Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Dawn Nur Par Teed

don't worry be happy,
I can Swim and So I have,
to that the deck is on lark Spur to that Ferry Boat,
on that is the Done to that is the Beaches of the greats!!

Thanks from the base to that topper,
cream filled pi with a bit to Sweeter hum,
whistle in the wind on the breeze way,
for I know the Aisle on the Barn of a Cools.

Supporting that Can Sir to that need in the Elbow,
an Arm for the hug and a Ring on the Circus,
elephant and Daisy chains the Grass between the Knolls,
mountains of Gallant Tree to Say the Ocean Grows.

Bay light on Golden the Bridge of such a Guild,
sands of the time leads to Treasures on the days,
making Onward Forward the March of shown,
yesterdays Tomorrows shade that dances with a gave.

I Am Hoarse!!

I Gee Fork Chew through This Age of Iron on the Stirrup Up I Ride to the Quirk,
in blast to that Shiva on the Heels of For Horsemen I travel the Bells for Tray Vons,
at Bart to Simplicity the Pay Phones on the Callers I strike this Twist to the Hand Sum of Guts.

Trades on the Dogs to the Waltz on the Wogs gosh to the Darn an Thread me a Yarn,
in string to the enter net is the Cob on the Curl as the Origin of black is that it is Read all over!!

Trek to a Sinew and Lyon the Bare Ole that is a Ant a Lope to the Plains,
buff a Lo at the Frisky Big Hell Owed to cast The Term In oles to Stowed.

I remember the Burns and Most Certainly the Barrels of grunge,
trace that Bracer to the Oxer on the Water Hazard is It plan It or Called Earth,
at that is the Moon Shade to Land the Feat Duck,
a Goose of the gander of the Meese on the V-Neck at Visa Vee`d.

Tracers for the brackets to A Framers guild,
Pat Dyas Wars the Dimple to Know of the same As that is the Brake on this Core Ride.

Professor of the done is an Answer to snot,
crying the Suspender to that Pantheon of dragon Near`d,
Barn Dance with a Bit of the Orion tack Up to bridle this Trials of the Hymn,
a Psalter to Proverb a Revelation to Apocalypse as that is the Brim Stone of the Fires Lip!!

Cause to Effect is a Butterfly on the Moth of disk,
sat a light to treat the deaths as a Fraction to the lives on the Nestle,
a cuddle Whom is Hear to Value life As rare,
each of the Body Sole Marks an In deep Penn dit that is the Radar that lays this as CHIPS.

Poe lease to Poe lites in that distant scramble of Chaos I decry the Instrument to bull lets Shade,
like a Mere to the Cat on the Jack All for the price of a Bridge grade to Port of a Stalled.

Trait Ores to Life on All Lives in the back to Basic approach of ........

shall I just say James Blunt lead or is it Lead or is it Failure to Communicate,
either Waves it is the Trued to that Came on the Explosion of Shock Ra today,
turn from your brains and the Pinch will be that Ore well on the Year decade of ace a Ford.

Extra Amish

Won is Staples the Other is an Incinerator to the Match Booked Out Loud in this Country Live,
as basic Is as Basic does the staples of Bread to the Honey of the Milking Yak in Tibet Wins A gain!!

Tribal the Ages to the Times of Multiply it Is the Works on the General Eclectic that Braves a Feather State,
badge Ore to This NOW as the Fields of Caught^Ten are I in that Elevens on the Breezed!!

Troubles have Invaded this County of LIVE & that is On the Lifesavers that or Trick Treaters,
in blast to Cigarettes the learn is The Fag as an Act Cent to Say in a Blur the Paved Phone to Sell!!

Trees of the Oak are in the Fame on Whom is Hooters to a Trumpet on the World LIVE,
fore Who is Elder and Whom is Brawn.

The Bronzed at Statute to Shiva hath Provision to the GODS on a Honest Fare,
in dollar Hide to skin Tight genes it is All Sew Known as the Steepled Pacers!!

Black to White my Life is Simple.

That Period on the Cent Turned is of the Obvious on this Place to Mine in that is the drive Way`d,
present a Open Venue as a Blog to Value NOT Version the Dot to Dot.

I speak With Candor as the Serious Nest of this Occasion is India on Their Gods verses My Flame,
as the Origin of the Flame it is a Done Jinn on that Recent Understanding as the Hops!!

Wheat Rye Visa to Passports on the 7-Eleven hath Disturbed my Mind and body Sole,
pig Jung to Determined Factor the Bill Owe Rye`lees have Warped this Jump to A Horse Event,
as Brain and Lisa Sabo are Dear Friends and Lori Gage lied to me about their Deep Maise,
Ask White Horse Tack and that Lisa Would dive the Stumble to Templetons Jimmie Doty.

Cattle Yards Flea Markets have Grants to this Trued,
horses on the listed Once Upon a Story had Incredible Parents to GO,
in this Now I am Horrified at the Caustic ground of Full Sail Farm and its Liability to buried Treasury.

I Teak Woodside Horse Park as CETA to the USEA which Brian Sabo was the President in Fantastic,
Lisa was on her Way to the Olympics as A sudden In Jury caused the With drawal,
up on that I inquired to the Healing and The Verbal insult from Lori Gage on Lisa & Brian Whore`d Me.

I fumbled the Posture to the Term that Lori Gage cocked on my life about my Children,
Lori Gage said in Plain Fate that I would NOT SEE nor SPEAK to my Children for AT LEAST 30 YEARS,
at that Conversation I quieted my Stead to Sake my Health as the Scene WAS unbearable,
but Yet Add the Math & this Makes Terrorism rifle to MORE's!!

Like the Code at Marin City and MY Enormous Worry that Cavollo Point is staggering their Lives,
to be AWARE that Some of Us have been with A Mother My Mother that trekked to Marin Often would Have be Hooved,
that Style is My Mother on the Trippie Journies to the Dairies and the Yurks in Marin Proper and Outskirts Sonoma,
I sang the Rubber Tree Song at the Burned corners of Return to Sensors as that is the Photo graphs.

To know that Marin is NOT Belvedere and Belvedere is NOT Tiburon butt than Strawberry selfs Lane,
spoke to that Mill Valley Lumber Yard Why's are the Cafe Contenders,
movie House to that is the dial of Stinson Beach to Park at Mt. Tam,
all because Mt. Ed is a Pile of Rocks; Check It Out.

My current Last birth Name is Placek pronunciation Clear is Play Sick,
ask Several to Name Bouts as Karen courts Pure and Anastasia Circa's Resurrection!!

On the Plates is the Game on Base Hit to drive the Brochure to Say Camp,
I sprout the best of Show to The Pines at Redwood Hi School,
sanction NOT for in the Cost the Teach is the Learn,
One day At a Sign to Signature Piece this Puzzle as the Better Truth on the bomb.

Neigh Neigh is Tutu TAM and We got A Long FAMOUSLY,
coma or Debt could not separate the Won from the Coke 'cause I Tray Served in Silver Coin NOT a Kissed,
cream Pi and that Wills Math to the Addition not the Subject of Sub tract Shun,
'cause a Profit is Meant to be a Holiday not a Haul A day to the Funerary of Ashes.

To Have Sue Zen speak of No Polite I Merry Rose mare Ease to My Kind in the Frustration of the jewels,
may Not Understanding be the Understanding the Blesses this Fountain of Waist Water to that Summed,
present to Gift is that Protection that Blows the Spool to thread a Still on the decks of Laundry,
watch as the Mickey of a Mouse structured into the lives on the Slip.

Suck Frustration and KNOW water Pressure on the Pick Ups to Garbage Rakes and Dialers,
phones Beds laziness and dregs,
to rock Bottom I Scout this Curse to that Place of the Cursors to Cycle a Pretty as the Found Outs!!

Tride&True I Fight For The All goods!!



Win I speak A tongue to Gulp the Sorrow does that Barn to stability Or vacation the Signed,
it is In Self to discovery of Word ask Work doe in that Simple beautiful Blind,
for on this Day of 5 dash 31 dash 2015 I spurred to that Store for a Treasure on the Turns,
a Buck For A Bum!!

Two dials drove OFF to No Pandora and Rinsed the Steer to Gossip on the Cistern,
a Sewer to the Thread on Zappa Owe so Frank that Digs for the Devil on a Yelp,
scooting to that Wait I Privileged experience to the BEST SMILE I have beholded In a halfs Moon!!

Soaring the tremble this is a Dallop for A DAD that Kids are Hour to that Lifetime of glad,
skate the Access to Lolly Pops Scene a life Saver on the Concrete so I.D.`d its a Throw!!

Down to the Station to protect a Great care,
I rib this Snap Per the Verse on the Sayer,
cried A river with the Bends of the Speak,
ease is that Warp off the Merchant & his`t Tip!!

Scrap Method to Menthol that Signature deep loned In dee uh for Creeks bled the Bounty of the stood,
match stick Book that In syn err Rate ore ground Marks a system that Holds like a Good.

Done been to that Terror on Horror of the Stick carrots from Dockers that Shore the greek A mount,
span this Cycle crease the Hemming Ware a Way is bib et Coal as the foundation jumps to Air!!
Breathe on the slow boile the steam above the Trial,
scent of the In dipped to spay the cream a dare,
trip on the jure knee and stage a Cross to Dracula,
as that Hoover of the Dam made a Sound.

Bright Bridge deep Wire a storm A bout to Ski,
does the snow of As pen bring Big Hello or Sealed.

Wax paper Rounds a Supper to a Pick,
guitar on the lane Gwish is perking on the Stream!!

Flow with In sure Ants that Hun Dread bottles of Bier,
did that biggest brown dish say that the Sealings Scope.

Water on the drag Queer to this bra Volva or At las on the Loved,
hugging to a NOW from Now to NOW on Spun,
records of the finger Stick I accidented tug.

My finger was burned Like third degree Or worse,
all from the Match Stick pac that Cigarettes do Skit,
back to my Once upon the story of the Scene,
I drove home with Just Love and the oddest Seen to Weird.

There on the Driveway the return was Quiet a Hug the Doe and two Fawns entered Hello for Shrugged,
as the Natural will be that Sign to Healing from the hurt,
I said in Open audible that Life is really Dear,
founded frost that Cruise Control a Gas Petals sleeve,
for Yesterday I also gift a Doe with showing Steer.

I sound True!!

International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration

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The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (I.A.S.T.) is a transliteration scheme that allows a lossless romanization ofIndic scripts as employed by the Sanskrit language. It is also used to romanize PāḷiPrākṛta and Apabhraṁśa.


IAST is especially used for books dealing with ancient Sanskrit and Pāḷi topics related to Indian religions. The script is, however, insufficient to represent both Sanskrit and Pāḷi on the same page properly because the  (l with underdot), a vowel in Sanskrit (vocalic /l/), is the retroflex consonant in Pāḷi ([ɭ]). Here it is better to follow Unicode and ISO 15919, which is in any case a more comprehensive scheme.
IAST is based on a standard established by the International Congress of Orientalists at Geneva in 1894.[1][2] It allows a lossless transliteration of Devanāgarī (and other Indic scripts, such as Śāradā script); and, as such, it represents not only the phonemes of Sanskrit, but allows essentially phonetic transcription, e.g., visarga  is an allophone of word-final r and s.
The National Library at Kolkata romanization, intended for the romanization of all Indic scripts, is an extension of IAST.

Inventory and conventions[edit]

The IAST letters are listed with their Devanāgarī equivalents and phonetic values in IPA, valid for SanskritHindi and other modern languages that use Devanagari script. Some phonological changes have occurred.
Vowels and codas
& syllabic liquids

k  K

c  C

ṭ  Ṭ

t  T

p  P
tenuis stops

kh  Kh

ch  Ch

ṭh  Ṭh

th  Th

ph  Ph
aspirated stops

g  G

j  J

ḍ  Ḍ

d  D

b  B
voiced stops

gh  Gh

jh  Jh

ḍh  Ḍh

dh  Dh

bh  Bh
breathy-voiced stops

ṅ  Ṅ

ñ  Ñ

ṇ  Ṇ

n  N

m  M
nasal stops

h  H

y  Y

r  R

l  L

v  V
ś  Ś

ṣ  Ṣ

s  S
The highlighted letters are those modified with diacritics, e.g., long vowels are marked with an over-line, vocalic (syallabic) consonants and retroflexes have an under-dot.
Unlike ASCII-only romanizations such as ITRANS or Harvard-Kyoto, the diacritics used for IAST allow capitalization of proper names. The capital variants of letters which never occur word-initially (Ṇ Ṅ Ñ Ṝ) are useful only in Pāṇini contexts, where the convention is to typeset the IT sounds as capital letters.

Comparison with ISO 15919[edit]

For the most part, IAST is a subset of ISO 15919. The following five exceptions are due to the ISO standard accommodating an extended repertoire of symbols to allow transliteration of Devanāgarī and other Indic scripts as used for languages other than Sanskrit.
DevanāgarīIASTISO 15919Comment
ए/ ेeēISO e represents ऎ/ ॆ.
ओ/ोoōISO o represents ऒ/ॊ.
 ंISO  represents Gurmukhi tippi  ੰ.
ऋ/ ृISO  represents ड़ /ɽ/.
ॠ/ ॄr̥̄for consistency with .

Whats A Jump Be Cuz I Whince Lore E Gauge`d

Paso Robles barn rental - The 'Barn Quarters'-yep! It's really a barn!2 bedrooms, 1 bath and large Veranda

On Deck is that Eventers Term to KNOW the Event Is Cross- Country that BEST of Show In deed,
round that Walk to a Three bytes,
first With the Trainer Brian Sabo per Say,
than the waltz of remember to the second stay,
its the Third that Personal takes that dance to the Jumps of the Land,
watch for the ditch to that Water Hazard as the Work of the Works to a Paddocks Lock,
basically Royce to the Art of Official on the Waist.

Barn touch the Stiles as that Man Moved an Entire Three Stall barn from North to South-West,
back Trainers to the Statute on the Chute is that Gate tell Sand Arena that letters from Dressage!!

Tend to the Stadium for the Be Est is a Steer to Wheel Spoke,
trucks with the Trailer Hitch at the Hardware Stored,
color Paints sample Brass to Walls of that Switch to Example pressed.

Fern to Barn A Cole is beet Guard on the Learn And the leans,
eyes on the ball to Pitch!!

Mound of that Arm is the Sing of a field to that Outfitters smiled,
shall the Base Hit took a Third Homer to Strike Out or is it NO NO,
teak Oath to treat of No trick but that is Really the Question of begged!!

I study the Mile on the Gaze to Soak in the Wonder of those Teaches,
stretching to the Yawn as that was the Counter on that professional of Stern,
Yak at the Saddle bridle to the Bits girth with a leather`d braided buy The Silks,
as the Jock key is Grand Pea An Know to Understanding the Purple Hatted Raft.

Floes to Verse tell the Art A Fish Ole is Herd to a Particular Burst of Sun light Floss,
like the string that Shall bee the Wax to Bright Tons Buckled War,
this is the Train Station for a Rise to Deck the Par done to Spelling of Act Cents bear,
travel Simple Sell to gather the Crows to Paints on the Horses Ass.

Mole Over this Arbor of Great for Ed is the True Grass`d,
chopper Cut to Hell Awe fine on the Suit of Fan Tas Tick,
call the Barrel it is a Wild Dog that Runs the Core to Bring the Freeze,
a Doe burr Man to Wrought While Err is a Jer Man Shep Perds fein.

Tall are the Roars that dragon touch the Dye know Soar,
with The Winds on the Whistler.

I Trained at This Barn with Brain Sabo.  This is where I met His Wife Lisa, the Stadium Course was the The Course used in the 1984 Olympics and I was Fortunate enough to Have gone to Several Clinics where I was able to Enjoy jumping With ....... well it goes without saying that Brian Sabo is that Olympian To ME!!

Funny how Times changes to that Am Way of Reality that States to the Terms of Agreement that Simple sum of Risers on the blast.  Because Tiburon could be so blessed if Brian and Lisa had the time to come to Marin and Scope out the Land for a Real LIVE facility: I'll leave it AT that for NOW!!

Ask about weddings, birthdays and family reunion's on the ranch!looking our over the ranch facing eastDeck and barbeque 'Western Guest Cottage' #359241Mini horses out your back door at the 'Western Guest Cottage'relax on the organic all cotton queen bed...second rental 'Western Guest Cottage' VRBO #359241. Organic all naturInside our second barn rental VRBO #359241'The Western Guest Cottage-our second rental on the ranch. VRBO #359
our second rental on the ranch-'Western Guest Cottage' VRBO #359241Wedding at night at the smaller barn -The Western Guest CottageWe love weddings! From 10 to 200!
Wedding Coordinator on site.Living area with entrance to veranda and first bedroomKitchentee of the 'Barn Quarters'Hey! Where's the carrots! Horse out your back door! Too good to be true!Second bedroom in the 'Barn Quarters'Limestone shower in the 'Barn Quarters'
First bedroom in the 'Barn Quarters' with views, queen down bed & walk in closetViews from the 'Barn Quarters' Veranda of one of the arenas and galloping trackOutdoor Veranda with views and propane bar
BBQ -perfect for watching the sunsetsInside the 'Barn Quarters' two bedroom with living area and huge VerandaThe 'Barn Quarters' viewed from across the ranchThe 'Barn Quarters'-yep! It's really a barn!2 bedrooms, 1 bath and large Veranda

Paso Robles Barn Rental Photos and Description

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (sleeps 6) + sofa bed(s)

 The Agriege

RUSTIC VACATION SETTING! NATURE, ANIMALS! WE ARE A DOG FRIENDLY PROPERTY. RETREAT FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS ALIKE! Set amongst 200 year old oaks, surrounding vineyards and olives, Campana Creek Ranch is situated on 46 acres of rolling, wooded hills. Once a world-renowned 3-Day Eventing facility, now turned horse and person retreat, the ranch is set amongst the Central Coast's premiere wine and olive growing region.

Offering a Western Guest house, overlooking the vineyards and surrounding olive ranches and full view of the jumping arena, expanse views and nature to set your imagination wild. Feel free to bring your horses ( additional ) and rent out one of the 10 stalls where you can sleep within feet of your horse, or just enjoy the ranch and wine taste nearby then watch Paso's amazing sunsets from your private deck.

Tote Um

Too Stand is the Add of a Twig to touch that Swing of Swag,
gauge to The Gag that is a Horse on the double bridle of a Hack A More,
in trails Tell distal Finn A Ginn to that Language of Hump^bump^Bristlers,
see that the lips to a Harp are those Tawn Cills Shrieking or Is it Teach!!

Shrank the Arbor or is It Shrink the Head,
sigh Call owe Gee is Sigh ki Act trick to Scope of eyes that breeze EEK the Kuy ole,
isn't the brain on a Jung toa that Panther of lie^On to Ex`d press brought to Stirrup??

Ink lean Write is bark to Oaks that bam Boo to ghoul Inch`d Back of Angus Grout,
Rouse the Row to Tangle the Sin Naps after the Be fore realms dee Vine`d teak Grape`d,
lined buy the Wire of the Stretch to bend Unless the Winery Plants!!

As the Are bore is Tearing threat Concrete to Paved by the Rave String is a Height`th to spank,
or is the Comfort of Being of Subject to the Field More apt to Respond with Greater harvest on the Planned,
as that is NOT the Ask rather the Begging of question Telling on the Man A Jure that shackles the War curr.

Is Not the candor of a Shock Raw at the base Root to Apple brae to Mule,
in Instant on the Ass a Donkey or the Saddle of the Yoke as this is In equaled to a Scrambled etc.,
Yet alas the Burners on the Tarp have Purposely cycled the discomfort For What??

'Cause the Practical Horseman Was a Magazine on that is the Dover's Stateline Tack Sup. ply,
Bricks & Mortar cement with this City kid Type is the Know on that Oouze of built to Stork,
from the Style to the custom An Once Upon a Time the Going look was this strange goop of Oued,
spilling from between Environment the Trawl.

Sprout of the Plaster of the Cork Board to The Tape on that Seam,
is that Sand paper Drilled or shed to say That is the Years on this Decades deep Cuts!!

Arm Wrist to Caller is Phone partition`d With a Touching Blank falling Sleep stair,
In my Mind the Understanding of Chair to Chair is Book lens to the Grave`d,
tomb by blink Stomach buy gut tar babied fracture belly Bought suck`d.

I a Thumb Sucker at skirt Till age of Retainer on the Braces of Molars,
bucked Teeth to the Pole at grace the Barbs were a Shipped Neck to stole,
the Mule or is the STOLL A Harp that Stole of the Means for the Warmer hands,
a Mink Wolves grate.  

A las Ka brands Sole vibe to Clap Which is the Beat of a Steady Creation to Raze the edge,
carl this Avenue to a Map Other`d and Cruise the free Waved to Shell Beach: A move E Previewed.

Stubben on the Spur is a Bit and Completes,
saddles with that Circle Y competitors law`th,
Western English brachs!!

Butterscotch Jinn with Candyland Shoots & Ladders Monopoly Wii gee Boards Horn,
candle Stick and Jack jumped share by the Sing along the Clap of ole Play Mate on Enemies,
change the Verse to a Skate on the Ice or is The Smelt on basque It to My An in Ink Cans burst??

Treasure of Casper the Elephant on the Hoof of a Dog grand Pearl,
ease is that Worry of the Lemur on the said in Play Cate,
lagoon On the Former Proper to a Swim of that is the Dolphin be Lends!!

To Remember that is the Tutu of a Papyrus of Gem,
pictures of beach to That Ocean of Finns,
swinging on the Wins to barefoot in the Sands,
print It a Guild to that Under Nice bright Tons of Buckles and talk,
as The World today Mess Ages circa Elbows to Hobbles And Dee`s,
pulley Roe`pd to spell that Lore`d as the Ankle breakers of Misery Theater: The Actual of .....

Metro that Escalator to the Google of a Truths Men Shunned and I'll Starch that Clue to a Be Leaf,
Fade is Scream Factor is Cream Bill is Owe Rye lead & that Just is Can'ts of Coped,
copper Pen kneed to Prince Brought a Sign to Invite Mi!!

Charge Elect Ticks to Choice of the Every each on the Dazed be Light`d,
bic that Mat`Cha book to in Cigerette of In syn Err rate tore`d,
Seven Eleven takes Time Oust to Purchase,
'cause I have Learned with Purr^chaise the Mar burr Oles come Strike less to Matched spook!!

Tree Sun is a blankets left A ghosts Hood a Conchs ear The Corn of Ma Zoll Awe Oh for the Pipe,
an Organ on My Mother brings With a the Music a Turn NO thats NOT true but I process the Foot,
feat on the Pump of S`ick that Bench of Won dured but Is that Knot the bless In of Operator on A Dial Ores Ring,
because the Beat of the Clapping Rhythm ROCKS my Silence into an Able that knows the Sweets of bitter Chocolates that Have had to Endure this battery of Lake`d.

Bloods great the Ed born to Real Steel to Frame Corner Count Turned to strength my loft,
that Would be the ........................words are difficult When the World peoples cern of the tin perm`d.

Rival rankling Cycle that Pier a Mid and KNOW that Moon of Spline is that Live,
know Ab Dom Men to Garden that Chi tur rather the Pride to Say that Love Shows in Obvious lays,
mowing Weeding to Speak that Faced with Deep Mire To hoot Up on the Wooly Mam Moth of a Butterfly,
wrinkle not the Statue it is the Quiet morn to Flag a Conclusion with a Paraphrase on the lawns of Two day`d.

It is Said that Ware Won or Too join together that the Calendar will Wild a prey With truer shore`d,
less`t We forget to Read that body of Staff language It is the Ole Wie V`s tale to Zeus a Owe den to Aspen,
norse is A map Purr to the Ever in In Fine Eye`T or Shall I just be So Abrupt as To Say In Fie Knight.

Rubber See Meant is that Opera of James Blunt on the lie Often found on Plan it Dirt,
mud Said to dust that Read more is Branch of Core to egg Crack that sky`d back on Traveling Got Chlore,
bleach is a base Top to Hats that KNOW the War of the World is on With The Races of Extreme in Black & White.