Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Beal Engs

Low the Tone of the Grand Piano,
 sat upon the tug so long,
 the Ancient landings of Element Song said me be.

The length of the note to the corn of the lettered,
 soaking as the in of an outing,
 to the achaics vorken breadth.

Siding the linger as while the time in the steam,
 were a balance to norw,
 a caster path bartering time stroked.

Gnarled whip barbs the survive,
 in a lard rode,
 the vase of the lot bring took in the taught bodder.

Moving in utter the gracious teal leaves,
 in disaster laddered,
 this bother in life of the crashed!!

Sewn oddly familiar yet,
 worlds in larked hardly the thought,
 the sync was in delved doings!!

A Sundering Molds

Hi Striders

Whole Trans`Slate guide Crawl crow,
the hawk flight sores the Air,
a breeze in a Storm Arching Ka.

Grades slip in Nature Earth quakes,
movement of a Musical piece,
shallowings create a Singulared Wave.

Construct upon strike Land,
the rogue affair E`ing note,
a Court Master!!

Rolling brief in lengthy reach,
power frocked pull Sea,
the Withdraw to Ocean lealed.

The Bank of the Drop,
circulates the embrace,
hence a rose amongst the Coot!!

Pitter~patter the reed Press,
sink in the brought,
a channel onyx streams,
floodings Flat bourned!!

Wakes push the water clearings,
broken anchors dear,
to breath the steady tears,
the Rivers must Valley Years!!