Friday, March 8, 2013

A Query

Thought of Require in Action,
know Penance-Inn-Sentence!

Such a blight created in permanence,
taking offense!!??

A reverence too dutiful curve,
leans only to babble,
in worlds due.

The pleasantries of verse,
often do not reverse the damage,
enormous disadvantage to this land,
served with flavor,
no taste to savor.

The emptiness strides across countless lives,
the sadness of "Die" will only cry,
in this strange night,
a void with know sight!!

Ignorance to what is known,
will be the reveal in the text,
of no deal: Repressed!!

The ultimate test,
when Rest becomes Work,
Study becomes absurd,
Thinking criticized as berserk!!

The talent of sum,
calls to add only the dumb,
merely lacking speech,
considered meek,
cast aside as thoughtless life,
increased the wealth of hear!!

Balanced in the Wild,
by each Creature,
bound by tongue,
it is the communication of some,
to indicate no silence,
when writing deduces: Shunned.

The cruelty in such acts,
caused insolence to become,
the weight of lost,
found in wrung.

The bell that does not toll,
when the horn shall blast,
with stories past,
brings present history,
too last!!

The spice in wrath,
a longing,
held to task,
delivering Minds to blast,
the words of verse in bath!!

The Stones ringing Truth,
answer only fear,
should meanings not clear,
be interpreted not read,
for a path.

The Quest of a Journey,
which steeps in learning,
in the absolute,
not burning the speech of the native tongue,
will become that what has already summed.

Lost are the roads leading to roam,
the distance to fields,
burnt the Fodder as fuel,
to resist that which must persist:

the truth