Monday, May 11, 2015

The Afe Often An Aff Raah Cain Yah At A Shin Dollop`d

The Matter in the Hats of the Cloak Rosins on the boarding of the Ships to Solar flights in Blake,
that counter of discussion on the conversation of direction is In Neiled to that Grove of gore care,
an Inconvenient talk that spanks to B.D.S.M. a Stand that Closes the Pine to an Open Craved,
banking the Universe with a Milky Way to the Pad of felt in the grands!!

Trust the bane to Pane Outer Wealth with galloping the Cork off Apple Poles,
treat the be sending on the Once Upon a done to Earth and the rinse of a raging crumbed,
animal in Nature storming the Simplicity a Note to talking the Thanks!!

Grow range as the Castle on the Snow,
it is the Nautical!!

Come to the Pass of the Valley of the galaxies lease And Know that it is the blast of a life,
on the Ride from the ground to the Highs of the Climb its a Streamers like,
to be of the Being in these foundations of Mind to body Matters is the Ankle fee,
exercise that Brain to Intro of the Cleats.

Touch a down Feather UP its the factors on a Math in a Tick Talkers Streak,
its the Scream of delight on a Run A Way path from basic to Back to reach a Stretch,
oh the Yawn of Humanity has Forgotten the biggest of the Blanks,
in that sleepier status of Corn lane on the Cob it is the grasp of The Girth.

Sanction the platter to a Vase of Paints on the Asses Roast than that is your Privy trite,
expand to the Mention Capacity an decision a Sound on the equality of Ages echoed,
thorough Bread to History for spelling the Caves with the Walls of read,
spreading Accounts to Pyramids on the Mountain of Niagara at the Grand Canyons clay,
depth to the an Ton to a clockers Mile as the Kilometers Tiled to a Metro Nome speaking Choir`d,
shall the beach rumble with a Liquids faction does the Ocean say to the Sea Owe sew!!

Once on the Orion of the bellowing Leaps,
smoking for the fracture of growing to that thimble on the Sneak,
like arching Snooker with a Poole and a Creek,
rivers Reaching the Tidal of the Black Mass on A Frame,
guilded by desk to that Tablet of the Coin chained,
lean King to bile or is it The Vomit of the stomach from the Intestinal scarp!!

Boars on the Horn to a Giraffe topping Trees the thorns the Needs a thistle in a blossoming stink,
can the interpretation Walk to the Island of A Plural on the accent in the Opened sow,
cents Piggly Wiggly humpty dump Tea`d clover to the Meadow and Picnic bye the seat,
leaves On the bench of the Garden Plants a Slip of the skirt routed to be of Tram.

Simple is the dice on Fire to flint is the spark of a Flame that is gambling the Creased,
harp on the gut in the Strings of The Cat a Claused to paragraph a barn on the stability of What??,
trade pens to Open Venues is treasured menu For the beef Cakes on the shrimping of Cabled lair`d,
a dungeon on the bean The Sail on the Roast a gosh for the Napkin of the Silvering back,
to feathering of the Plume is of a stacking to the Station of training on the bounding tracked,
should the suds of Zest a Horse on my experienced of Fantastic to have experienced with Provisional store,
as the work spun a balance to my Entire the daft crutch to a Mortal method of Operation disgust,
taking the frank to Pylon a trance bye went the tortoise to duds and Cove`rs.

Snuggled with a clam in a muscle against the Whir of circuses steaming bubble docked,
the list of crisis to a pork and Crane festival hath exhausted my tire to Rubber sings of Lived.

In the takes and The Took a fork on the Dinner of life that dined Upon the body in the Type,
sprawling the ring of connection to Not Thin but dissolving ANY Natural calling to Totality of skit,
torched the dire Introduced dead to Death the living on the Tolds.

My oh My I shout the scream to every Feet,
the stamping and the passing hatred that I have been thrown peat,
sod to down in the bellow of the ashiest scrum of the saliniest tears have quartered my clad,
cheeks in shroud of being Corded the short toke to the Longest of yards in a Floss.

Strip that Theme to a thermal freeze in a glass of slurpee Ice Creamed with socks for the speech,
spoons on the glass Pour sell len to a deafening ache that fought to furl calm in the guarder of formed.

I scored the Fort othe Castle of rocks falling on that Mother bored to bring a letterings last,
tackled with Cuffed on the speak to the Sage at Sear of the clean to a bothered by the brackish delivered,
in Quilt on stem to the spine of the Fluids that soak my Scouring slow I Tried skew,
a beet on the Alphabets Soup to bone you the barren as a At channel to the televised be Ran.

Each of the broad Casted news charted these Flows,
in slow Poached I spark the ignition to an agree Life is a Rare it Tee,
part to the Call and grain is the Salts in The Fram,

A Brolly to Um is a breaking Can't stand for as the Ice is spent to a dictatorial clip I CRY ewe no shiver,
swords to blades of Grass a stupor to a bleached A tongue on the chores is a laundry line of peas.

It Is So Close It Is Completely Different Fore The Face

Choir on the ear of the Home Phone to a cost on the Actual perpendicular list is pardon Stir,
as that is glade to Reap a burr on the Fill inch a Blank to that sentence of Nouns to curbed,
the robe of Cloth is a skit Tale on circle Circle roth a based Too cancer a brain on the Face.

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a Wreath on the would of the Pyle gone grape Teak tiles Mortared a bate,
on Tub to Subject Matter lathe Is than the shingled Latter on a devotion to Pulp.

Caution of Answer with a Swing on the Head is varied At Handle on coin Troppled,
dime the Dollar on answering slate It shatters the skeet on the Gun firing Air!!

Caution to scathe the Scratch on the Scrap is deeper than shrine to Chalk board crepe,
powder Sugar with the Limes on a slate that Caulk is spouting to copper Indoor plumb`d,
a Curtain in death by Live on the Line is charactered by the miss Numbered again.

Apologies are sound but the damage Done gong Purring to develop a larger Furthest kong`d,
dizzy in clam The Skull of the scam realize that Worth is worthy to the Conch,
as in the lift to Head^a^long minus 'Hey' the Pong paddles are the balls that sick the Tummy kiln.

Trappings by the Snapper quills are voices in the spake done is the Damage and Patience is no good,
trouble on the aRc is eclectic in the pounce Making Excused to hanging on the glib!!

Trouble on the band of a specific in a Churn milk is going Sour and the Cream is spinachs' song,
marrow of the Wheel to carrying it Mall getting Picture time a Card like Haul on echoes Tong,
a pinch in the tsk the sleep Than credit to the done It relies on the Vocal cord that strangles as it Hooked.

Pardon gets a Quarry to digs that Grave the Tongue caught in the phishing let is etched beyond the shock,
beneath the burial on barrel placed Is pardons given lathe Skulling on the Crossed of bones to laced.

As to bee the Purple tree in saying that Its flower all While the bark is fever on the faster,
wrapping in the dead of gone the brain Screams the silent all While the Vocal shores to bask,
however Oar is paddling to Strike the fever language Shookers in the brine of See is barrier At deeds.

Bummer that The People waist the Timer on the Karo a sticky Situative clock that daily presents lap lead,
as if to tangle with the Snare is traps on the glare a Fair yet in the Mix is flour bins in Equal inched the Spare!!

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in portion of the Ax Septor core the Stars that grid of Foot,
it is the Venture that does discuss the bladder as a But tured.

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is skull on Stitch is bore a Pitcher to the desirous of basically plaque to Tactile of graved,
in with the oxide on delivery to the Enveloping Rack and blanket the soup to the Suds of sailed,
in blaze to That Strike it is Badgered to stipulatives be Lined as the C.B. all Ready Broadcasted at Nic`d.

Broad Score the Call`d to Stretch the Spinned to blank Fill the Worth as the Skillular hem,
park that thread with Proud on the bought than What dues do you Blast but the Underturf`d!!

Cranks that bike to Gears of a File`d brought Platter to the kiln in the Muds clay scot,
a wiper Wind Shields product Carne to Cache that the Fished have Hooked Baled,
a Twine on the radio to Raze of the Shavers in built by Department or Excitement of the prey!!

Skip on the bed to Come down the Cripe equipment from the Carnal as a Tune ole be troughed,
now at the present Gifting underguised inks with that Kelp like the Swamp had a crock!!

Take too that river with a Creek,
is the RAIN on the Rein of direct to the Spot,
Owe Yes for that is the Formal Barter to Spank the SLAP`d,

Desire`r plural with Conversational bots Than the Spider is Webbers on Bbq`d Coursed,
jumping hare to bark on the sand as the Grit is an Oysters dinner to Cribbed,
like a Hoarse in the Trump games C.B.S. a 1959 Diction to Open the Stock.

LOOK its a Maized at the Corn of the CORKED popping as the Sham paned a Newts door,
slam goes the Gate to the release of the Raced measure now the Bell on the driveways court,
shook to the handle Cuff to the banner Inch it all a Plaster and Hammer on the Stucco,
big Bangers for the Rooster on that Trigger balk or is it the Show Pan of bay Tow Vans clock!!

Creamed Pi

Sin Dured

I can break a Habit like I snap the caught in this Trap on the Venue of grace,
an Internet with a learning that Status pile of Filed on the Mouse Clique of Send,
dot click to knock Knock dig dimple I sight the bend on a page to the Tab of a curl,
there You go to the Stones and the blued in Ink is it the Tricks of the trait saying Boo Ouo Hoo!!

Bum for the burn and a Cycle on the hem to Treasure Pans door Awe!!,

craft to clip slipped State of shoe on the Tube of lace buckle blip,
a radar on the Satellite to know of how finally to slip in this lens,
part of call is in the Hear of viable pride to that boom of a big Bang,
on The Clock is hands that gear to the Mechanique of fascinate And then.....

well What could I say but other Than Map a beet and garden The Cute to a bean,
ivy the Oak in A Photo shoppe of clue Yeti to the Snow.

As McGauglin Razed It True Poked "The Copied" By Laughter

Tride on the echoes of the Sound in the Solar Plains on the Width of dynamics to the Comparable plane,
on that is the Flight of adventures in supply of Comprehension For is that thee bearings Laughters lore,
a gut in the charge of Chortling bind touching the Hiccups of a burp on Stomachs pound!!

Creation designed in Magistrate an Arrow of defining Evolution to target the Compass grounds,
the Edge of begin is in the Scratch to a records Need to etch the draw from the Machines floss`d,
ask the Mechanic did the Gear grace the Act or was the Cruise in the Mapothers loud!!.

Presently to Name in the Came as Tunnels are the View on the Motorcycles Clay,
dirt bike to Mountain Topped in Valley of the Grids talking Dams with a Groover on Cleaned,
rein In that with a Trail of brass Guitar Pitt with the gavel On the snook,
poole With I to the table of Bill in Skill on the gift of the Brain.

Get to that bankers Stile and Switch while The Rabbit Wraps and brisks the Tack,
girth Me a saddle and ride me a Thorn to barrel of Bushes I site ewe,
all on the Cobblestones rake!!

Gliding the Fluke in the Whales tale Just is the Swim with the Glade,
a Reef telling reed do those Flocks of geese glow,
in the V formal of the drive is it than a glass of Go Clyde,
sure is deodorant and Ban is the Air a Saul from the base of be Grind,
in coffee is the Bean a factory or a Spine,
can the Industry factor the Mat as the Arithmetic or simply the Additions as strides of All Pane`d!!

Dig in the dirt to Know Mud has a Came in the Waist watchers of Eyes blink its the Flash bulbs loan,
to strike on the fires Match to blast Curling,
sneakers to the FlipFlops of Sandals on the Chorus of Ain'ts to a Xylophones storm.

Corn the Maze with a diabolical Craft of learn to be the Beginning of the spice on the Route of burl`d,
cozy your life with a Cow on the Milking parade or Possible the treat as the Cream of an Animals score.

Shouting that the Wild is the Deeply seated to the Wings of breezing the Climbs of 'rounds,
choir crowds with barreling lifts to that Can of an Ear on these bonfire shins,
a bow for the stretch on the Riders bytes just to taste the dust in a long!!

Hover coral on the Tides churn to the Charts of natures Employ,
no Sun is in the darkness of the billionth bonged at base of bottoms cavern`d,
yet on the spreading speech the fishy is spark to the answer with a marvel,
evolving with The Pete!!