Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Verbal Vibration

The power of the pulse,
the flagrant beating of pound,
the drum set rewinds,
reversal nines,
now eleven times.

The brain will meet in complete,
with each you will find,
the treat of the rhythm leads.

Down to unwind,
the stare well of sign.

Stand the amount of bind,
dynamics create,
revolution will take,

Tap the foot while you enhance the pocket,
the leather in cold,
the smell of only sold,
depths of what?
will come from......behind.

The rivalry of steady,
the balance of the rocket,
the blast of what will talk it,
the shroud of all in socket.

The glare of the red pair,
the words that never blare,
the energy of rolling lockets,
the vibrate of mere desire,
brought it.

Smile the speaker means to be heard,
the eyes of such are never stirred,
the criteria of all ways touched,
in only an extremely seductive much!!

The Being in Flight,
the scene in found,
the stage of appeal,
the path of the corridor,
the halls of Rites,
a tunneling of lyte.

Wrap 'round that spiraled sound,
Microphones carry as noise varies,
the ears of which sits,
the road to redemption is very well equipped.

Stereo Rides 

Virtuosity Proper Primes

The sighing of the breathing stopped,
as the horns came to only suck,
the windpipes blew the records coo,
the waves of all came true.

Addiction lags the musical verse,
the course of what takes know rehearse,
driven carefully no signal signs,
the multi-vice of a kind.

The horror of the quested journey,
bottomless void enhanced the noise,
crept beneath the instant leap,
I hold no hand within this Keep!!

Out to fly the candor of why,
existence can feel the call to cry,
in no ecstasy I FLY,
a natural and courageous sky.

The sight of what is seen,
the only better thing,
the open vain of a road map comes,
know guide will take it's place!!

Drive to the never end,
in over it is begin again,
the treasure of Pandora,
released for.....what's your more??

The clouds of reams almost nearly dreams,
an active anxious steam,
volcanics are the ream!!

The breast of a universe,
the capsule of a shooting burst,
the loud in riding,
a grave-digger's Crowd.

Bury your indiscriminatory fear for the Devil cheers,
have you heard Satans Voice?
did he say to make a choice?
or is it the interpretation of the written poised,
that states the soul of sold in coy.

The blacker the redder,
the fiery starter makes a better Letter,
the Post of no demand,
develops an icy plan.

Brought by only absurdly done,
the wetness claims it's fun,
the soak in the misting,
the shower of the lust,
no umbrella needed the mast of the sail,
so vast you need a tale.

Get along little song,
make me feel all that is so strong,
the numbers of the build,
the value of the measure,
the strength of the climb,
a trip through Time!!