Friday, May 31, 2013

Brains Simmer Ready Boil To Frog Troubles

Humanity Puddles,
pools in the mind,
ankle-deep amongst mortality,
man-upon-man stomping-out.

Existence Now!!

No matter material,
my coffee-cup keeps it real,
the smell of brew,
remains in true.

As We face this disgrace,
the lack of thought,
brains at a slow-boil,
is heating up in the sight of turmoil.

Activities on Record,
an Audible bore,
intent seems sworn,
secrecy it's horror.

Civilians run or just plain shun,
bullets flying from fear based prying,
denial rampant shows the lamp-lit,
the torch is burning as lives are learning.

The invasion with-in,
many States naming sin,
rich in global place,
civilian writes Freedom's displaced.

The Population represents,
apathetic mentality of only resent,
the Envy of the "All,"
a prequel to a World fall.

At every turn,
 this Nations burn,
the messaging constant,
a thumb-swipe sounding swish,
communication a mere Lone.

Words are lost,
anagrammatically form the cost,
listing sent without a boss,
making work vacation lost.

Defining Country

The Intellect suffers from shortened 'letters'
the grip-technology an obvious rub to send,
hard bound to been the socket plugged-in.

Robotic read,
Stories fed,
the News just adds a multiple of dead,
without remorse to stay,
due course.

A blinded Mind by design,
burned the "Notice" of intuition,
recording finds clouds disturbing,
knotted enticement of,
a ghost that shows the fine type of hose.

Computers Hold-a-Keep

The search an engine,
know refrain,
tells of anything pre-arranged.
censored content sites erase,
those deleted no-longer race.


Theories Ramp-Up,
Conspirators Rave of hidden plays,
Posts are Saved to prove these days,
because its said,
'The Lie' betrays.

Thousands-Millions dollars take,
belief becomes a paid-off faith,
the People say it is their way,
"The Time, too Late, the Government placates."

Camera's show shots are made,
photographs become a living grave,
it is the negative without a frame.

Control established laws of change,
taking 'Something' makes Men deranged,
the Country's hem is it's shame.

Shut-off warnings,
scoffed at words,
that alert to what is heard,
sentences form not absurd,
Freedom mistaken,
 as it was taken.

Discretion a Door,
slammed-shut from lore,
Cause it Said,
":< prove-it >:"

It became a boiling Tame,
as if this Nation a Country knot named,
where Thoughts, Ideas and Independence reigned,
made such Boarders,
only blame.

An Ocean of Knowledge,
lost to sane,
enveloped no Ear,
the screams so clear.

The land of Milk & Honey,
radio clear,
took the Notice without the Veer.


The kettle marked a copper-pot,
the Type of Boil heated 'So-Well'
the stove-topped turf upon this Earth,
became the gaseous brains that only drained.

The boil slow,
the Voice ladled,
"Wow!! That's HOT."

Frogs Wrought

Jumping back to get-off sought,
Sights-of Now,
cause to gasp,
speech was silenced people grabbed.

Society Wrap,

Animals died and then came back,
it seems the 'Ice' had chilled disease,
the glacier melts increased the Sees,
exposing choice and knot bent knees.

Mind-Blowing breeze,
created a tease,
as few took notice,
Felt the 'Heed'

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Indication of the Verse,
the timing unrehearsed,
delivers curse without a split-tongue.


Robbed of Madness,
rage speaks,
not to scream but to state:

Religious Mure,
brings Word taking Choice,
making chose it's course!!


The land upon such lies are told,
will be blessed with nothing bold,
the offense rather old,
inhabitants will know the Bill,
through this Sin,
it's been Sold.

A Cross that brought an enormous Loss,
hangs on Them still choking Him,
as the Nails are deeply sunk,
Driven Inn continues Sin.

To rest in peace,
not this 'Lot' 
for his load should be your Wrought.

I cannot imagine more in Thought,
than the difference is cannibal knot,
the plot to cease the seat of life,
came from infliction of greater strife.

To 'Just' feed a spiritual life,
does not mean to eat a lie,
words bring sustenance the food to think,
when read it is an audible drink.

The tone of which carries voice,
the richness in "A lyrics" choice,
what is defined inferred to be,
is based on the Mind-to-See.

I can't imagine that he knew,
least of all would approve,
that You ate and drank him through,
for the things that you do, due.

Still You place upon His State,
your misfortunes and mistakes,
all in fear of what's not here.

Flocking sheep to keep this mass,
ritualized communion to be the phat,
to sustain the quench by wrath of sent,
will just prove,
no-one's safe.

Now the End may have been,
told to some to enlighten when,
should your daily mind be stuck,
you'll be blind when this erupts.

Tantalized with Mortal cheer,
a social play of understanding day,
to know the date or the year,
hypothesis of what's been Hear,
does determine words are churning.

The more you race away from Self,
serve disgrace as massive taste,
to further guilt or threaten Hell,
just confirms you have a Bill.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Bolder Storms Rite

The Universe is whole today,
it speaks ever so gently,
"the galaxy is leaking."

The radioactive ride,
be it bombs or sun in the sky,
it is the Ozone and "The Why"
we go to show,
what is Nigh is No-Joke,
Dark provokes. 

A burning drone

The rampant bile,
man-made, Vile,
before extinction there was a Moon,
the Sun shown the Planets doom.

Design of creative detail,
is now so frail,
the atmosphere is rich,
chemically sick.


The sad despair hangs-in-the-air,
as breathe takes in,
the last breathing.

The Galaxy Seething

The coat is worn,
the cloak to warn,
 with price of sewn,
doom is looming.

The Crisis, wrecked,
much like SET,
the chaos of destruction waits,
the day? Production!!


I wonder this to ponder Exist,
days of Planet will be missed,
an everlasting Cist.


The shame to back,
more than that,
you have stolen home,
to 'All' whom Roam.

To fatten pocket-books,
increase the dollar,
taxation hooks,
extreme in exact.

No greater-distance to foreign land,
planetary stands to shoot it's planned,
to know remiss increased this,
a Copper-Hue is my persist.

Land, too Stand,
birthed by rite remains in Sight,
born full-bore,
of more than War,
to see what's right,
the Third- Eye to be,
a certain Trust,
 in Me.

The distant Past,
Rite not forgotten,
the blame remains,
man is rotting.

Global Suicide,
brought by,
In addition,
Bombs seem Planned!!

Reaching out with more than Sight,
it 'All' seems due,
death accepts,
a date for dead.

An Eminent Drive,
the gear appears,
to strip the Atmosphere,
of every Ear,
an Umbrella to survive,
a mechanical Cheer.

Holes not drilled are just burnt through,
with the refuge being shrewd,
the End does complicate,
but has been Ruled.


The Heat of Fury,
the Turtle's Shell,
the grey in black of white does 'Madder'.

The Vortex pull,
a Void of Roll,
the Tunnel-spins a Web so strained,
the Wormhole breeds,
to be a Gate.

Silent State

The greater Self,
a Theoretical Bow,
sets the quiver to shoot the Thought,
"The End" has Been,
 Ruled so deemed and seems to Trot;
an Aim of 'Lot'.

Too say that death accepts what is brought,
this Resting-of-a-Pestilence is also Taught,
the bed's Been made:
The Loss-is-Sought.

Where on Earth,
"oh wait, it's gone!!"
will Man land the birth of Shore,
should he go long around in life,
an Expectancy which is Bourne.

The Seer speaks in Rise-of Tell,
don't be bitter with this brand of Hell,
it's knew to view,
but worth makes due.

Prepare or delve,
 the Wealth seems type,
 a kind of Mind with conscious Times,
 depth-of-find remains unseen,
belief does preach,
"Keeping it Real,"
 so far it's reached.

To discount or MAKE-belief,
more than comfort so Faith is priced,
Tithes and Offerings total Sum,
the Church will Curse,
to cause Post-Hither.

Religions do mass and fall to knees,
not for prayer but in displeased.

The freedom to Pray at Times of Days,
schedules rule the breath of made,
not a reading but joint and teaming,
the words of verse is Full-Tone Might.

Revealing the meaning in memory tolls,
rites abide with Tunes of 'Tight'
Script persist,
to note to speak on a different life.

Paradise 'cause Heaven Sent,
I am know Man,
I am Reading,
Once-a-Week is Seething.

It is the Year of Reason-Made,
to no progression has a day,
not to fear admission played,
amongst 'All' men,

The beauty of the Cleric's View,
is or lies with-in each you,
not to judge but to call,
upon such made,
to Serve this raid.

The Tribe's Review,
the Clans point to due,
an accountable and primal move,
not to worship idols engraved,
but to recognize this Life-of Horror!!

Living Dangerously

A temptation to Re-define,
to misinterpret, leaks resist,
disagreements by pointing fingers,
leaving Four to reveal-it.

A reflection of Know-Man's mirror,
is the stare to go from Here,
should it prove to be Dear,
 than One shall Rear an ugly-sted,
for the 'Troddened' Gallop-On!!

Inflicted 'Pity' enhances Ignorant,
of not the beaten but the treasure.

In this vary Waltz-of-Words,
the exhibit unrehearsed,
production of, histories nursed.

The sweet drink of Milk & Honey,
churned the beatings of such too 'Utter'
exposing Beast-of-Wild; Druthers',
to be released exposing Letters.

Ancient food provides the fodder,
in Thought, in Line, in Order of...,

To stew in plots,
'Dimensional Views' providing Sustenance,
to See what's True.

The entry-of, upon arrival,
to ask for nothing in expecting fight,
it does deem,
religious plight!!

A birthed record to alleviate Bored,
a 'Curse-to-Chore' in only, leading,
a simple-oath in-spite of bleeding,
to further growth of what is Seeing.

Reservation man

Death is Deep,
a grave in 'Keeped'
a guarantee to grant such deed,
the more you speak,
increases: Reaped

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rusty Nails M.c. ~ Squared

The sound of flicker,
a wistful display of,
a whisper.

Knowing Thought,
before "Its" start.

The essence of the 'Gold Rings' truth,
erupt with medal,
elemental Sees,
all for nothing?

Dungeon Wares

The Nail of the Piercing,
in steel sum,
total straight, a digital 'Take'
a sentence made with thoughts that do,
in silence now without You.

Computers dues

Ancient acupuncture,
a tenure of lairs,
 type a venue,
production like in lieu.

Feel the pulsing life,
a tone to beat so low,
for sight of scenes,
the view!

Rhythm with the Men of Rite,
old in art,
versed in 'Might'
a wish for the load,
lifted-off, to go.

Sort thoughts to only Talk,
makes speech unnecessary,
when Words have been,
drowned from Then.

The ebb and flow,
synapse lap,
sparking Mind,
to provide the affect,
 of only that.

Not all known,
is shared or formed,
Verse does move,
the streaming of,
an automatic write,
words are tight,
exposing Fight!!


Whips and Chains,
B.D.S.M. has Been,
a use for Well-off Men.

Too discover, so to enter,
the Minds that roam,
in dreams of wake,
expressed in plain without refrain.

The dance of the dark,
the drink of haste,
creates the place,
Men do wait!!

Patience strives,
due or try,
a century view,
just a blink, soaring link,
future doom.

Nothing stops a mind at wrought,
Thinking starts,
Reality confirms,
Time is ticking Talking 'Lot.'

Spilling over Nations fraught,
religious wars are 'All'...
but sought.

The Land you fight,
original mint.

Pour the Millions,
food for thought,
or is it the blood and honey,
bitter sweet flesh you eat?


Men will See,
it is the deed,
that gives me the Heebie-jeebies.

Soylent Green a Movie seen,
never forgotten,
the wafer is rotten.

Reporting Storyboard,
so deplored,
News distracts to keep off track,
deception seems to have a back.

The Mute will speak,
'Twisted-tongues' develope font,
with a pretense you won't want.

No-longer will dreams explain,
with discretion,
Computers Game,
exploiting you with pictured views,
and the words you're thinking too.

Minority Report
a Film or prelude?

Algorithms code to Sum,
add the numbers,
to paint the drum.

Fodder found,
no fight or sound,
to stop the research,
that is bound.

Understand or to Find,
segregation has a Mind,
generated from....the computer,
Generations will also Fund.

The guise of wealth of hidden tells,
built to read, form pictures from,
your Mind asleep in present thought,
no belief 'till Deed's complete.

A Computer "Reading,"
via Seeing,
numerical values interpreted thinking,
"Numbers" don't Lie,
you do.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Writing Fight

Fraught with 'Thought'
I gallop my Mind, 
nothing taught,
only gained.

Find relief in 'Reason' sought,
I look to See,
and see what's Knot!!

Truth be known,
rare so 'Trot'
the 'Course' of which,
complicates, Fought!!

Upon the jump,
of built complete,
it is the task,
not the feat.

To tire therewith,
a common blip,
the effect,
increases Whip,
a sort of term,
Natural Grip!!

Second Nature,
a practiced seat,
creates such Balance,
a "Weight-to-Counter,"
impulsion measures,
an Ink-filled Feather.

To dip the tip,
the Bluing sip,
a drink too thirst,

The parchment paper,
a book compose,
makes 'Writing' riding,
a horse in prose.

Collected 'Frame'
can be in vain,
practiced hand provides too land,
a 'Score' of Man,
in grains of sand.

The arena,
a trail the rail,
provides the Mount,
expression written,
to meld a Mind,
or to Purport and Too Geste.

So to state,
cross-country named,
the stride increased,
the jump is famed,
the purpose show,
watch them know.

Each Event,
charged or deed,
seems in Life,
nothings Free.

The Line you chose,
a Horse take stock,
in the team-work,
no longer wrought.

Now the bar is set with pole,
the 'Brush-box' is,
penciled null.

Roads and Tracks,
groomed for footing,
rocks come-up,
hurts the foot.

A heal bruised,
shoes bring ease,
much like stone,
the steppings done.

The gift of prose is streaming,
"Wrotes of Conscience Notes."

The Verse is the Walk,
connecting talk,
production a Scene,
collected Ream.

Singing verbs as nouns announce,
 plain in-sight:
Prepositions Rite,
the sentence tight.

To give not take,
a good hand made,
seems to form,
a Score-of-Notes with scribbled Looks.

A Wave of Sees,
simplicity reads,
the voice that sings,
a Type-of-Being!.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Don't Shut Yourself Out

The Power of Thought,
a Mind is Wrought!!

The engagement of such,
a known exist,
a talent, a gift,
that All do possess,
no test.

Without it,
sheep less cows,
a movement to provide,
an imaginable outcome,
slaughtered Thinking.

The best of the best,
a library unseen,
select unto ourselves,

The strength in thought,
produces reason.

The accountability of action,
is primary learning,
the result is growth,
without it...


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Magic of Being

You cannot stop that which has begun,
it is a Life-long Run,
'Incarnation' is already done.

"The Continue"

Once the Mountain has reached it's Peak,
the view of Eternity,
 a 'Scene.'

The realms of forever,
 settled into a certain 'Tell,'
echoing a blissful voice.


In the Spirit of Eternity,
Forever and Always,
  be Incredible,
 be Amazing,
be of Difference.

The Choice is Decision,
  existence in the millennia,


Do not despair,
show no anguish,
 'We' can repair.

I feel this is my last go 'round,
I have a 'Tale to Lore,'
about belief an Identifiable 'Relief.'
The 'Arms of Comfort,'
 the existence of my understanding,
a character trait,
 I love. 


I take pause for 'Sake',
 an ever-lasting friend,
in this thought I prepare too.


Returning to my Ancient Home,
the Golden Rings a natural theme,
to simply see the complexity,
delivers the 'Throw' to hear,
a vision of 'The Lear!'

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Future History

Long Ago,
 in the Future of which I speak,
darkness rampant,
 deeds complete,
'Words' know 'Voice;'

A Cross dignified,
the truth for cost,
stole the story a prequel lost,
to enrich claim as 'All" man's boss,
in order too,
 enhanced this Plot.


Guilty, Sin?,
Man lived this Crossed,
all that's done,
put on this 'Son.'

Placed at 'His' feet,
no rest in complete,
just stuck on constant,

The War torn Battles,
religious feat,
the 'Undecided' held-too,


'Practiced Belief'
Faith in beating,
Innocence lost,
much like 'Bleating.'


A diced Thought,
spirituality fraught,
the 'Plan' became 'The Spirit' lost.


Ramped-Up elevated fears,
threats declared News,
"Words you'll Rue if you do!"
Nations Plot,
 an awful 'Lot.'

In place of Air,
oxygen breathed negativity,
the rule on knee,
standing a plea.

The 'Free' felt,
censorship? invisible,
the deal dealt,
the game no gamble,
it came too late,
realization had a date.

After 'The Big-Bang' before the blast,
the Sun did shine and the Moon moved,
the Sky was blue,
an Aftermath.

Recorded 'text' common views,
extended grief at fingertips,
accountability blame,
shame no choice,
proved to take lives,
no good 'Sake.'

Yes people died,
their own hand applied,

The gross of Nature,
dismissed as lie,
increased a rift,
Glaciers tipped.

Gave life to Seas,
oceans grew,
the rise a sign,
chills in tune.

The Future Past-Lived lives,
delivered message without a sigh,
predisposed ignored the bourne,
a Coffee Cup became the ministry.


The sound of deafness a plume did come,
sum of bombs caused some alarm,
the Sky went up then fell to Earth,
covered Land 'All' Men's turf.

Burnt their skin in reverse,
what was breathed is gaseous still,

It was said,

"All life, it's dead!"

Looked around certain bore,
death was gone and 'Red' showed horror.

The World's Mass gathered Past,
in the wrath of heated blast,
the prayer of death,
turned it's back,
the hatred filled the spite,
indignities became a plight.

Subtracted light,
the gray ash hung,
to look-up you'd only sum,
it was math that added-up,
 the 'Causes' pushed to erupt.

The final straw broke no back,
the cries were heard,
judged absurd,
it was bad and sadly seen,
no one stopped to even think,
today's the day and I should blink,
a mental note or thought resist,
the secret is choice,
to know decision,

It was 'The Brink' of what did bring,
 an end to what was,
simply everything.

The Present day Future,
too See!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just A Call!! Ring-Me!!

As 'Life' introduces Challenge,
I feel the pulse,
the Beat of a Rhythm Sounding!!

The Song of Choice

A deep tone of relief,
a decision to be felt,
enjoy the dance.

The steps seem so unknown,
unsure and unused,
often referred to as absurd,
but I learn, 
I go!!

To dig down into the depths,
this I know,
my Mind I have kept,
free to be accountable,
for me.

With nothing more than an Opportunity,
present Yourself without Lies,
know your Thought,
support Self,
and with the evidence of being,


The secluded factor of 'The Idea,'
a Rafter too Support,
by Structure and by Design,

You are not blind,
be free to 'See',
to Chose to Build the Framework,
the Foundation of a Plan.

Difficulties produce our ability to further growth,
privately and within One's self,
gather the strength of Tact,
select unto You,
'Importance' great,
repetition unique,
an accountable deed,

Confidence in this said,
further yourself to progress,
'Accomplishment' is met with,

Failure is not easy,
it is a Reality,
it can be a 'When,'

A Win provides satisfaction,
a Loss is a Lesson,
do not dismiss the Class,
it is an Education,

The Instructor will last,
for it is You and your Past,
lending a View on how to Improve,


Don't erase this path,
don't lose your Self to wrath,

To Walk, to Run, to Stop, to Breath,
to not rival a need,
review the Want,
Grade yourself with health,

Of Mind

Thought is Energy,
be 'Well,'
don't Wallow in Negativity,
be 'Better' than the best you can be,
embrace your Destiny.


Take a Grip,
it is only the Self-Doubt that rips at our fingertips.

Speak with Value,
the require of the Mind,
should be of a positive kind,
to Heal, to Identify, to Produce, to Show, to Example,


You may not agree,
that is O.K. with me,
I seek nothing more than Tranquility,

A Point-of-View,
to nurture our existence,

To stifle thought,
to condemn what equals growth,
shuns Difference by imposing 'Told,'

All Lives are of importance,
unique unto themselves,
the common denominator seems the sum,
of this particular Run.

The Toll if undivided,
is the enjoyment of the outcome,
'The Try' will be felt in 'Done,'

Good Luck

'Cause regardless,
it is a Hell of a Ride,
and this Life will deliver,

A 'Given' Rite, 
to Be, too See,

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Human Race, A Run?!

I had an interesting dream.

There I was gazing across the Universal Space,
Worlds to cross and without fear,
all to participate in 'A Try', 
to escape this Human... Race!!

Before I began and with a few kids in tow,
I saw a Man.

"Hey there, I proclaimed!  Have you made your Claim?"

Discussing this journey we decided to join forces,
he had even more children than I,
in total twenty-five (or so) we join for this Ride.

Knowing more than I,
in addition none of these kids belonged to either of us,
we were a sort of a,

So this Guy changed our Names for a better disguise,
meanwhile I turned to...

"O.k. guys, put on your Past Live Tenney Runners, does anyone need help with the ties?"

Now as we readied Ourselves to go a great distance,
we acknowledged that we were not stopping upon any Worlds,
rather passing by,
the Challenge?

Not to be Caught,
skipping Lives.

A difficult task,
but a worthy path,
for the Sickness of Ill's in these Worlds that spill,
with a passive and aggressive wrath,
not good for the youthful to Live.


I turned to the kids,
held my finger to my lips,
and off we all went in a silent rent,
a strange Vehicle,

Much like the 'Great Escape' we held a rate,
we managed to check-in and out of these Worlds to be,
by simply doing a sort of fly-by,
not caught,
we were making great time.

All of sudden one of the Kids asked,

"Do you think we can stop so that we can take a look at ourselves?"

Moving along at an incredible Clip,
we were more than equipped,
 to accommodate this request,
so We did and I said;

"Sure, just give us a minute to find such a spot."

Next thing I know and of course being a dream,
I spied out a perfect place that had the exact thing,
a Mirror to See themselves in,
it's Perfect I thought,
we stopped.


"Now everybody have a seat, 
untie your Past Life Tennis Shoes and place them on the Floor by the Door."


With great excitement and plenty of giggles,
the kids pulled off their shoes,
putting them in a pile on the floor.

As this Man named appropriately "Jack,"
the name I wanted to name my Son in real life,
began to keep watch for the bad guys,
I saw out of the corner of my eye...

..the kids running to the Mirror.. to see..Their Teeth!!

I remember thinking,

"That's weird, I thought we stopped so they could look at themselves and they are so excited to take a look at there....what....teeth?  Strange little Beings! Oh well, it seemed to be 'A Tell' so to speak."

I glanced back,
there they all were,
looking as if they were all saying,

Seemingly satisfied with this new found glimpse of themselves,
I said,

"Are you ready to go?  If so, put your Past Life Shoes back on and hit the Road."

Scrambling about,
reaching over one another,
each child put on and tied their own Shoes,
stood-up and said Oh well,
time to Fly!!

I said,
 "O.K. Bye!!"

Jack took off out into a different Space,
and I stopped to join this,
Human Race.

Not knowing Why,
I was forced to it seemed,
 a Duty or a sort of expectation,

I Continued on Foot,
no shoes did I put,
come to think of it,
I'm not sure I had any at all.

There I was,
at the Start Gate,
many stood with Cap and Gown,
as if it were a graduation,

The gun went off,
like a Horse at the Post,
 'We' were Off!!

In what seemed such a short distance,
many fell on this Way,
it was rough,
a difficult Path.

As the pace was fast,
those that did not fall,
ran like hell,
ducking, jumping and thinking,
this is bad.

Coming upon this enormous bank,
there in front of Us was a Birch branch,
I took a look.

The Limbs were evident,
a Jungle-Gym on the Front,
tiered downwards,
I stepped a bit closer,
to observe.

Not One Person went,
so I did,
believing first one in,
last one wins!!

Determined to finish,
I grabbed the first limb and swung out over this great Corvass,
it dropped-off fast.

Soaring through,
I with such a grace I did not think I possessed,
I moved from branch to branch,
with great ease,
a sort of Wild Romance.

No splinters had,
the birch trees were groomed,
only showing the stubs of where their Limbs used to be,
it did drop-0ff,
Enormous and Vast.

A Plateau or Flat,
a final Tier looking back.

As I moved I felt the breeze beneath my knees,
struck by the motion the swinging was Neat.

This downward track was the 'Given-Path,'
still on Course,
with no one else about,
I looked up to See,
it was only me.

In this dream I was relieved that I could do with such great ease,
for it seemed impossible to Flea.

No fumbling, no jumbling, not one missed grip to be had,
the appearance was bad, difficult by design,
the act came with ease,
almost redeeming in the deed.

I prepared to hit the ground,
the distance down was surprising,
I bent my knees,
to absorb the impact.

Landing upon this strange new throng,
 I looked around and saw to speak,

"Do I go around this Volcanic Rock or cut through the Glacier Sea?"

the finish line was visible to me,
it was also cold and I had been wondering,
the road seemed to go both ways,
but the path was misleading.

Directly in front of me was a Peak,
it was a glacier of volcanic smoke,
frozen in it's choke.

Directed to go,
I followed the blowholes,
frozen but obvious,
the Track did not lack the character of Fact.

I crossed the Line,
inscribed in time to only find,
I was alone accept for whom guided,
an Apparition and Predisposed.

In the next breath,
a girl I knew but did not recognize,
said to me as she grabbed-at  both of my shoulders, 
at the same time just to get my attention,
Stating with great emphasis:

"I knew you could do it, you got us through."

A bit baffled,
I woke,
I was struck with interest,
the Silvery-White Bark of the Birch,
had such a smooth touch.


Wow, what a strange Dream,
I laughed and thought,

"Past Life Shoes!! Tenney Runners for life, Cool!!  Why did they want so see their Teeth?"

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shadow Council

Sadistically Cruel,
 the Narcissist will pursue,
there seems 'No Rescue',
targeted for Life,
just creating more strife.

Know Fight

I had hoped that silence,
would end their relentless attack.

I thought Distance,
would offer me that comfort,
I thought Time might Heal,
a Lie!!

The Malignant Narcissist,
continues to harm,
they just do not like to lose, 


Long before I began to write,
I sat down with my Mother, 
Stepfather in tow,
I made this request;

"Please stop your attack, give it a rest."

I spoke frankly,
in their Drawing Room,
I gave my address,
I proposed a mutual ending,

"This is your Life. These have been your decisions. 
I would just like to 'Get Along' and not suffer what I believe was wrong."

Composed and without thought,
my Stepfathers Plot,

"Your Mother and I have no idea what you are speaking about."

Such a common Theme,
for so long,
denial has been their song,
it used to Steam me,
as my Stepfather spoke of such things I.E.,

"I never beat you.  We never hurt you. You have just made it all up, the Devil has you!!"

Freely I Seek,
what I know to be,
the Evidence is inside of me,
I embrace myself so I may know,
someday I'll be O.K.,
maybe all of the shame will just go away.

Free of their lies,
I am left with the truth,
'My Lives', 'My Why's',
and all of my goodbyes,
intact I'm black.

I try to find 'Reason' for my Life,
in the 'Difficulties' I embrace a Challenge,
in the strife I engage Change or a Choice,
in sadness I see ability,
in 'Thought' I find relief,
a sort of meeting with the Mind.

I 'Know' that I chose this Life,
I wanted to know something;

"What is Evil?"

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Candor of Blatancy

Instead of kowtowing to that which is said,
in regards to these impending days,
the Scenarios of 'The End,'
an Apocalypse as 'A Begin.'

I chose to believe,
in the opportunity I see,
The Continue,
it is better for me.

I'll set my head and in this place,
the thought of such a 'Doomsday Dead,'
makes me think to stand.

My Stead

Face the 'morrow without the fear,
embrace the terror without the tears,
enable my 'Given-Mind,'
the freedom to be, to know me,
to be who I am,
accepting the law of the lands.

It seems as if,
Societies create such a rift,
"Submit your Will or We will kill,"
the message to kneel,
the words force Worship,
you will be left in Hell.

I prefer to register,
a faith that comes from within,
no guilt from them,
I would rather be accountable for myself,
my sin, my choice,
I have been.

Be a Human Being of forward thinking,
not a beaten down drone,
afraid of a throne,
and therefore withdrawing from,
as oppose to embracing Sum!!

Fear dictates that Mat

Untangle your Life,
walk your path,
Independent Healing without Remand.

Should you feel we go around,
should you feel that you have been before,
be of invitation to what will come,
feeling the liberation not the condemnation,
of this continuance not bliss.

In each passing moment,
the seconds count,
the minutes add-up,
the hours mark our preparation.


I chose to ascribe,
 to being more than a Resident,
 of a place or a space,
I'd like to go so far,
to see a Star, to be a Moon,
to know that the Galactic Sphere has grown,
whilst I was here.

 I would like to be of use,
in this Universe or the next,
I would like to grow,
to be a better me.

There must be a Creative reason,
 for our Purpose,
for our Being,
in learning who we may be,
becoming who we see ourselves to be.


So many roads to roam,
yet the bully's have bullied you onto their path,
their road of wrath in fact,
where you are told; 

What to be; How to be; and The only way it can be!!

I would like to enjoy all the facets of Creation,
I'd like to embrace all that Man believes,
I would like to be and continue to be impressed by it's prowess.

I become so impressed by what surrounds us,
the uniqueness, the beauty, the full-moon, the sky lit by the stars,
the wind, the grace of which these few things of mention,
reach down inside of me saying,

To be part of this Adventure,
to marvel at the Journey,
to chose to decide,
not decide to chose.

I would like to be a shining life,
not a dieing one.

I would like to example Nature,
be of strong character,
so I too may weather a storm.

I would like to hold to the fact that we are not all from here,
so we may behold the idea of such a majestic view,
to be part of a bigger Whole,
not be blind to Worlds or Dimensions unknown, unseen,
denied for being mean.

I would like to know that Faith is Value,
to respect the Road Traveled,
admire the fortitude of the individual embarking on the Quest,
the commitment of the stand is grand.

I would like to know,
that as you are upright with your religion,
I may be upright without one.

I would like the Wealth of your Message,
to be felt without the Death of a Civilization,
or the Conquest of a Mind.

I would like to know,
the Value of the Written Word,
not just told,
"That's absurd, Burn!!"
I would have liked to have heard,
or to have read the things from whom are now dead,
due to this Dread.

Apocalyptic Terror

The intimidation,
used through the interpretation of the 'End of Days,'
seems to profit those providing such dismay.

A Maze

I enjoy the Prophet,
the effort of the thought,
to write and to wrought,
so that we may see the wisdom in brought.


The World is so vast,
full to the brim with Ancient Text,
guiding and directing on what is said will come,


It is suggested,
a good walk is a true walk,
an honest person has a calculated worth,
with the measure of a Feather,
the balance is life.

Your Mind is a conscious find,
not to deliberately lead astray,
but to embrace and engage,
the measure of choice with decision,
not a divisive Yoke of choke.

I hope that All of Your Prophecies,
come to fruition,
in Time, in Place, in Actionable Days,
no matter your religion,
this is my decision.

I would love to be of witness,
to these turbulent days of resistance,
you are all so persistent,
I can't believe that you won't make it happen.

Dismay seems Your Way,
Your Play, Your Venue,
served with such hatred,
as if you cannot wait for another to be Censured,
you push so hard,
it seems ventured.

Why must One be so terrorized,
so frightened,
by Times you state are enlightening?

It is said that what is to come,
what will demand a Rule, A Reign is due,
yet 'It' came before you and will survive you,
not an opinion but your stated fact.

Without bad we could not know good,
without destruction we could not enjoy creation,
without Satan who would you blame for your Shortcomings?

To be without 'Purchase,'
a self-worth that details your Being,
where would 'Reason' envelope such a Season?

We All fit-in somewhere,
and now you have made,
Evil a 'Dare' and not a 'Snare.'