Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Indication of the Verse,
the timing unrehearsed,
delivers curse without a split-tongue.


Robbed of Madness,
rage speaks,
not to scream but to state:

Religious Mure,
brings Word taking Choice,
making chose it's course!!


The land upon such lies are told,
will be blessed with nothing bold,
the offense rather old,
inhabitants will know the Bill,
through this Sin,
it's been Sold.

A Cross that brought an enormous Loss,
hangs on Them still choking Him,
as the Nails are deeply sunk,
Driven Inn continues Sin.

To rest in peace,
not this 'Lot' 
for his load should be your Wrought.

I cannot imagine more in Thought,
than the difference is cannibal knot,
the plot to cease the seat of life,
came from infliction of greater strife.

To 'Just' feed a spiritual life,
does not mean to eat a lie,
words bring sustenance the food to think,
when read it is an audible drink.

The tone of which carries voice,
the richness in "A lyrics" choice,
what is defined inferred to be,
is based on the Mind-to-See.

I can't imagine that he knew,
least of all would approve,
that You ate and drank him through,
for the things that you do, due.

Still You place upon His State,
your misfortunes and mistakes,
all in fear of what's not here.

Flocking sheep to keep this mass,
ritualized communion to be the phat,
to sustain the quench by wrath of sent,
will just prove,
no-one's safe.

Now the End may have been,
told to some to enlighten when,
should your daily mind be stuck,
you'll be blind when this erupts.

Tantalized with Mortal cheer,
a social play of understanding day,
to know the date or the year,
hypothesis of what's been Hear,
does determine words are churning.

The more you race away from Self,
serve disgrace as massive taste,
to further guilt or threaten Hell,
just confirms you have a Bill.