Tuesday, January 6, 2015


As also in the News of Hollywood blues the fact of the actor Bill Cosby by name and score,
in the midst of the handle of the bearings to tidal The Wave in the signal to route the paper,
for on the scribe to Nature on New Years Eve day a wonder in the happening of decision I stayed,
for the factor of Human Beings on my mind in that simple of stated an incredible revealing,
for there as I sat in pieces of laughed a Wild Bird, a Sparrow landed on my knee in the grasp.

In a swoop to the excitement I could hardly believe that this wild bird landed upon my relief,
from the beginning of this speech to the voice of belief bigger reasons than I are bringing beams!!

Lights on the shift to the sun by the trip a journey through the rough to speak with dignity,
as in the story of real lives on said the action is of counted and the grape is of lead,
wine in the barrel at a time of the pick trampled by society like an ice cream cone stipped,
statement to the phone on the calls that made fright I say this so gently that The Birds are a sight.

Clearly on the finish of the number on Posts this blog in the lather and range of the last year 2146 clear,
so on the expressed of the Train on a gear I looked to the count and found a new tear,
for the hand written time was making a steer on the spend of caliber to speaking of pier,
had any one person bothered to ask a question for surface not the smothering past,
in the exclaim of the happened by happenstance rack a certain on tale for the railing said class.

So on the fantastic of Sparrow my excitement ran spur I typed in the search for the glass of clear,
there on the google which I must say is cool the meaning of the published inked by what a fast,
for as the world spins to darlings of den the pleasure of stimulation is the answer for Seer,
to hold to the perfective so felt all the pain in a best of production to the identifying of slain.

Signs to the new respecting the gone as old are the values of stringing the dawn,
a spindle for needle the eye of temple a brain it is so plain to the tack of the revealing ink sat.

For Ever And A Day

Stall trouble below the drive of a pause be floor the breeze;
gate away the plunder fork at yield entry,
Nero barks back,
there to pass a stair stubble,
bush moving banshee clamped,
a grip vice tremble,
microphone loud ask no echo,
the gut said rust.

A Certain Flare

The time of magical voice,
transmits throughout the town,
a tonal accord,
a sound delight,
a dimensional Time is Hear!!

A hearth is not a home,
a campfire burn, it's near,
so stand yourself & know your wealth,
(do not tell)
four horsemen are; so tear.

I wept for about a year,
until I new, I feared,
what was coming, what was their,
a challenge, not a dare!!


George, George, George Of The......

Falling dead breathing this planets oxygen while death expels guild to shroud, the mind to denial of list of length of sound.  The echo of harbor, a star galaxy phone in tooth gear route to bone stitch of mind suites.  Bodily last on teller in light of flight to settle grasp on the lessor of a multitude of lathers.  Turning bye design the Masses trample any insistence to message health-by-done, proxied brown the hell bagging lung to muscle tongues, a split time through marrow in a battle with lip.

Truth account settled now the fear of life shack stairs back to construction means of purchase to ravel braided bunned.  Like a Hare on the bunny-hop Christmas to New Year the ram with lambs of racking a branch to the reality of the hearing.  Court jesting a sale of fright with a bit of honey to the coffin that nails dead sprites to the vast discard of garbage vain.  To slick the wig with gel of strict combat in a job that seats the cancer to the brain of factions on smite.

Carts that have no horse contact the print with burning pleasure, as to drive blinded while lighting the chapel candle of it's just a job on the Pan-Handle.  Circulation of savaged stipulations that require more proactive values to measure the impact on the passing of news rifled to fire bulletins awareness is the media that translates opinion on delivery.  To cycle on the Channel of international details of scenes is so scattered that belief of anything has been thrown to the dogs like a chewy.

Wrapped by rotten meat that dried on the Freight shipped through Customs of transfer, the merchandise has been soaked for Sales and locked appeal in the sump.  As the ship hits the task to over tax the listener with no counter for the fed, is like the fattening of a cow for slaughter.  In the range of perk the shredder of CBS Morning News just throws out the sanity for a chortle to the death of millions drinking morning coffee.  Grinding the statistics from base commercial of whom is funding the present hour to viewers whom are stunned by the minute talk strung.

Shaft the bank to climb the Tower for on the keyboard a bright new flour will at the least know butter for the bakers of the Thirteenth floored.  On the elevator built to move with a steady on the cable it is the voice of the construction to bring the bearings of the hardhat to familiar the keys with the example on progression towards a book and a year written thirty years before, all in this now a birth to that win, for '1984' certainly is relative to the state of skipping sends.  A mark to the check of the divergent with a rail on the mind that chose to be of And in time for the fry of that will suffer all mankind, showing the inevitable told. 

CBS Morning News Station On The Chew Like A Rawhide Fax

Trains on Railcars of stilts are not abridged to counter killed, that lane is a dip on Star Planets placed. Ski-top at snowboard trails to bring lift -over a tip on the further darn of coffer.  Stick to sail on laugh to shack, an earth of many spell downs that touch foot body rot.

The failure of the listen to the ear of the know is the spanking that drowns the brain with read.  As over the gone to the roads of traveled, I sent many times to request a better hand to the how of the on of a gear shifting forward flu.  Ill are the mainstream techniques of T.V, belly to the scrub that channel switching horror.  CBS is one of the networks that jumps from death, rape and killing murders to the quick flips of talk on shopping, diet and the sport of the measured pace.

To grab oat the lost in the empty of the find leaves the advice to just hurt and die.  Again I make mention to a story that CBS ran, about a woman found with babies dead in card board boxes in her garage.  Apparently the womans husband smelled something and the scent was so overwhelming he made an investigation of his own leading him to discover the dead babies.  CBS ran the short and left the over-taxing thought of the condition of life itself to plundering.  I wonder do the CBS barrel burners know how triggering events that are shot out from base to hang blowing in the wind are extremely disturbing to their audience.  Why has the staff of the News Table supported these stories with opinion that joked about the very next stun.

Just yesterday on the CBS news opinions interjected by the News Casters about a t-shirt worn by a little girl that had survived a horror.  This little girl had survived an Airplane crash where her entire family was killed.  The little girl walked a great distance and was eventually helped by a kind man, however the story run on the CBS News pointed out the print on the little girls shirt without ever having a moment of silence for the deaths and most obvious trauma that such an accident would contain as the future of must be lived.  In this I state the nation has lost the ability to provide silence as a response, replacing those quick come-backs like James Blunts tweets.

Of course I mean no damage to James Blunt, but the International community glorified his come-backs as witty and sharp to the cut extracts of the message.  To whom may desire more, holding the account of death by respecting the living audience of survival, there are ways to conduct ones self with dignity and not shed.