Sunday, July 28, 2013

To Ride the Storms of Truth with You

The total equals desire,
the equation is all mined,

In division of lives and time,
I remember him,

The Music Plays,
too display,
a lyric knows,
the length of longing seems a Page,
so I tell You,
this is a brand new age.

The old path that leads to math,
it adds up to subtract,
too leave exact.

So far from when,
life it's hear,
I'm listening!!

The heart I do not have,
travels the complications of my actions.

In fact,
the sequel to the prequel in replayed,
Check Mate.

The Pawn is Kinged by anew whoa,
the Knight is on the board,
and I forgot to tell you,
I'm a Checker Player too.

it is the Monopoly of only You!!

Seemingly eternal,
you burn only the flame that lights-up again,
only to say...

You are my Candle-in-the-Wind!!