Monday, October 6, 2014

Respective Piers

In the flashback on account in the greater youth a squid to tiny in my frame I up against a came,
in the math of bath of floor the red is obvious to torn the pieces of the listing shore to scattered,
I see the table of the silver metal of the board on the side the rings of store to tie a barreled leap,
in slow to back the wall is black can and I blend with curtain tack to hid from what this haunts,
in spinning reel of this Mind the thoughts are trying to get sub. to under the control of day,
yet in this midst of done today the factor on the X in came a trot down memory of a lane in done,
the puddles filling quickly now the spread is on the concrete kept like labeling the touch,
in matter of the hiding for the rinse is to much for I'm four in the age of compete the silent stays alive.

Spring the blinking keep the lips to close the verbal on the rip why is everyone on the fit of watching,
in deplore just shallow I in the wall of hidden cry to speak of nothing in the side I'm frightened I am 5
in the time it takes to breathe I know that the movements real so slowly over out,
what is that above the shout on the floor in chord of bound I cannot stop the die,
quiet now the say to self in ample it is just a belt in the Nightmare life,
turn from side to close my eyes talk until the thing is live and then be patient more.

Beside that Table with the rings the shine is nearly glistened sings yet to the left the flow,
again I stop to know my Self in this I cannot see myself for all is in this room of fill shown so,
there on the top of been a fluttering of strange in sin I can see what it's doing to almost like a through,
no tunnel vision it is full View to the scatter of the wind yet in this space the frill at send,
where is the place of such kill fright that the bite is shutter type on the scamper of the light to yank,
I know that dreams in full of Wake are often with the stream of take yet on the floor is moving.

Again I look to no avail of the shadow is a trail of the thing that says nothing but looks to being,
in the shredded memory is the death just tremble me as I fell like something glued be back together,
the simple is the Humpty Dumpty of the wall on watching some string to the horror of now,
in this tale from the dark in the black of Walls to sound it is still filled with Humans all around,
could this indeed be on of those terms of exorcise that jumps from bank to realm of Mind out,
to prepare for night of spare in the sky of pare as the symptom signs to smoke of bullets of a rope,
there cannot be the fire in the camp of smoke of ready been unless the trigger fired pin in stamp,
this is the fight of lighters had that matches are the bic's best friend for the stick in dynamite is loaded

The chorus of the single flight to so far back I feel the bite at the base of nape in goose the bumps,
to see the staggering amount of spill with the liquid of the mill is this explain in chill folding,
I cannot know for I am small at the age of no stand hand now to the table top its ran to spline,
why is the vice of grip on me to remember on the key that these tasks were done to me in real,
a pour for the scare to rare in say as the dream is no the gave for in the spoken it is to close to surreal,
I scream to sense the dank in air for the grab is in repair a handle on the shape of Shade that gamble.

Does the scene remember me with the face of Factor cream do the words in common theme keep Ki,
as to the cage in lost at long the ever in the going strong can the said be to the be a symbol,
clash goes the silence in the spot of terror where humans Claire at the basement in the dark of sandal,
is the brash of switch to death seen in different lights at Means to explain the life of death at Handle,
in the hymn of holding close the stare I stare to scared to Most yet stuck on view of Shade,
seems that what this may be will come to be in Naturally at the point of knowing what is Whom.

Just A Shade

Notice on the real spake the fly by number is at break for news is not so grand at hand,
but in the done to done the best is to speak of done so that the real stays real,
 it is all those if and buts replayed that sink the ever on those days and truth be whats done is done,
cannot put it back in play to state it any other way as the spoken was the not the feel rather done,
so to the Singer overseas that has just brought to have no Idea now the note begets the form,
bent from tired as the strum of more than I would like to shown yet truth is truth regardless,
you could have been ..............

you could have been a lot of things but you have done what you sing and I guess thats real too,
so punch the speak with no one cares that things are things like bolt the sound to stick in side of ..
round the found and stamp the gear to used,
for as the process is the land of the used before a stand the simple is to keep it simple.

wish upon no star is gone and in the pawn of chess to life the gift is just a body pie,
in the slip of sit the dick brush the barrel off to stair that built in youth a view.

now the real is the deal that no wish can be a dream in that the world is ever theme,
to kill and than to rape or rape and than to kill unless you survive by being dead inside.

to keep this real with the done is to state that wish is grunge so don't wish for any one,
'cause once you're used you'll be used for good that is the deal of the stood to compression.

chance the stiff that take the kick and remember to take a shower to clean off all the hour,
but these days it's much longer 'cause CBS advertises the Viagra as the best way to hard.

than while the laugh is broken backs 'cause the pill is for the swell to stick the shove goes longer,
but thats alright 'cause I breathe tonight and have written all day long to put it back be gone to shed.

proper in the prime of channel as the instructive fetch the ramble on the death of truth,
in that the sloth is on the World in a tour of the burl for the Tree of sap in syrup all the drip.

tray the service to the task as in the open of the trash a bin of chest did broken back to real,
yet once the pour a shower task to scrub the crust of disgusting gross the ever in the core.

shampoo to hair the face is brain in the action of the rain to passing port of life as chore,
dress form with the waist of trash the birth to the death at trashed a version of the scorn.

swell the foot of speak in mouth a tongue that speaks is flown to run in tickets of the shield,
do not ever ask to answer is the shall the trash be the barrel pickled.

the jello in the sink refrigerates the think to know that wisdom will prevail on the skate,
to confidence the always run to know that safe is stone a bigger better dashed.

so bent the telephone of grasp the actual in living stands to be the down to know the ground,
dirt is the friendly joe that mugs are cups that coffee show to filter all the jokes.

unless the price is on your head the real is just news to fed with a channel sound,
as in the midst of world drawn the fingers on the keep a bone never listen 'till,
you're packed.

As Apollo was my dog a doberman it's true yet with the hand of another the pincher,
to new the hand of the street the wisdom of the time was to take him away from me for sake,
so many more years have passed since I lost my big dog at the take of the reason on the found,
leaving me with Nero the smaller of the two make the taken back shiver on the news,
the sickest point of magnify was that Apollo I purchased for protection,
not for a pet in life as life is frightening when alone and dread now just states fact.

Funny how the and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and go On.

Oh Well It's Not Like It Hadn't Happened Before

In the moment of the real don't forget it gets surreal as you will also be the Joke on the play,
in the midst of any feel the feet will trample all the seal by burial of sack a still on Wild,
in the verse of more in laugh the stamp is ever tracked to get another piece of the class in act,
at the brush of gut in thorn turn to look straight as born the open Minded stare will zap a storm,
in the performance of the ring true to formal on the sing the letter is the know a sing that daft,
for as the phrase will empty track to the money in the scorn to just get back at trashed,
these minus moments of the truth will be the evidence of the booth in that simple shall we dude,
as the guy with name in Noun has brought on the towel of the spread in legs of now a shore,
top touch upon the top of that is to visit with the track at the meeting on the tale of the Able,
in thrust contain the rubber lane to breathe the smoke of whom don't same is trouble on the virus,
in a flu contagion glued with the kindle on the crew at phone to station of the cruise in artistics,
lope the section of the color than bring the body for the double watch the check in balance as the lose,
in accordance with my life in the learn of each a twice don't hope as wish is just a bone in breaking.

Turkey on the Telephone is likened to the copy Crone of the Siren in the call of wax,
at the mold of strap on tone to the give of eggs in sum remember in the path,
one step is the second lap on the table of the fact to Till the Toll for bridged to glory graph,
up and down the beds of chore with the ankles on the chore a search for theme in hinge the core,
to taste the Apple no not the orange as the paste is screw to dorms that bunker in the fast,
just tree the bark as corn of stork that came without the Invite house and bumped the dinner class,
like the lines in Restrooms forum after the Show of whats the chore to smoke on all the Ash,
in with the Singer as the popular list to be the next on floor a consider might be score to Thought,
in thesis think the person drink to eggs that in the cup for you and swallow hard to speak the suite.

To choice of Whom did have the deal on those Cards reveal spiel as formula to Movie gas,
the top gun approach mixed with choke on the trial of the folk in the barbed wire stoke,
as the grass begins to bald on the bra of extra tall the height is obvious to crawl it fact,
for each the spice in salts of light on the Camera of the vault to Blinds that change the Fast,
to the deck of stripped it off as the dread was not in sub. moreover just like the visit chum,
so battle with the simple slough the Sloth is on the attic rub in microfilm of logistical a bath,
throw the kind ground the phone in the rim of cliff of grown a shift in Pond is over wrong in done,
to trace the lather of the brow that taste is salty on the done thanks to sung the C.D. fun it's party.

So to the Washer the Our of gun in that Soap of no theme hope it's okay to film the laced,
as tied up for the general brace the crutch in lane of record strain perfects the dinner scrub,
dishes are the setting tongue to dry the stiff upper lip that never will cry this trip for more than Orion,
in that field on the dung a simple hand to tag the Thumb would have stopped the over drum in day,
but for the busy on the twenty to the chapel of the forty in the arena that WAS will be a good ole tune
singing with Acoustic char as the leopard had a Spar in the clause of Clue to start.

Bettie ford in amber roam a task in text is Tale shore that sand is for the footing,
write a Mint in Tigress sent the ramble on the duke of rent for duchess on the soot,
in the banger of the Mash on the surgeon for the Stitch to know that what is flown,
a digit breast with operate is route to shake the Over played in the body scent.

A earn of gold in letter pull on the Stage of Gift & Cold is streaming with the rate at Fold,
tree fudge is the tap of fall as the logger is the jagged edge in crawl a book to read the deed,
in death there are these fly by gones that show the preview of the form in the run of lasting,
but on the travel of the store in the aisle it's a sport to scare me for the boarded court,
in this swing of run Run faster on the crib of in disaster the year of speak does take a sleep,
for check out time comes with Wind in the breeze of on the freeze in the shock of Horror.

But thats okay the Singer swayed to nothing more than his own gun another put to place the bun,
in the running joke of stand as the litter is the done a trashed beaten person stood to plan,
in that said the fellow came passed on through to gallant crew with every token passed burn,
to tongue the sting with vibe at core than bring the waste the place of score it is the Nature cancer,
as disease does speak of grunge in the Real of the done it really is the Hope that fell before the After.

But thats okay I have a job the receptacle for the Mob that drives to fill the factor,
teaching lessons I suppose that thunder is the listened prose to master on professor,
in that stung the ring was side that on the full up grown to mill another in the file,
so crew the pleasure of the Other on the basis at the tether in the knowing Jung,
a sort of sample of the throw to the bones that spoke of lows in that Actual again to show.

The Cycle Age

So bump yourselves to the mind of jello on the take the wrap is bellow on the ring of crotch,
in between the mist of tries the venture is to share the demise for on the stanza of the done it's dung,
in that pile of shit on the floor their in the eyes that shoved that dive are blinking blinds,
dance with a quest to rust as the Singer is a WAS and that has proven to be my deal,
for in all that Said the invitation fell dead yet on the Muster the gallop thrusted to the spread,
as hour of Mount bring the drink from Real the card to joke is hard to cage a life in bye.

Crowds that gang to the bang have now employed the Pill of coy to enlarge the finder day,
to shower gift with no rest from tire the lance of strong is in the fire,
forge to Sword a lesson lore touch the Sound and bounce that down,
remember to feel each cringe for steal that track is laid and backs are rein in guidance.

True to days in youth I state leave the body in under vice for that reality does do live,
keep the tunnel vision grab a pillow bite the stab teeth that grind are difficult rounds,
work the chore till safety store with one Eye stop for no one cares the beacon of the shun,
silent scream with never dream carry forward as if nothing sorted through your pants at shim.

Ground your thought to this in deed that the ask is tempered stream,
shake the vile with a good shower for a while than a send will full the brim,
match the suite to whom will knew leaving Vast to empty cruise the oversea on Tour food,
in the time of Watch the slim remind yourself the work was well to advance the better Math,
not cause greater strife to after before the done in gum take the trash and treat with bile.

Puke until the blood makes you pass out,
than drag yourself to bed with welts,
on the steady for the done just hold your own hand it's the only one that will be help,
as once the Upon the story tell the at shown will chime ring spell,
hug your hold in go to form ankle heels with horse on feel.

Bridle on with bit in tack imagine jumping the arena fence in the pasture look for breathe,
on the find of quiet Mind bring to simple the done on temple if multiples have done gone,
be patient of the makers shrug for the intro is a bug in the break of all that sub. be school,
treat the flavor with open Air to control the fright can terror,
place the burden in a pack shoulder up and walk with great.

Now that the clocks are on the bake timely situate the trail sake,
care scot Tissue just in case as the evidence remains on face.

Wipe the problem with ever raced put to the text the left a trace try not to be the dazed,
for in the cue a more will booze just to fling the product goo atop the gross it's base of shoe,
again just take a step at slow pull the pants to cover show tighten belt loops are froze,
at the chill shake the coat goose the duck at bumps of truck again rinse the wash for hymn.

Salt the stagger with shakers wise the strength is brought with cuff the cries,
spill no beans as no one cares that as this situations Theirs,
in that comprehension know on the post of card in go,
take the time to total silence for the sleepers will chose violence should you challenge no.

Make aware that no is first in that said just bend at pursed for the life will do it way on the Means,
in production clean the ear with the muffled on the hear at the touch just know the rush is on,
from black to white on keyboards song the burns are not the Our of song and that has left a lisp,
drool is wiped from tie the lift burrow hard it is a jiff now with that done on alley strong be weak,
at the instant for the strength run as if Hell has leap do not stop for people will deny existence slab.

Cold the shillings for the Tin in the birth of went to been as the coins do rattle lend the basement,
in that dust on the chin hearing nostril breathing steam a bull in chop the terra trim be gone,
a still advice is know the dock for the Singer never brought to relief an attentive concern for deep,
as the store had feet to hope that the purpose was more than joke it is the done to open sport,
tribes that hunt for down the Cork bottle with the wine of source to bin the trashed more pours,
lesson with the lives at chore in the stun of no stun at all from the boat to Ship of stall a Tribune.

Flour sacks are good rapport to think in sync with beat up floor,
than imagine the brooms of swept to the rake that garb of Shed,
work the dirt to grounds of lay for no one cares and facts are tray,
in the service of the settle remember no one cares that your doubled.

Again remind your self to chore just a body on the for in the insert of the bone west to thought,
in that seed of wipe off that place the water to the shout for should you scream no one cares it's loud,
in that know that no one cares clean yourself to be that chair as the seat is sore and sad be read,
turn the fry to pen the sill in the window of the chose truer Vine to whom may cow for find.

The more that press is squishing depth shallow breathing with the test to fight is death for sure,
tribe yourself with a casual stroll down the whence but don't let show for that is also fault,
in this letter to the Know grasp the table at the full in bite your tongue as blood does cold.

Working On 'It' Job Burns

Tunes that mass the chapel fact touch a theme and addition text in the Chapter on the fact,
strip the nude to concrete path the price is brains on the scratch to ever in the Cycle path,
on the cinders of the Coal in the broth of challenge Mole to breathe in with Wish in bowl,
don't do the Singers show for on the verbal he brought the role on the further in a stole,
to rub the in Cents as the sum to advance the nothing on the Drum stretching farther down the stung,
so in the chance that silence danced keep the self in brow of joints for Social is denial comes,
speak with done as did did runs on the look it's quiet the stun of shunned I have been sipped,
washed the cum from my bum in that bath of soap and gum many years passed by in mirror,
took the tremble from the fear as the eyes are all in steer grasp the packing it's liquid backed.

Follow gut to know the fuck in advance run that grunt,
even on the Course of gone people will just down the dawn,
age will not matter Church will hide in the Blind of Preach and Shroud,
dictation to the Devil said filled the boner with the dread,
than on that admission real they will just be chimed for Heal,
pray to stab than let on loose to get the grab and shank the goose,
again tongue again the swallow drown open up for Satans sound,
tunnel swell a grain to soak if their caught it will be spun,
for possession now took them all while you stare and wonder shim,
their pant of eyes with brows in lie licking from the stung at chum.

Gosh the darn the devil fell atop their head they'll say it's kill,
than in the midst of all the bait they point at you and say you state,
in the steer of entire room all will stake the fault is you,
steep the hill with any word than they blast with demons stew,
the answer they have for every detail is before the after in the nail,
pounding vile chain the style in the doing they ground the Mile.

Charter this with Centered rip for the bible said it so,
now the quotes begin to inch as the thick gets ready cinch,
on those jails in the fate more are scene to ever date,
nothing stops so bring a Wake on that application trade,
now the candle to the Wind all do cry and state a ball,
oh the sorrow rounds the pew pictures of the found in crew.

Post the pokers they are on the cue up to the front of 'I loved you'
in that gun on arm of wrist done is buried six foot gift,
now the 'I had too' starts the conversations loot,
pray for sample in the goon look to graveyard in the fun,
each will teach that list of taste for few will bring a grower Chase.

Bangers & Mash

Ask the park to tree a life and brush in kind of write,
the catnap on the lawn of mow is still the quiet site,
in with sleep around the world of a stipulation,
snoring with the sound of soil is the dirts big dream,
a sort of deed in timely means that green is grass of stream,
dollar death with coins in sand that meteors are glass in land.

Starch that with a life of bring to sun in sky of feed,
the days are slow to undertow but Charts are maps in steam,
glacier elephant to I as ice is cube of drink,
a head less the shoulder lean is tunnels that are beans,
plant the laugh should that be task and be a letter live,
for in the Tin of crown on shelf the Fable is to town.

Rust in the water Iron is vitamin with tab,
stranger lanes have been the read a cycle of the shred,
fax Machines to cellular the turpentine in chew,
list a view on whom is Who & bury Ostrich kangaroo,
pouch the Poppy with a grade the hand of pull pen joke,
in the death of event a tomb of stone in replicate,
fossil shall the prose be real than ask the quest of dove,
with each Crow there is a tall to crate the biscuit subject Cub.

Speak a tooth the gray will play like the mirror of Orgasmic rail,
shirt the Sky in clouds that buy than Albums are the way to die,
in the record on the skin oop's I mean the vinyl trireme the Sale is the discount bale,
on the wrap of bloat in scale suicide is theme of trail on the Sailor dorm,
bunker that with times of crowd the increase does retard the fount.

A tune to spite this ready lark inch that with a Mind,
trouble is that blunt is shiv to spear the city ride,
to have had or to have bin in recycle on the give,
not for trade rather Trait that dead is desk to shed in laid,
on the mark of pen in dart a chisel on the shock to state,
that numbers are just Number part alder age with most in font.

Built to sing a Message ring with purpose on the spiral fling,
lives that attach to feet in knowing that the change is lend,
courting nothing is the trend as riding after in be from glues to kiss a fate,
sirens with the Wax in ear listen to those Siren`d clear,
ship the snail on the arch that by the equal Arrow Round,
bound by tongue in twist of Nail hammers are the Ax of shale.

Prison truth with shank a Route to scrolls a roll Art tied for Conch,
spot of Narrow in the gain is the loud at sheep in frame,
coat of Autism growth holds to age in beat a count,
do the simple keep in out shake Know people bye the count,
sleep the brains in space until the streak is sever ground,
a curtain lesson of the blink in the Eye of needle lent,
corn at shark to row of speak in the word at lit a tremble tripped.

If I write upside down to right the other glide in truck,
tucking in with slides of grain as the Ocean is a same the guard in locker held,
touch the lamp with a thought to choice the tender blue in pick,
jump the span of towers ran than the cable has a grand,
piano notes to keep in ivory of the sheets of music stand,
the swallow from the rings at squire till the met in anchor worlds.

Drew to foster with eh teach in the youth of underneath,
the classroom was die to find that the rape got bright design,
come for surprise ice cream candy fill the talk with goods and plenty,
follow for the happy talk while you walk to hope in spot,
enter door got basement caught hit the rafter on the fraught,
sweat the brow to left the dock watched the temper rise in crotch,
tell the vein to drop the crop run the distal museum rot,
on the landing of a chalk outline stairs and repeat the brought.

Echo note to hear the spoke on the Yell remember yes,
in the service of the sheet see that dies are in complete,
sly to closet keep the dream so that as you grow the sever yanks,
deliver this to simmer still that no dreams are real joe,
get Tall walk the fate destined to be dead at lake,
drowning from the falls to place that's okay the chores a lay.

Spread your legs bend down to ankles in the end the death is trend,
make a stance to venture Romance`d the Man will just fuck your can'ts,
no meet to speak or sit to spell coffee tables got the flu,
in contagion on the earth what watch lies spread at flies like glue,
to the dead of dick & jane jingle noise it is the drum,
listen to the intention shun first the rack and than the thumb,
hitch these rides with dreaming dread that's okay it's loners read.

Suicide is ageless fed park the tree it's route is found,
nautical with compass tread than the Cliff at circus chum,
bale basket an chain the fink liars are the sinking Crete,
boss the nothing to conceit as the marriage only sheepers Sheep,
cloaks and daggers pussy feet could not even say to Jeeves,
warn the youth that in the fire sticks do burn and songs repeat,
hopeful trays with lies that made living worthless to this day,
tube the you with volcano rock the lava pouring is a smock.

Potters clay to red in bay the further that this goes its gong,
breed the Nature to the yawn buried news makes richtors song,
than up the 6ft dug advance the price for living on the lung,
now the endless vibe with done dates the time to be begun,
in the spoken at the jib raft the rope as hands in hun,
as if I new the cantor climb did the jiff to catch a fine,
but in the people of the loud kill the plan it's out of ground.

Cannot have a living legend that would deal religions meal,
the mill of grinding on the cross to touching facts with each a Jack,
can't dump the sky full cry Scream as the unseen is the Tribe,
cannot ever know peace on plot for the Religious have their caught,
kill Kill kill each other spot in the deck of grander tithes spray fear,
why be able as Cain is day to the beating oaf the ray,
dig that shell and clam to bake oysters are the muscle crepe.

swag that gag to mouth in can surf the batch with litter latch,
audience to stare and stumble register with it's a fumble,
on the Ball & chain in kids dreams have dropped the bomb of brig,
suicides are moreover stronger than the century of the bomb,
no A slash needed just sputter gone the living now have their bong,
smoke the taste of dead in waste feel the sorry on their chase,
yet as the teach comes from wrung look to after in begun,
islands copy on the kraut sour with the bank account.

Chain the letter at the floor 'cause don't worry that dragons roar,
in the fire of the breath do the simple keep the month,
known now that dirt is birth bet the rape it's guaranteed at the score,
than as you grow the people sell it's a story you're in hell,
now the Torch as come inside the filth of living chance reside,
don't be brave of feather Tell the ink is thick and rigs the still,
bounce the brains with all the heard in the flock it's in the Verb,
cause Affect to Know the corn for the feet are on the run,
in threat dare to ride it out don't bother it's not worth stout.

Tree the nature to the route in the paper of the towel,
tray the service as a slave it's okay that's laid to brae,
in the Mule of horse a spake the knight will steal on prevade,
just butt get the suck out loud is the best in over down,
bring the shovel in the spout water grab to slip a shroud,
all while with the flames in goat lamb it up with Walls aloud.

Trip the skip to stones on spree for the bible tells of see,
in the verse of sin and scale sing the hymn head the nail,
boulder on the dart to stead arms are the guns that bred,
change note It in thing on bend take a pill the grow a chill,
previewed on the scribes of crawl noise that off to barker Call,
hang the Noose on timber crop get the slinger tow the slot,
death is for the living got as you leave they'll take the shot.

Fill the send with 'Feel sorry' for as they grow the Bankers source,
in the check and balance land money Money grants the thor,
spot of wealth in poor the sport to a scribble on backs of trout,
ladder filth to sea of done as the did did have it's gun,
bullet point to come and grunge tread a tongue than it is from,
seal the wax oh can't do that once you've binned  the rape is Tack,
now wear that with the don't grow knack people take that as a track.

No forbid in spanking beat got the welts as brains in meat,
squirm with Worms at least it's real yet on that eve people reel,
film the exercise nope the drug cant' do that the phones on sack,
write the saddle tight the jerk can't do that the bunt is knack,
there in the Mist of black go to light oh wait it's burst,
round about the Pen & Sail to the bisque of stew on stale.

Hover with the glide to rift on that R.I.P they'll shale,
brick by stick in stone and say should we New the blast is taste,
gross the Profit to bigs in lace tie the ribbon on the Vase,
purse try face with mud on day oh wait that's life with lives in Maze,
rinse the soap shampoo to gaze close the eyes till dead is grace,
that is Win for All Man Time for the comfort seems sub lime,
squeeze the lemon with Cock drain makes for Case in Tristan's Curtain.

Offer truth no don't be real for the death is better steal,
while the gasp is with the feel vibrations that are guts to deal,
poke herd cramp with ache a shant tusk the Antler like a shell,
fill the blanks with bullets Horn blow the traction like the Thorn,
place the Hat atop the Great Napoleon had an island grate,
in the smile of the came tie the loop so sound knows wrong,
travel stillness with the fine stork the coffee with a grind.

Troop it shore to sands of sign in the Yield the children shine,
cheeks that had ability now are silent with the gree,
once more start don't bother roar for the brought is drop the score,
for in the phrase of done be form in today Computers run,
sample with the idea lift Cranes that flight to wings of Cry,
eagles Nestle candy pipe smokey rooms are boar of snore.

Soon the Might trunk belly pull in threat feeling hide the fort,
cross the legs it will not help in the end it's swans that pelt,
human beings just Character Font trading places with what they want,
mostly what they take is rape leaving scraps to bury the fate,
destiny another Verse in the follow thumb the Hearst,
charge the Free to deep in creed but be sure plenty splits that read.

Tongue upon the rise to bone garnish with that boat on shown,
travel bell View with the join dig it staff the green in laugh,
humor shape to sin and math for that is Hemming on the raft,
being shape that Tells and Dutch is the twice in doubled Tup,
a stag with proud on flesh of mind is the symptom of the dull,
remember that the Sphinx did guard at the base of Pyramid chart.

Read directive Watch the flu it comes with Many on the shoe,
in task base to basic School it will be logic that brings few through,
not to the split in the crotch of had,
thanks that was a lesson death did salve,
for on the plastic Facial jab certain Oracles spoke of stab,
learn to breathe that's tough to do for as the sing goes round a glove,
remind the barrier of the reap hear we all gotta make the sleep,
since the other forgot to drink I will revisit the Vault of stuck.

Not another melody slop for the difference ran to shop,
in the master on the Cream dunk that cookie to Ravers dream,
pop a skill with stealing them down with Up on ever string,
pearl each particle of sands in say creation brought Evolution too Day!!

Oh Nah

On the yea recompense as the done will add with cents,
each a dollar value thrice on the backs that brought the rice,
for the soak in beds enticed those people Person will roll with dough,
merry Gossip to bull accounts as the party brings this fount,
to hold at bay the reel for chance,
it's the distant of the Stagecoach dance,
should the Mountain tunnel survive the shallow of the sing shall Live,
but in threat stay the living ride more and more the rape is drive.

Be aware that no one cares so if you bear a heavy core,
understand that truths abhor'd until your dead with furnace stored,
on that prose people grasp than the sorrow is like a lathe,
shim the rack with leather dash the all for them and you are sat,
six feet down or on the bath of Cremation on a bath,
true to rain tears are for the never have Cause to cries of storm,
for in the gone on with death the venture is the living left.

Funny thing on the Way to the Market the produce looked a bit on target,
tomatoes that are soft in stroke throwing ever on the spoke,
a garden Artichoke for thorn repetition the lottery lean,
repair the shape with house of braid as the born will fill the jade.

This path makes the best for done no person stops for date is spun,
kill the productions at the bore than carry On with forks and door,
don't forget the Cross at Church it's religious to speak with dues,
on the pew of witness less hold that biblical violent crest,
screw the hammer with nailing desk look to Priest the exercised kept.

Write a book sing a song but you remember to swallow yarn,
froze that horror or shook the dawn that brings Hell to shell the yawn,
jump from buildings gates to from that is also considered wrong,
while humanity is talking sport no descriptor heels this took,
awl of hay Stack dupe the bunt scrabble boards with mining dump.

Oh I forgot to tell you to stay positive for life is good,
in this not All are bad yes thats true with in the Fad,
from scout to done in walking dung the vista is the bladder lung,
in the urine on the since the verbal lip mouth is well in sip,
chance that popular did not have You or I to laugh and grab,
you know the product rapes that keep the Ins from being stake,
the reality is hour use to butch the leg just like the cheat,
take the stab and grease the Ape jam that Poker in between the late.

Should society not keep this mental land than the Watch would have to Band,
for in those Scenes hard is big wants the muster in the stick,
so as the sheep wrangle Range keep in Mind the date on change,
stopping truth from reaching Age is the biggest masking tape.


Bunk an hour to the minute stare in the moment of the Fare a moments teach,
in ball of strain to Rocks of stone the look is with the Head of groan,
in midst Humanity drops the lip as the Stiff in touch a Clip but not the Ham,
in verse of Ancient on the shoe of Youth in universal Booth at Cosmos!!

Train prepare as Eyes are stun to the color of the Sun in sneeze Ka-boom,
ashes Ash to forehead lash in blinking rinse to Wash the finch of Hummingbird in tribe,
system in the Scrolls of dance the drums of speaking on Advance have graph dead,
right on the Noise inside the said a bumble on the Be of read to certain on the pose!!

Square stand Shoulders pack the ream to the Address more Over theme in professional,
as the stature of Professor in the route of grace in Structure be Kay os a Phone to equipped,
halters with the bareback Foot to paints that print the Hand at loose to Stamp a Core!!

In the deep and richness Marrow of the vein that deeds the Snail trailers,
musical in all the Measure of the rhythm on the shale in test Cave Up on,
tray of Service to the middle on the shower of the fiddle a rosin in the hare of Sail,
rigging massive Wind in tale Teak is often found at oath for the book of Toll in glow,
a sordid Candle melted wax in the ears of ironed Fact a theme Awe of a Rail sticks.

Jumble twist ink the Gut former to the clause of Rut muster in the quill,
swirl colors to the kiln on the Cup of drink a Thorn just to Arm the door,
seals shut no ramble throne to the Mattress of the Comb taste the Herring,
fish that Smelt in trout of stream wading cold to skill the Fie of the giant Store.

Fee to case of playing chaff laughter on the breath of pain to hug the Streak of brine,
toss a stack of shelf on lap regards the grass on building Field in Ireland a lot,
back & Forth the learned was Choice to the trow atop the back of what had fertile Real,
a pitchfork made of prongs in gave an Understanding hands are tray to showing arms in Work,
these former Leaps more gather feet to comprehend that pasture born is writing to the Rock.

Even with thrush the fence is jumped by the experience on the toot of the Pony twin in too,
there on the sight of Castle dinner in the chandeliers of loran giving are Municipals to tart,
magnify the glory buy swallow down the Hards and dough but possible the Chef,
house the Prime at Rib of dine the Waiters taught a seat in Kind that bread is also Sticks,
as beet salad is loving Mix of Menu in the Yorkshire stips. a primal in the Roast.

On the Rose Again

Crews that Cast the ability as the Round Table asked the Questions in the formal of the give,
true to the pronunciation at the basic of the task are the Chairs that have gone to pass,
in the bye gone Ages of weather on the Grouse a bird in the whole of Fame has told Bold,
truth is the challenge of Whom as a Center Piece moved to break the text by Scribble dust,
in those Sands of signed by Contract grind a swivel is glass to the foot Tap on the zap.

Match your Clothes with shoes importance than the Wig is the wears of look good don't Ask,
crumb that with the Milk Carton shift than the Why begets no Wonder from jaw,
a court of Chew in pipe of glue sayings are the friendly screw that bridge this to a Sayer,
at bank the pour to never Chore is mirror of Audience in shingle hanging Cobbler clogs,
airports driven with stops at eat made Purchase with the brakes of lead.

Out of corn those shoes are Warn that fingers scent to spell the rent would Pasture brew,
in longer rows that land did grow a Silo on the breathe,
made readdress thee Tree of test to deck a fertile Seed while gates provided READ!!

Alfalfa with oats in Bail rinse the sprinkler on the mail an Avenue of reap quest Vote chest,
flip the have to broth of Nest yet further shells bring Pearls stealth an anchor art in breast.

A Suite in the 60's brain would Reason with a search of wisdom on the lurch,
lunging horse in circles Mind that long-lines bring directional Scene to muscle on the link,
halt Walk trot turn Canter moves the think to a Handler in either of the Or,
trains that gear to shift a track will advise to coming back as Sidewinders are stern,
first the rattle of size in saddle that the button of the learn is strike as spook Hooves Nail.

Road Apples

Crowd the voice on Twitter stacks on the tweet of word in less the milk in Cream,
joy a sweet on Taffy stick to the wharf on Character nose the swipe in letter all ways Choice,
in the next of be in set the note to brain a bring on came in sent once line On the Wrote again,
text that complication scene as the car in Crashing spring does speak of What the joe,
in a Mug of morse Code does not the NSA speak rode to shut Cork spit to OFF,
for in the travel Information is the texting on the station than Cereal carton to the Bread.

A box to think that easy blink to should the Threats be aye they do True view,
than bounce the tape of stop the gave in asking for a Chance to day,
person Place or proper Case in a send will bring this trend of speaking Face to face,
not this dribble of grow the Hate on World that is full Placate should the shed be laced.

Score this sketch to money Catch the rye in Winter of the fetch,
bomb the Camp with fire Ramp than Tell the In to go and jinn,
spokes on Wheeled in only deal are up to Sum things making Key,
in the Bee of sting a read does the portion June the gum,
stick a halt to on the less than money drops like being Chum,
a Bated hook that tubs are Took share the bell of boisterous Gel,
slick the string with Glitter scene to cover what is Real peel.

Troops that grand the Organ deem are past the process of Microfilm,
in the year of best at lead does the Tunnel only bleep,
like Popcorn on the call to know the time is on the shape of scope,
narrow beep to ding a lean than east is on the Live Tribal nationals dialing See be EST.

Good Morning Charlie Rose,
win Real New hit Rote.

C.B. Radios

At truth life is the acknowledge that tune engages the Mind in all are unique to hand,
in the palm of rivalry the gift that is Opportunity with lasting on the strong,
forward shift to thought of gift the encouragement to walk be strength in the text of grown,
increase to broad Spectrum shores as breathing exhale on balance born,
treat the birth to Version earth dirt is the ground that Moon did task at long,
a go in action is the round about to be the fountain Jack that did not complete a Penny ship,
minted with the Chocolate gold in foil on the Wrapping shelled the canvas for the Show,
in what has bin the reef of Skin it is the Clock of watch that spin,
from bowl touch Ice Cream Cone.

Flavors spun with sprinkles Chipped grasp at sugar on the Rasp for smoothies flow to pour,
a local trip to stores equip the spout of Ice on shaved to dip,
dairy Mirror of liquid eyes the blur is Glass that wipes for spies,
towel the Shower with toiletry a push for Labor at the steam,
in role crewed at the suite-Up Stream grab a Cup of mug at Speak,
radio on Junk in joel talks the ain't list quotes of stowed at beers in Cast & Spoke.

Apollo at the mission bell a clock to big ben mechanics held Crumb the gear Time page,
shreds that sit atop the chalk are in construction helmet locked that Site is still in flour,
the trade of Creation dawn to Walls event a Thirst for evolving straws,
in Milkshakes given but not in tasked the service is the brake that snack to learn,
work in Tangent of the line formed a circle at the sign to width the all CAPS on a dime,
One oh Eight to string the taste equals as the Fact is placed to flip it Upside case.

Years in waste with drinking grace as list is Shade the tree in Face,
decking to the boat Canoe appreciates the Timber too,
tools on Bench with outlines join the Missing pieces taught by Coin,
wax the drive with Ear Rings Noise a siren at Alarming Hear.

Advent tribe to none the guy that took than sang the cue to Vibe,
in this brush of painting spell ridden than the Mark as skill,
bad a little Chalk with grain of Shock touch the salt a Hydro Pots,
hose to the clamp with a Vice in tramp the duchess & the Dirt Water Fox is stuck,
yet to the land on stood with Stand that quote is a Movie seen,
look on the Brights of filming Fun stories have a rig be Gun.

Portable Land Support System In Incs.

Sew negativity and the Electrics begin to charge the fee at a worth of silent in a youth of space,
in Test on emergency Broadcast system to speaking on the Factual increase to particular done,
in the quiets of the Multiplied bye years are what symptom Creation than equal Evolution at Say,
to verbal reproduction a Screen of entertain truly spoken Jokes are cards of brains in the special.

Toast the crimson Tides with only ever die that crisp of entry Tale Century reals in the Pride,
chart a Course to live the Norse a balance on the Ancient door to Fire in an Elemental be Send,
map Out these talks at little Rocks a circle that change Routes to root for Underdog,
cape the Watch to what is NOT the World is placing boots with chosen over Chutes.

Dovetail on the bureau of the fit to perfect slip of drawer to Shelf the stockings at A Box,
first the Tale on the Crow of Indian in drumming go An Arrow at the Head is a Bulletin of dead,
ignite the Fire dance in Choir an Instrumental leap Desires to bring the sweat a ladder kept,
ring by wrung the challenge Ton a backpacking Journey with dragons sung!!

Means & Sings that evident stay have efforts in I hear the play yet Numbers are on the rise,
even with the literal trips now the Older have chosen dips,
write upon the Noise at dawn to introduce a strength of Understanding the sum of Troubles,
real in the Kind that had a heart behind to knowing at the decide it was not needed for abide,
in the closet of the Hamper where hidden gave a treasure of comprehending life at three.

Minus the absence of what cannot be seen in the ready eyes of blink yet Comp`d a truth,
empty Voids will often poise to obvious as letter in the scenery to acceptation of the DONE,
in list at risked for not a Choice the writing came to being,
naturally a difficult Post in touch sit every Thing.

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shore the prose to Riddle sewn to ease the state of the priceless phone to guide home a Map,
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producing Structure one step at a Run puts Chaos on the load of sung a Crop,
these are the Sails that Mass smooth Select @dj dot Google Blog I.