Monday, April 28, 2014


The galloping Course,
the blued in Source,
in health of know good tort,
grounds treat to morse.

Edged in Planet voiced,
the Round does rink with Poise,
ciphered tipped in grange,
a vapor steamed to clayed.

No conversation witness,
wording jumps to pop,
a Stanza in a Proper,
the Scene of Act to Act.

Shift of Keys on Board,
the skipping to a phrase,
a natural ride in real scribe,
decisioned scratch the Pied.

Turned to open ranged,
rogue in spur to flame,
glide within the vitality,
provides the Bit to tame.

Ashen marks reveal scars,
the haunch builds muscled spar,
to filling parts in pleating sharps,
collected precedence sharks.

Manual Start

It Only Takes A Spark

Stifle is the populous,
where the main stream aimed to cot,
the lay of drench reporting,
the cycle will be caught.

The Bic is to Man,
the burn is a strand,
a horse in the branch of a simple approach,
to the land sewn brims of People in coached.

Back to the Where Life is not a Dare,
the fact to factual brought Map on accidentals,
vestals' delivered passed formations,
to bare of claused illation.

The Ore revered to Obelus,
the flow in a scanter,
sibylic craved the remnant,
in finality of distance.

Incitement gathers movements,
Civilizations kill for prove it,
broader ramped to Nature sand,
reveals gates to grinding planned,
the thirst a Pawn in death a Song.

All Ready Happens

A stature held in Sense,
a valence is to Fence,
the difference brought in Slide.

Acceptance in opening,
the bubbling Spring,
pebbled without a Store,
not sold but bore.

Shades the Sun from hiding,
inside the Room exciting,
temper shown on Walls of Home,
attractive in a painted tone.

A drive in short,
the speed purports,
redemptive up's Unique.

Question rhyme in fretting time,
a Multi-Verse released in lurched.

First, this happens........
Second, that happens.......
Thirdly, sprite takes 'The Happens' to,
just did.