of lives that walked to the Tumblers sound,
in acoustically driven the Big Bang would be the explosive return to Win,
on the trade of Standing with correct active display the Sky was the City by the Bay,
the charge to receipt was my life with a tune and it began with San Francisco the 60's I land.

In the breadth of delivery learning was stealth for The Watch did beget A View,
not of a talk show state but of the Real people showing how the Trait would sought,
a wisdom upon the Thought to believe that spot in the Mind that works on detailed,
a memory of timely expense to Cycle the operation as a Timex keeps on Ticking.

The pulse of the Clock at the basic of Rock was more than an example of Think,
in the quiet of stillness of shot the awkward did always a chair,
for the stool with a bar can also Hi table to the pull over for share,
a napkin for sake is the meet hand curr chief as I grow with The Ages of Care.

From trips to the Dairy on the Marin Countryside with a sample of liberty stared,
the fright that I know was often in pair but the travels did bring trough relief,
the old fashioned noise of a Field in tries to not stake outed lives,
but to embrace and provide the housing implied by really shaking the hands of the side.

To stand with a station that declares for the Pardon on simply being alive,
the birth place to date is of fact and it rates that booming is better than placates,
for apathy soaks this World of folks to weight on an Other for fracture,
in the drill of the pass as lanes hold to tracked the balance becomes the Seat by designs,
should people ascribe to passing the Fine than the total will reverse to that gear,
it is namely described as Karmic in Seer that Sage of the genius of Savants at the lear!!

To gallop the sentence that death is the leaving does not consider the entry,
in we come with or by sum in addition our breathe must switch steer,
for once on the energy that must duck air in the Oxygen a Flame is a Lo,
the fire that laps in the Cosmic of belts to eternally value this Human at loan.

To desk on the tribe as the Professor of nothing I learn as I go and it's clear,
that Public dishonesty has torn lives a Part with the level of fields that sheer,
the Clippers that left a shivering being is than made to coat the Priest of the stone,
left by the road is the sheep on the phone begging the question for Why is the mirror reflection,
in that portion of knit to the sweat the lathering rift has brought death by the debtor,
sing to the flight of learning beseeched for it lies in the question delivering Keeps!!

Dungeon to know that B.D.S.M. is an Art to the Masters that once existed for ME,
given the Order seems lost at the now the discipline still is installed in this Read,
for stronger to birth the hugs of this earth are as basic as Covers are lid labels lights.

The Moon

James Blunt & The Am Way Tradition

This Tabs itself to the early morning rise a good old fashioned stretch & a yawn to work,
for on the real of the life and that Life would be Mind a thought to character a day,
the service is of free flow write to the creek I wake by from on the knight that spot,
in the action of the Singer a steady rein does counter clock to know of vice that Play.

As simple is as Simple shade touch the Tree it branches ray through vibrance on the shine,
the sparkles after rain is gone shines on each the leaves of song,
from that envelope working starts to dance the Frost it's smell,
the freshness of the daily chore makes getting up the More's!!

In the state of wear I live A California gold by date is Levi at my home towns bone,
San Francisco is the place that everything does have a date to task the heavy quirk,
in growing with the timely shirts my mother during Aids was light to walk with freedom Sight,
on the News the food did say that dinner out was not for play pushing that disease to cycle stay,
my Mother jumped that weirdly day shot to her bedroom to dress for Ray,
the announcement in the House came big her voice is loud I heard the shift in her guts to Prove!!

Than to the car we drove not far for the City is our live,
with Marching on her repertoire the candor of her being,
on right to the restaurateur that served and ordered she did mirror,
marking with her boisterous Self that our Country was wrong to sell information incorrectly,
of course she pulled her prayer to table which always made me laugh 'cause it seemed touching craft.

Like the 'Crop Circles' that just appear from nowhere explanation,
the drop of my head came from control for the chortle Scene was bare,
in my bones I'd sit my chair and try not to have my shoulders share that laughter deeped seat,
for ask my mother she'll tell the world in the actual of her Vocal loud cannot compare,
I love her but I must admit embarrassment did always fit!!

Minus my red face to the task my mother dared is really in the lesson of standing all declared,
in Outdoor to the indoor smalls my mother loves to support the Truth not by mention but by example,
in this the Teach was professional to reach the foundation and speak of Trust,
in that the factor in the belt did come to my Nations welt for Aids was trouble everywheres,
and it did not come with dinner served it did come as the Christians nerved to spout the gay cursed,
for even that one had my mother in the old exclaim of defining words to claim.

A Nut Cracker timed my mothers Opera Three-Hundred and Sixty-Five Days a Year,
her calendar was not subject it was rather always clear to Announce the next big Steer of hatred or Fear!

James Blunt On Fermentation

You can type the click to tell sound of caustic at the Hill for religion is the smell,
on timing to the Bigger Ben that Clock will bang to a begin from door exposure dawn,
the lid of Moon in weekday sludge a muddy cover forms the suds whisk the Wash,
in a sudden impact of the Real on the life of love a hug with Truth will evolve to nudge,
as the dog will nip the Herd a Cattleman on horse is shirt that Classics to the jeans,
in the pocket of the Watch that task is Ancient scribe the Font for paints show Cattle lean.

Their on the horns of Long a lesson by the pasture bear a walk to cliff by snout,
flaring red the Bull is stall the pawing ground with settle strikes to trail it at A Call,
the movement in the grace of Nature warns the falling brawl,
that on the fit of War by rip is nothing of The Battle for that is on the stall.

Toes to introduce the frost while it bites the Feet,
inching simply to be jinn for Tau is on the spinal found,
buck Up with saddle there called shifts to Tire on the burning flips,
the At Mat of concrete fax does apply the old darn track for bill on boards is back!!

That strength in once is now upon the timely sketch of written Tongue,
should you blink that boil ink That Soup is on a spun from base the skull at Sun!!

Botch the flame the camp of Fire is perked to stand the Spoon,
in method fork to scoop of sport a Bic is merely soon,
the lit on Scene to dust the Coat is a Horse with guy a Wrote,
near the digs that Jam is rigs a Crane will curl the after Court.

Like peanut butter in the Reese of the chocolate drink,
icing for the Cake and the slow cook for the rake,
in mix the product booms to taste on single it's just a Fables Plate,
but not for the miss as the loss is not I for I still hug The Fates!!

In Love with adventure the shovel of the Censure to tough the score by working doored is Satisfy the key,
pick a lock at the bank is nothing more than deed,
for on the ride that Rogue is me and bucking is my lead!!

I charge the Mound of Religions 'Pound' and preach to ever last,
as a battery on the Pre it will prove the Fast,
not of fury for that is coming from Nature on delivered,
thus the quick of file sit is lightening on the Head bulb kit!!

Synapse shot to connect the dot Aye fore the find,
with ease of stroking complicate the sentence breezed a sign,
rats at Ocean Beach is fact for Win the Sun does Fault,
it is the measure of the Twelfth on the hours Salt,
in shakers that did clean the brought by bottled waters shot,
is it than the distilled pen or could it would be deep send from barreling begin.

Grooming Trails While James Blunt Buried Mails

Touch talent at the base of a shore the gift is the height of a Mountainous roar,
the echo of the concert to the Outdoor before is the Concert of the stout tasking responsibility phone,
as the Caller of I.D. is the fact of the Track speaking James Blunt is as deep at a core,
for in the wade on beach to Ocean The Top still is a view of eternity by from the Infinity at breeze!!

The World can do the guard blocking this at store,
the stall of Humanity will prove the Change is door,
in the Year of tides in rise the Optical will See,
that in the blink of the aye that deck is on The Peer!!

To take at the receipt of bill is Sin Boards in the form,
don't trap the snapper at the rat than Mice and Men are back,
upon a blank the Rifle Tank is tracking at drop dare,
the cards on the Table and purse is shocking Horse.

Horror at the sped of pace is galloping to Plain,
across the path a Buffalo is grading on the slain,
rounded wagons Indian an american by Fame,
will dig to the heels up for chilled Out is riding shape.

James Blunt may go to the edges on this climbing ride,
for with the balance of the Seat the public snaps his rib,
a good and helpful change that breaks the gardens trap,
bitten is the knowledge of social pounding sacked.

Grand this opportune at Time to ages that still crack,
on the side of the walk each nursery rhyme times fact,
everything starts sum of Wares in totals it's the jack,
pumping like the lust in I will bump the gear to shack.

At the lodge of fireplace a burning Kindle bytes,
location with an Arrowhead the part that ripples slap,
ski the boards to kept the doors and shut the Windows slat,
off the counter with the glove for Jackets have a Tack.

Pin up Walls on cobbled falls will ouch the Foot to land,
on the Moon of spooning sound the ran will be that knack,
even Science has a dip to stars the etch to drawn,
a central station with the Ceiling on the Sistine pong!!

Turn on the sex and bank the bland as laid behind the flow,
in the come of dry lip gum the teeth that sync will Show,
like in the gears of good Auld oh a december day of January slipping Inn kissed bye go.

Ewe can't stop the flock from gathering in The Field,
those mystery jumps that boob it spot still leap to magic thumps,
a rabbit hole that prints Tattoo is often found with Tree,
for what is in the pasture are squirrels mounds that read.

Don't Tell

The constance of a letter from the formation of a word-in to create itself with tasks at marrow,
watched as a child the act of the sentence structured to the action of the result,
in the scene of my mothers dining room I saw as not my mother but another responder in as Hitter,
that shaft coming from what cannot be connected to the phrase wound out towards the victim,
as the hose unraveled to strike the target my ears focus not on the hear,
my eyes pupil on that coil.

Winding in a viper to the Scorpion tip sailed in slow of motion to the score,
my mother stood in a still as she was focused on my Watch,
than in the minus seconds that arrow pointed sharp pierced the human being,
the impact shattering at this glass of the inner chest as it crystallized with the driven shudder,
in horror the person shocked fright with total acknowledgement in complete freeze,
at that moment the other individual laughed the most heinous of noise,
it shook me from my Trance in sudden arson I realized the base of the shot.

The event taking place to this day seems slow moving motion,
to a nearly recorded reel in full understanding minus the audio for format identification,
yet at the grid or at the stat in my life I had turned down the hear for all concerned,
for the specifics of my memory storing the real live chords in body movement,
as the take was of such force it sits still with me now,
the guide for Words kill actually has a difficult describe for the Tone, the Pitch and inevitably The Aim.

In time I am confident that the actual verse will come to be naturally advised,
a chant in a persons prayer was the first determination.

The reality was to protect my mother from what I was watching actually moving in,
these shadows of agent rolled with their tongue,
in thought of such it can not have been many in their construction of verbal communique,
for the state of measure had been slowed by my need to comprehend the volume at mass.

To liken the shaft of sort is at best difficult in this feeble explanation I provide,
however on the Tale of descriptors in an effort to shoe this arch of reconcile I Mind,
curtains on Human Beings towards the conversational casual lip is a tuner,
the speaker with a whip that shorts the statement to less than the Fist firing connection to face,
rather an energy of coordination to kill instant the soles stance.

On that tract of trail I say implicitly that negative electrics do form a flowing rod from directives,
the floor of the intent is hidden by a secular view to test of the listen negating the flew,
foremost what I testify is trued to the saying 'I had the wind knocked out of me when I fell' a gasp,
with the use of Horse riding as the basis for the average reader to absorb this shoot,
the falling from a big buck or sudden spook is in basic the horse stepping out from underneath you,
with incredible force if you are flipped in mid-air landing directly on your back your lungs lap,
in the collapse your air is immediately gone at first moment of grasping mouth to air.

The shirt effort to rise is held by fact of nothing free flowing to the cavity in your chest,
panic immediately ensues yet the crash has normally been witnessed and aid will be corner eyed,
on the view from still time the run is of blank Mind while comprehension of no oxygen racks,
with an attack type response the whites of your eyes widen with each attempt at the brake,
making this worse at moments draw of comprehending dead, 
the answer is the time it takes to relax allowing Nature her bed.

Gamble not on my expressives as in my own admission I am young to be an attempt at such explain,
the schedule of logic to the task of constructing a note is in deed a riddle for my memory without the shake,
for on in revealing The World in our History has murdered the Messenger to drive the picture bloat,
to temper the engage of deep seated learns with the Tack used old of a Kenning Trade,
not poetic formal perception rather quite possible a poem in the grip of Measures to metro a Talk,
with a beatnik application to not further damage but to ladder the climb with informational signature,
this is a brief of the erasure on the Head Plat Turn.

The Sharps @defation Inflating