Sunday, May 4, 2014

While Certained Fray Sprites

The guide in character driven rears,
to followed in old tasks,
a well-worn road in life of store,
the leave is better exact.

Robotic responsive mechanical part,
words absorb to disk the sound,
a louder frame yields out in about,
lives to consumed for visit in soon.

The whim tripped in fly,
a natural born kite,
no string of the keep,
a zip to the line.

Verbal approach the body of language,
the effort such made biomechanics will save.

Floundered the thought the escape was no brought,
viable views width easy excuse,
the letter of labor forgot in it's savor,
dripping with paints got colors to run.

Muraling tags attached for it's flag,
downed having business in up's of the stag.

Critical equipment in gallant to breathe,
a wonderful time seen happening behind,
counting the present sewn quickly to team,
magnetic hands grateful a final in bring.

During too many or in the between,
the room this would take causality spake,
the wheeled approach to steer without turn,
left leather to burn as exhaust piped the ferned.

Language Caption

The Score of Address hidden,
within the text their is a Spell,
the curse of the beast,
the beauty is felled.

Conquered by the lack of humanity,
the learned has fallen upon,
the deaf weirds.

Nature is a well of depth behold,
scattered up the clouds in Role,
be forgotten and never held,
the disappearance of All in sold.

Anchor driven the Ship contained,
the haul of what does seem remain,
history forward past in vein,
the muscle built is the brain.

Counter belly to the shelved,
silence bought the ampled shrilled,
nothing found regarding sound,
gravel mined the bones to Time.

Searching stooped to beneath the pride,
questions answered with a bye,
not to halt stopping lies,
dropping worth for left in turd.

Flushed the color rouge in cheek,
turned to other seemed a neat,
the path of destroyed by altered brink,
the rest of World erased for peat.

Seen in length know dimpled leak,
the chin is hit a fisted speak,
urns do hold to teach the Feat,
to write with hand held ink.