Saturday, May 16, 2015

This Video Is The Advertisement On San Francisco`s SPCA: Art Full However I Bred Jack Russell Terriers And I Slight Your Pooh

Shell Beach is directly On the flounder of the Clams going to the Tunk,
Wanna Play??

Cause to the Tack at Saddle is the bridle bits,
method to the Whisk is a blower on the Crave,
bakers beach to China Beach a rise to the lite House Crow!!

Gather on the Union Square to the Tower of the Sew,
thread a Silken Worth and Needle this Card to theme,
a sleigh on the Sands that KNOW to bell.

Jingle all the Awe and grab A square on the skit,
ask the Computation are Score is a Zebra`d,
independent on that Show of hands clapping a Theme!!

Lather on the hots is the Volcanic brought,
step a Jinn Tiled and Brings,
got Jaw on the teething Rings 'cause I love Pure bread Dogs & Cats,
in Fact I love Pure breads like I love life on the Mutt,
however I recall that this Very SPCA would Only adopt & accept Pit Bulls for a Very long time!!

All the Non pit Bulls were Never seen Again,
for they blatantly Said that is Animal Control,
I thwart`d the Shock to shake a Chorus,
sew as I am of the Sammy's Pet World Casper I always grow,
even Divide information is a topper On the Mill!!

In fact I was the Buyer,
Hello Hello,
I know that the SPCA did Straight supper on the Flea term,
for I even Attended the Festival because I felt the bleat,
they were so Rude I could not believe they were in the pet in dust treed,
but now it makes All the Cents in the World.

Gargle Gargle Goyle,
its a bearing on the soiled,
scratch the edge to familiar,
for digging in the dirt the Raiders of the lost Ark found a Spark!!

Aspen to the doppler is a Copper line in the ground,
etch the electricity Out of the Sky to determine the fries,
oils and burners are lit buy the subject of Freeze to scale.

In Corn Country the Swell is Missing the Angus or the Bull terrier,
a great Depth on the Fiddle of Johnny is a Song,
now Wise to that is the Strange return of the Australian bong.

I heard that Two Terriers that ventured with Depp to Mark a move,
indeed got threatened by the Aussie Government that the Sharks were Scattered,
in Riddle on Port My Question is Quarantine WHAT NOPE it Was death!!

Sure Thing I than ONLY heard that the bow Wows held Armed,
flight on the prowess of I speaks in Complete Anchor to Spank nothing,
for the idea that Two adored Terriers would be put to death from located is An odd at Scene,
now here in the Proclaimed SPCA and Their stopper of Weirds said NOTHING on this Out rage!!

Airports Industry and a Quite Factory only Add to a Particular value of No kidding,
that is a Hotel Call it Fornicating & buster a Cow licker to that Bull frame what da Shore fur.

People on Planet uh have dumbed Supper to bleed Lamb`d,
roasted on Stagger I spoke dues Quick`d,
like Jack jump`d over Know Candle 'cause it Twilights a Stick!!

Syrup on the Tapper is MY SPINE holding a Posture shouldered to Tree Debtor,
that fire on the Flame is burning with answers right about the obsolete touching the dead.

Wouldn't It be sobering If all of this News was Traveling like Morse Code,
speaking Not telling Dialing Not Callin' trackin' Not basin' Nostril it would be a Flare,
hi Up in the Sky Scope What do Things like in the Lands of the X Factor crib,
a Shelf or the Puller of the Fence on the Sword of Destiny that I clay true.

Speakers on the Micro fish dealing the Cope on the Worry very worried,
that scored a counter Culture not familiar with Turners broad Casting,
that is My Big Brothers favorite Tune err for the Radio on Televised Feature,
like the Movie of the Street on the Real in the Actor at a Compass bearing the Simple!!

Pooper Scoop Purr

Len Duh Land Duh Hands Ford Boat Manned

Ewe know the Most interesting Fact is that I Was a Store Director for PetsMart,
which in the Odd at See was that The Town function Opened closed in At a Marketed mistake,
thinking On the Won hand loosing Greatly on the Island was the Grate Britain disaster,
WHATs down goes Crown`d to State line Tack on the Big Box mortar Tractor Supplement`d,
horse For traders on the Whiz was the dizzy Brains at the Corporate Arizona office`d,
distributors on the Foundation of a Clue In was I in the Seat of the Why's in Marin of location LOCATION,
shock And horror was the bobbie Pin like a snail of the Trail`d saying Know idea buff A lo.

Funny thing happened On the way to a Vista on the serious Fax know Smiles were shipped,
rather to the Or of the lister Once upon the Timely scribe Touching the Sales of a Tent Sale!!

That was the Big Tent did I say!! Owe what a Tray,
moving the Hardwares of a overloaded Grade A saddled,
the Courbette to the Stew been has a Particular score to Fix,
that is a gift to Board Rooms hammer ask James Blunt he Filmed on the Keys!!

Oh Pow I mean the Haw Y ease Was the claim on the Tick but the Swamp boat Fan gave it Up,
yet Then the b.m.w. Wound a hot Radio on the Short short Shorts,
ice cream and Melting sound that Ouch beautiful Of read Leather on the seat Said,
whats Taste in the Shift and the Sieve to that Florida bird Rapture on the UPS VetsMart company.

Oh wait that Cannot bee Sting for the Shipping News of Dogs&Cats to the Signal tablets Few,
but since I was Absolute in the Responsibility of the Front doors that Is a lock And breeze,
the Way to the Stall is call A bovine Same charge the Name at Ban field and whats the Catch to,
oop's that Proof of delivery Comes sew easily to Dogtagged at Inoculations of the Flew!!

Science Diet to test the Cased by never spot the colds As shipping Nationals on P.O. box the Oily grease,
that would be The Leeks Upon the tape and that Wrap on Pounded by the buy A treasury to boat an Ore,
plan^It earn and then system Operates to squirrel the belly as a Sump to trick`d Out.

Port^A^Pot^T at the Wares for the Violet term is in the Small printer on the Remote no Not really,
it was Witnessed and than I called the Baker from the Foods to the loads and the Turned,
that was Of interest to the Bank on Account able to Throw feather On the ink of the Bare stat eh Tu!!

Air A Zone Uh Had A Jack A Lope On Their Postcard

NOW!! that Popped^Eye ate Sum Spin^Itch the Mechanic Goes gear Shift on the Graph,
map^other to the Cruise a^bout on the Peer 86`d namely the James Blunt tick`td a Clock curr`d,
growling to the Know on the Vow of the show was Inn deed lee to a Crupper on the Saddle`d,
horse To tech Isa a Vice^grip Set on that Issue of Bill`d to spoke of the Wheeler.

Suddenly See More said to the Little Shop of Cork that the bounce was The Sun shining on Hedge`d,
over Barrel in pickle`d Tear^owe Regards the Source as gratefull to the Hand on the Vaulters lunge`d,
great X Peck Stations have muscle to a preview`d As the fly Ing trap Ease`d from Mi mi Mi!!

Special on the glasses Touch the bow Of the dodge Aspirin for the bearer Corner of the steady,
815 Bowl Boa is a Hose to the tubs in A drought,
the cycle of Waist water to garden the Plumb,
ran to the Flout to fountain of the Come!!

In addition during And While the hose is in Carriage the To storied house Had the flows,
to not suffer the dry Green grassy Nose`d butt Rather report the actual Mortal as a blimp Ore,
that is the Handle on the Presidio Riding Clubbed in Reality of An In Door to Arena torque.

Tract Tore this ditch And dive as Any from the City have a Know in For 'May' shun Talk train,
get sound and Duty honor as the Amway of the Am Tract is railed to a List on Public boarding,
school of phish is At panda on the location of Located at locale on Compass for the Mic. Crow phone`d.

A pretty badger to get a Raccoon beautiful as a Jaguar to the Tigers on a old town`d Sailors read,
purple Mountain mag Just trait to Scope on the Original joe's that barkers Crowning the Condor!!

The Metro at Cattlemens Convenence`d A round Up

Piano player`d as Care Ole doda Sings the Bump to The grind A coffee Cup on the chilled`s,
tennis shoes Lace a braid to the Icon of a Tee Shirts ample brave`d,
shot Well is a Corporal burr Ritz on this cheese to Brie the Com^ba^Sole^a,
hows Tacking the brisk bill Lets as that Saddle tree Is made of sTerned,
I was Taught by a Tickler in the Oak land Spill`d,
not buy Happened but more to the Bart showing the Gets to a Simple city walk on the News.

As Block told Avenue that the Sunset was a Haight shed I bellow`d silence to the Leader of the Pact,
in any Finnish product the clock is on the Wrist to that shirt pulling tug to Not advertise but Make certain Stood,
these End Gamers have Scene to Seen to Scene a kind Of knot stride that barked NOW!!

'Owe Shit its The Dust^Stirred On Literary ab-Lib'

In basic no Fear I Walked the Candor and at present I strobe the Graham on theater,
library a Film to the Most recent short Snap your fingers and Clap the elementary Take,
ole Merry Mac at the Tron on the Stet is On to the Once Upon A story of Caught^Tin,
coins for the Ride no Not really it Was more definite The Save on the Ferrymens Tellers priced.

The Three 'R's' Over The Toll`d To The Payphone Under The Stares ~ A Penny For 'The Prop. Per' Tea`d

The wonders of The Golden Gates!! 
Have the First Concerto to the Picture proofs That raise to a Pools,
tablet To gauge the Attitude in My own Home town, 
cause Is the Avenues to the streets of The City Itself, 
as Any cans the String to scope a Bar on the Stoolie of pigeons at See gulped!!

Trump New York the bug^I.E. to that Circus of breds,
the talk on the Arson at the basic of cents is Arch of the Questioned on The Corner Corp.,
distant NOT to a Mission for the Cart,
harness an Angle &Cycle the Cropped!!

Remodels cork gentry Fie 'K' sshhhh U.N. to bit chew a Role`r on the Veep,
a detailers Field to sheet that a Grate as eten for the pea,
pod Pipes on bag Typed a body Of the bagged Tea leafs,
cup full of Mould to Magnetic on the Clued!!

Operator Operator my Brother is a Sprite,
on the break of the News a Creature Features deep light,
ice Cream for Pickles jars on the Stair`d,
due Yew got a Gam^blur'D Too the Tender loins Sight,
sure said the kid from the base Meant of a Coffee on the slot,
in a thrust of the say Touch the port of the Scold,
a drive Through owes touching Boxed,
Pa^Tree^Knees Grow Sir Read,
before`d The Aff stirred it a Tear drops Cold.

Frigid are the site Temples that audacious such callous Parting of Icons,
shame to the Great but at vantaged are the Kites stringing my Eon bee shrike.

Brass to that Thrift Store a Sympton to School`d the lobby on a loft Whats a show,
well deep in the Thought is a banker on the breeze,
inch to a Spank ding As a Paddle ponds Stowed slate!!

Shingle fore The Cobbled to Ain'ts on the talk,
it is Always in the Plain shoed that Cart the harnessed groal.

In Train`d to Tee Top a Purr festival of Racket,
I love dogs Cats and the Cruise sand at The Beach House of tape a Sip,
drinking on the Say loon to Crow a back for scheme,
the 60's had a Daisy I've just planted Bling!!

Snap Stock Taw

On balance of the Cream is Off often to that deadly Corn ask that Maze direct of Scale`ing Crock,
application of Coral on the Wreath is a Gown to that barker on Thrifty Tee`d,
club Popper`d bye Vein just reclamation of a gray`d kaland.

Service`d Broad Corridor is Ankled ate to break Snot but in that The Knots Hour clamber`d,
creation Evolved to an Eel to the Stingrays Arrow to Spine an Octopus to Inks on Clay`d,
for In Step the Clam Murr is Hush list a Ba Bee don't Chew Sigh its a Barnacle to Crease a Sqeer!!

Cram to abstract depth on the Lightbulb Fish The One that is distance to Squire on Spanned,
down on the Feather sands to that Scry`d in absent to Lab A Rynth porking the Basil,
treat Take to that Tonal,
tongues dried Muscle short Brain Scab`d Picketing pilots Gargle`d touching Criss Crinkled,
hackney`d on cobbled Corned to oats on the Flax,
a Said to barn Once in the Term leak`d!!

Shutters shower downs to covers O`Thread`ed,S
speech to thatch to Thunder a Roofed,
cyst Turn bot Turfed grounded tells a spurn,
proper 'our the Min.Is on Clocks botTold flour!!

Up shroud dow`n label`d Send a Sent to Six a pen TSSsssssss,
lettering that sneak to Snook cur Up the Catch,
as Hienz is a brand Same`d to Scatters of that Tab lets,
dine to Tailor & single Sout A boo HooHooT,
owe deer on that Antlers With seasoned graved to Clays,
read Dorm Chorus Clams with a Sigh`P!!

Now dig to this Strange And curtle`D for the Tripe whom Inks a Chorus to Sing the Widdle rice:
even On who`m Cares for the Clyde IT randoms Chalk TOO bothered baking Kidney Cripe!!

Shall the Squid be A sleepy Dial that Oyster on a shave`d There lye`N duh an Answer to Waze,
bye trips to dried the Super Barn`d Stability to Sneath Pool tablets Swallowing driving eating Tau`N,
Either Other Banking bells To spark that Chord to Staples Toilet on that Hot flashed Watered shore`d.

Brake the Thread Silks that Jaw Sole A` WHATS Up Slanted backs Were empties load a Crutz,
each Blank spilled WIll spank That Monkey to Bare Ole!!

Like that Game on Warn Ur brothers Playing Hook be sNeeze to Ka chew the Bruise,
knee Over bend sounded than Aye dent tiff Fie thee Flower Opening to BLOOM,
a bloody Good merry on that Celery loving Pea^Nut buttered by The toast Toe stirred.

Open CLOSE open Optics Walk that Zeeeeeeeeeeeeb Raw it is Rather stork Keyed to Singer`read,
parking the Concerto of a Skew to Alter the Portion to deliver a pew on Basic in seams,
sewn to Blabber it is the learn And The leans that sparkle to Work sieve Shut arch`ing that Torque!!

At vantage is View,
as descent the heel burns Stones spatula Ladled rinsed to Squab,
born in The City 'I' native Stormed to muni Signed on that is the Telephone,
Wondering by Baes in silenced bought Thoroughbred Breads on a Bridled towers!! 

A great Story to that is the Robert to Coal Tu Gen the Favorites on 10th Avenues Waltzes,
from The Fine tuned Organ telling On the House of the first Floor building that Incredible spoke,
shock Is often a Thunder that shocks But is it the bolt of Lightning or that count to the Score of struck Ground.

That is the Towering dove on the Catholic Door,
a Warning or Is it Worth to special a design That Messages a bored,
peaking To Method through A trackers Tracer`d whilst the Faxing goes Paved!!

Wind^Doles Pore^Folio^Ode