Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Is The Resonance Of The Earth Should The Hertz Show The Pane In Said A Meant??

Ask the Engine on the Airwaves is the path of the shore???,
does the sand deed say that the thermal score,
is that night stroll to lull the sway to path the shall a Way??,
did the sound of the separation drop the thumper gut.

For rabbit on the ear store shirt the words role bust to lathe,
the Cobbler on the known of what is the shoe on plates,
feet inside those ankles wear the sole up on the rose of sat,
that thimble off the cobble stone is buckle laced with leather sacked.

Done to what is the sounds of light to pasture of the grains on country,
over lay to ditches sewn that seed in be twined,
is than the shores of day bent feat to Ocean on the spray??,
know that certain from the grace impacts but a breeze.

Yet in the hour of the speedometer on that lift of brake,
shove the foot to pedal spread reaction without grabbing disc,
how shell the hose with fluid push to gears that Truckers can so quick be in Traffic thorough,
vines of cars on jammed in rows is comp. to whats the barrier,
divide that twist to byway direction goes to swish so snip that hands have wheels bum pin,
traveling in the sky to ping should razor shave the Radar screen.

Well the trees upon that speak Spoke of wheel as that Wind,
cyclone Twisters touch downs Wrist with laying leaves to steep,
whip that lo to create a breast can that lather be a vast at the under Gear to crest,
as earth Quake runs to birds in flight and Animals on pension.

Strike ready the board of the found on the reason for the stars and those stripes on that stitch,
each and every singular thread is of the fiber on the wheat of the plough,
harness your person a knoll thought to understand the comprehension of done,
as that is not the quest of only a won rather the collect bearing of History on its bones.

Remind thy compass of thyself,
the feet that waltz dance to tap,
a solid foot relies on the balance that the next foot is on the Floor.

Bring to Aisle of only applause in distant force of semi polite is an embarrassment only to delve,
deeper that vein remind of this math,
ad to that here the listen of your echo chamber of state at clause,
the plots which are streaming within the confines of what trireme believes is the privacy of your own mind,
remember the ear of what is those silent prose of brains blinking distract shin.

To that is the bubble bust of what is on the Radio talk on AM in San Francisco, California on 910,
the clock on that is the choice to divide at division or invite the uninterrupted complete,
no voice over accept the audience with the busy signal between their twine core shoulders on piston,
ply well my dearest friends for the Forest behind the Trees is the groves??,
nigh the hour of evidence to that standard on no jump just the steady pulse of the skeet.

Rifle this word with the river once rose as Niagara represents the Rapids that Roosevelt put to presents,
for it is those Falls showing the lasting measure of why We the People whistle to the bends.

Imagine The Sound Of The Impact That Shows The Hitting Of The Ground As The Head Saved To Say Today That I have Crashed To Know The Bang As A Loud Pop!!

Bug grrrrrrrrrrrrr Off the car Manufacturers are at the Time of the Windshield wipe Account again,
the trampoline at the festival of bumpers and skip insurances in on the traveling traffic effect,
backwards flip to blast the sneak on the road as the purse would not not virtue the old barn truth until,
a Witness brings to the pad the fuss as that is a paddle of the shake to shook key shout.

Whoop pea of the ounce to that tire on the tread than bank the cost on the long term murmurs,
it would have take in cheers to Wild Coyote to howl Upper stip. to Shield on the core pus Criss tea,
as that is the shoulder belt to that laptop on Electrical cars shirt on gas Station pumps,
in that visit to the state of What is an Emblem for the 76 or an Age of what is Wares on the H ways.

Well on the true that car could not have bounced back to travel shoot onto that next base beast,
as the crows on the traveling bells I now no why that temperature commercial,
the one that shows the accident well in front of the blind spot of Truck between the cent,
for that is the Car Manufacturers Malignant Narcissist stip.

Always trunk the pulse with the Toll`d chew so to that Tow back Oh,
in cist on the smoking guns are the duty of that horror of Todays bic on the actual of scene.

Imagine the bankers mile with web cams on stipulation without the backup foot on the suit,
as I saw today what is not recordable it was the impossible on the done,
that makes the bump per the dollar fount of flutes,
the hood and winker for that blink of the eye told view toe.

Hard Hats for riding Horses are made for one Impact only,
once that blank gets a good pop the helmet has been compromised,
should the bumper of a car in the front not show bump but I heard Pop what say Car to road,
the under gear stiff shaft lost its vertebrae cush to the spinal fluid in the oils strip of basic mechanical??

True to balance the rear ended would be at ease while the damage sleeks the slip,
that radiator on the found of the bump into went steam so that forces the driver to a shop,
at that the integrity of the undergirth would/should be on the flower,
as that bulb of the disconnect should/might/may be of taxed,
this is as the East Coast sold those Cars on the West Coast that had had salt to the skirts,
for inside information is on the Trades of snows travelers and art tick trace of Car Washers.

By the means of charts to maps on the Freeway as the Toll Roads of the treat has bravo out steer,
why is the castor of the oil slick streaking to the bounce of Steel on the rim EAN TON,
for the car insurance would more than likely pass how ever the long terminal station`d,
tin years down the feather on the pillow of a person thought to sled funny,
yet it was a fender bender sum troubled panes on a sit tread of addle ladle years a go.

Now on that speak brake how would the poof of that Trigger of the whale venture to that wit,
only should that scene Tick on the Pulse of ouch as I winced to the pop sound itself,
bankers on Wall Street hear is trough Futures,
'cause yous bank king a seat turned event to bale the wire on the twine of wheat sway & Manufacturers know it!!

You Tunts Ever Seen Whats Book^In??

Day of now on this is scene to stride the back of good ole matter earth,
on the bank of what has lumbered the slug of sneak has grown a Tug,
the stream of what is wares of stand,
for example strand gave to present the shift of storm,
from the depth of gut the role been fiber rough dust,
I do know that I'm a girl on this plan Its strong,
not confused about those bales Twine and Wire under squared by rib bonbons wrapping sit bust.

As I have Witnessed photo snap on that back end of the boating snare,
the obvious of what it Whom I do no those pants as naked bows,
tried?>? greatest choice on this shade of the film on the blinking believe,
for the children For survival for the Futures for LIFE!!

Confuse yourselves with the gin and the Ice,
glass that gallon for the dash of maze in diction to sound out the boots,
lace with that shoe as the stuck on the stride,
blunt is a porker on the belly of lies.

Round the fountain to gender up his roll,
jello belly and that is the worm at the bottom of the bottle of Tee key la,
shouts from S trow jinn on the Staff of the stagg,
'cause prose would have screamed silence,
that ship on the boat would have turned to the docks,
and the walk down the Pier would have ever explained,
as the back of the ass and the front of that stain,
left on the tongue of the marble of come,
down on the depth to the ankle on from,
no it would have been that answer on the question in done,
for Words are not not the plain when Signs gots its lane.

S specially on the Lombard of lives in the Inn cart of Nations on the avenue chlorine,
bleating the sheep while reining a wrench Scratching that head but who is the torque,
beaches and cinema those garbage cans stem,
be familiar with why's the angle gone dead,
marking the logic call social lodge it coal to in burr of that example of the pole.

Stride as the Lion roar for the Wind is a mighty stead to here of the deed,
confuse Mass in the brain with mind & matter as the clouds inside of the skulls take a pill and drink a grand,
can yips of the coyote to the Wolf on that path to ancient trace,
be strength for the road is long to this hour of the darkness in the full lit lawn bushes and thongs,
cups of satellites to the Wine high pitch on the Crystal eyes glassed by the China Eye of Antiques.

Shop with the Amazon to real eyes often the easy on those farm a suit a bowls,
naturally chewing the preparation of Pane sills to my name is no body I am a opus on type,
singing with gently,
waltzing on the dances of grace to Tides of the swing as life in the venue is but a limb.

People strike the world with pause as the Accept take shin of the drools as pre Dish posed,
grin to the Cheek Key dip to the paints Much on the stroke,
streakers and slight,
fields of Wonder as that is a brand of Noun to the basic dough of the Tubs,
ample on the Tanks is the War and it Is Not Mi/Me,
the waltz is shores of the grains Sand dials and paste,
as I am familiar with what is between my legs lie,
formal to whom has gathered to deliver a truth to their own,
making this time the most Amazing love of Life Itself to be of such Trust,
what a Zest to say that its those Men in San Francisco that gave me Faith to see & the freedom to just be myself,
all in my very earn of a bright.