Friday, September 4, 2015

A Drop of Water Created Waves That Oceans Our Days To Response

A perfect picture that is a forever with its smile on infinity as a dial to a tune of signed with love,
the moment of the moments breath to say that life is standing so well that Time is a Timeless peace,
the watch has no stop to lathe of a shingle on the roof that speaks with eloquence at saved,
for in ever reason the wisdom shores to beaches of oceans that bank to adore,
grace must have blessed my life with such magnitude that the sun shines to horizons of great doors.

To have been so blessed with the touch of sand in my shoes to know the ground of landing a shore,
this earth has parked the natural light to gain the embrace of a persons sight,
on the depth of a eternal flame to the sphere of a galaxy on the Universes reign,
how the stars shine to space our shimmer of knowing life is deep on the Vine,
for the hugs and the finds of Human Beings that have sound with language to communicate all things.

To that I have been grateful for the brings that have delivered this wonder for the hot summers swing,
to know that this says without a spindle of thread that abundance is treasures of born to be said,
the journey has shown the Moon has a home with a place so familiar that earth is its phone.

I compass the bearing to a ports Seer that resembles an action to all of the dears,
over change to the far path is a bar to honor the life and life has gone tremendous,
the real of a Monopoly that I have experienced is the stride to continue with purchase and pause,
that waltz to difference that examples a patience should I ever be as steady as an Ocean of day lens.

Table Legs While Speaking Counter Neighed

I love the shelves of rocks on a lay,
the mortar of thought to those natural displayed,
a venture on clear to that field of ray,
sun greats the picture to a purr in the time of tires that stalled.

As Time of Ages brought breadth to taste the extreme on the Work of over the weather,
location determined with earth on her grain,
stones of the vantage at points of the lane!!

The bridge that is arm to a talent of hard lather,
sweat for the brow in the history of sands big Trowel,
to absorb the shock is to say to that cliff on what is a difficult caught,
that with determined effect even the butterfly dates moth!!

The nestling of grasp which parts the said deal like a raft to the canoe of trees in a thorough,
what is scenery from talk that conversion of part,
the letters are written to envelope the brach of seas candy on reef,
above the ocean for range to enjoy,
the hug in harbor for length on the prawn!!

Bedded with roads the cobblestone rose to event of the need for the carriage at lead,
wheels bounced to carts of the pony,
horses with harness and tugs with the show Mi.

Perhaps the left of such beautiful sights through the delight of looking listened,
to Man at the Hand construction of Vista a broader form to engage the good sealed,
amazement among this worlds historic plateaus, 
the eyes on the raised to sing purpose to leased,
the ground of a shirt to wringing wet sweat is a valence to the past on the said.

Turmoil does fret with cuts on the ports,
piers of the ancients that have spoken of sigh linked,
to breathe with what happens as countries bellow the chimney,
I say to that flood that words are assistance like the cave painted lets speak of attendance.

Spinach In A Walls Treasure

Numbers sort to calculations quest on solution to the dissolve to also The Transcript on Vittles,
the mend of greater than touch scan as that is a verse in the chapter of mind does it scout Pits,
a seed to an Apples grove is not the Grapevine Winery for the barrel must be Considered a language,
should the times of multiplied introduction to a data at the Hard Pile of cobble be of a shelf?

In this the shelves of chalk at sands of sea bank the under bar of also the Oceans land,
with tides core to charts on door the singular grain is of movement to dunes of longitude,
a parked view with cliff carries playing pigeon a dot to the aye being shock barters the rock,
or can is the string of the can being able to stretch to speak on the micro fiber at slugged be a Doppler?

Sound off the echo is purse of lap to charge the disagreement with present shales point,
in that is the limestone of cavers spur lunk`ing to a steady on the twirl of jello,
is that course touching bent to the deep water salt that raises the weight by drowning the float?

On the stall of hull an oats barrel of pea speaks to the plant as the dirt seeks a skid,
growing by Ways of lounge or Is the crop a design to the fed?

Tractor pull ditch to creating the field to drain of the steep of hills on the sump,
importance of dg that granite composure singing a swallow whilst enjoying the save,
conch is a tell for the ear inland far,
the listen begets that question to sayer.

Regarding a quilt of the stick is a needle,
pull to the thread and the gift is a reason of desire to wealth of snyc,
to be of an often is increasing the soil fertile to thought in bells of the stalk,
alfalfa is lesson to the cuttings pork sides,
Horses eat second to fourth on the quarter.

The joint of the bale on first seconds strength is of cattle be wired to richness digested,
at the alteration of long cuttings coal that same in not exact provides near straw to delights,
making forms allowance for the barn on delight,
enjoying the stature of a Crops over rides,
the grains of such cadence to formula spoken,
wise are the dutch to know barn to the raising.

Sprinklers required when the rains are in dried,
ports of found Wells to great taste on a base,
shall the score of division send with tacks shrugged,
the stomach will puke but horses will Colic and walking is on the More's!!

That combination of grass layered, talking loaf bread, ground to mills, provisions in saline,
water the eyes with tired on the rocks the island will bank to making a fence with clear deal,
that raking begins to shape the structure of grown in the event its work on the stone,
the beauty of both the field and grown is a picture framed perfect from the flight of the groan.

Why So?

Doctrine that stands to destroy statute with destruction is ruin to the station of the carve to itself,
that tends to the face of the reason to logical ration from the cave of wise to chaotic returned at lest,
to average the thousands of years in the toss without the identity of evolution as a basis tanks the word,
in and with the sentence as only a translation of intellect written on the scrolls of times in Ages,
without the variable of the shade in tell the origin wires to the scatter as logic and the structured as demand,
without the foundation of the question it pelts only skinned.

Loosing than becomes abundant to hose as a red sea of land in dry deserts,
the bravado's thermos of vat to the brains thought at trough in grates shovel dye that dig to lakes,
a mortal transistor that conducts core vas as destitute of lathe has brought ladders not sash,
spelling authority with only a rafter form of buildings born without the residence of shield,
for the alpha of the bet in debt to slate has locked only the minds frame to bilge pots,
route bound in binders as rung through to shingle yet lathers are not personal touch to process.

In dues are the scene that cut to a clearing but the work of the marble with stood shows clang,
bells of ringing to bells of dust what has broth should the stew shoe prisons of only the albatross,
saved from old time to future in given great torque would sing to the dial of sting,
now on the daze of daisy chained themes whom has lather to those old written sings,
only a follower of buds to no growth would divide in the plunder to ever in the crock,
moon gathers grace each evening for shown yet the sun is of shining to all the days loaned.

Creation beacons Man to be of the space that envelopes understanding to learn of the graved,
tombs being done to identify the list now is the people of carve just shredding the bath,
did the tossing of a stone kill the severed head or is it the swather of oats raising bread.

Curtain a blinking fee to the tack at the shoulders of carriage to a torn society on learn,
much of the echo is spreading of the fear then it winks a talk that presents the utters rock,
as to that breeze the wind did cater shock but to only be a process rebukes the systems cock,
rooster on a roof at tender of the cart should bring a sit to shout the others harness to start,
but crowds mob at rinse after watching time clocks spring the bubbling of only destroy markers fling,
rats are also gathered by whistles of the tongues that flute to only death at death by dead strung.

Whip a will to sync the trill another trains to comprehend change,
that to a handle & brash enters limb choice is evident to taller vistas tim,
torn out of a skeleton to rise the done at shatter is not the Oak of root to speak the sense in hood,
chrome to steel the shimmer of a deed with caliber at docked,
only makes the stun the evidence at derm leaving the letters to be burned with answers lum.

Drive a long to global wrongs and gift a better debt,
be of dance not the fonts for keep is trucking sheds,
ask the quest on worlds let should the when be Wine,
does the barrel of the grape know of Vintage signed?

Did evergreens on groves or Redwoods teak a fancy,
do the plains of Human grains stain the glass a dance seed,
if is all ways score the lease to broader biggest wavers,
frost is glacier on the method of changing seas to Oceans,
leads succumbing to circumference is the lands fee as the price is batters toll.

Great are exports on a rein but reality delivers,
truss to building fountains as the Mountains shows the measures,
a hill to say that valley based with canyons barking river,
for the drip of water laid a creek is on the mist in air as only giver until it touches faced.

Simple to arch of feat the complications matter,
an empty spacial recognized but dye the hand a valence the race behaves to paste,
a tattoo of the eyebrow on a furrow of the forehead,
brine to salt the pelt import is skin in bodies stead that brings to life a bidder.

Puzzle Cube Squared By Tiles On That Star Of A Barnacles Tide

 To breathe faster within the bide at raise ores ebb Occam's snore!!

Shout the foundation of Mind in the form of energy not knowing the blast forked to scold,
does the depth of the matter in the swing to touch on the down to Up in the grasp not count turn,
as the addition on edit of The Thesaurus to climbed is matter Training same in exacts, 
the dime on a Range of The Milky Waves tide at speaking the Cracks,
for in a Well of great demise profess at Sun the deed to rides is opened by the frozen core at spun.

Stanch is the environment to stick on the soak,
marsh tells a bog that the lake is a moat,
ponds to an Ocean are understood as said,
yet in the barn of mention creeks channel pedestrians angle as a Ninth degree bed.

Foot talk to rinse a hug in the squeeze is navigation of grey matter at dark hours of listings,
the sleek off the track a hound in the tack racing to technology of radical bounding,
true to a compass the rise of a planets lunge is jerked former to granted space a recognized orifice,
tree route to root sound a noise in the band,
mercury is temperature yet the mountain held storm.

Far away on the thunders light an invitation to the shroud of a cloud before the shore vibrations chillers,
fore the lightning rang to sight as the eyes learned the evergreens are crowd,
did than the cave borrow wall to paints of etch ore with brush or snail,
did the corn on the wheat ask rye for a bucket of tug,
does the seed of thought gossip to rocks as the sand is sieve to waters rein?

Tune width of broad lathe on a solar description of radar at crowning springs dial,
does the oil that burbles choke tar respond with bones of the bloods bold to the bond,
shall the tunnel in pits of visceral clipped leaf to a pot angle with a perk trout to skew,
drowning in the earths core is a comfort or the More's on informations trail of crowded by climb,
not a sworn word of paraphrase a riddle or a rhind yet it is the whole of endangered by the slammed.

So should the star of starters crave to move with galaxies on the fill does not the spacial dimension answer,
an anchor of the growth to the untangible by scope all in the micro status of the envelope,
soar to the seal of enclosed by a real slim than shall not the learn be of factor on elementals scans dure,
did the human being resist so tow is not a digit that clamps to say ground with electric as a jog,
running all to saying found a barn in stability will cause the butter to cuddle with its lodge,
the added is the flavoring of spice to catch the flavor of a bring that originally began with life of rays sting.

Are You Wax Or Are You Why

The excitement of the tambourine in a voice that speaks with glee,
the favor of the canyons echo with a mountainous theme on the reach,
over the hill and often valley is the bridge of language that carries scene,
an honest fathom of lasting talked the mile to reach the ankles sock.

So easily belief is charged with eyes that have been art to spelling enduring deep cries,
the pictures paints a muralled walling for the strokes of brush technique,
as rain does often show us how puddles splashing lessons loud,
walking steady to saying shoes ship with arbors fresh air is crews.

Should the carriage of weight be hurt suffocation is oxygens clerk,
width of tree or flowers bloom plights of elephants ivory prove,
that on the plane of expression life is sure to skit the question ride,
a squirrel with a nut in the winter of a truck.

Piano key boards remind the silk that threads of spiders have had a dealt,
spinning web with toil in work is the signature a dirty shirt,
comp the anguish with each clique to heard at foot base stride a deed in spur,
mark the sanction evolve to shed like a duck in parks of said.

Arid waist of human beings brings to censure death at stings,
bee hives nestle to thorns with poke speak with cadence wisdom soap,
circles found on crops of clammed pearl conversations know corn with lamb,
soak the well to health and sole walking gently to the toll.

Not all the creatures of the sung mar the arbors with tools that dung,
the nature of natural string is as breadth that swings lungs to salve and ear to tagged,
comfort springs the dirt to say that mud does happen with a play,
the river stores rocks shore pebbles tell of rolling at the apples bell,
is it a trough or fallen foods with extra tithes on the dues?

With a computations mind register said with longs deep shine,
a glowing worm or sun in sky Stars are sparkles in the spry,
so far from dunes the sands of Time ages reason at states of colds lime,
warm the conversations role words may find the tongue to bold!!

Hugging love a born to run the step to raise a bright new come,
should the frost be of a chill score the learn while ready dills,
a burning tide on Fires ride is Volcanic with molten life,
the dew of morning leaves a sign from all the seasons that grace a tide.