Friday, May 27, 2016

What Is 'L' Lo Men Toll Should The Fie.Err Fly In Con.Stant Stare.Role All.So Say Oh Limp.Icks?? The An.Sir Is Foe^Kiss^Sing??

The pressure on Men to stop having a state of being,
the 'take the garbage out' as the having an affair in the accusation blare,
than not making enough of what??,

As on the heard of actual,
an heir and a spare,
the pole of push was a bit floor.ring,
band that wed dull to the scope of bank a count??

These sure vats??,
'Stop Smoking' while the bravo says I already bot the Milk??

What is the Time zone,
flour or egg??

Mix.chore with that dinner sound,
bed broom to pill.lo fracking??

Wares of the Police say that a Men.It to brake??,
a trip out.side to compression of words in the event of act.shin??

The ringer of the sweats to that journal of puke??,
the buy.Bowl off to once a pawn the store read??

Now that Marlboro is on the what??,
post.stirred by that take_away of games on the Court??

When is the Men.Shin meant to cool mow.mints with a Head on Tales cork,
in midair on the tow of the to that catch in the hand and flip on the wrist??

So should Mar burr.role a thought of Men.Thole??,
the aspirate.shin??,
the cough.fee to remind the math of Mind to brain a breath??,
does the take a break for a the trip to the corner store for that gallon of Milk speak??

Is it Vol.^Yums??,
stretch the Men.Toll comprehension to a worth of under.stand.Ding??

This is not not the Theme??,
take a way and provide the sentence with a Proverb or is providence??,
what is a computer with a Virus on the flew gag of language to Teak??,
is it the wisdom for the Police Department to recognize a fashionable excuse to par.done Mi,
or is it Plus balk??

Should the Arm.duh Fresh bench to the flag be so skunked that the Cent of a whoa.Man does not say Sucked??,
is that the replace.meant to drive the gear to shaft of chair on the ease.see doggie Style??,
does the Big Mouth Trout now up.per Statute to salt on the pep.pee lah Pew??

Singers at the thread is a door.thee Sigh.coal??,
doe the IM.burr bounce the peeps to Marshmallow stick a Fire in the bar.bee.cue on Maw.More.Real Day??,
is Maw Gog or the Big Bog Gaw Loo a Timescale of Earth??,
or is it just the slow.West compass on the Magnet of Pt. blank??

Who Is Such An Artist That The Struct.Chore Took The Dew.Tee As A Lit.^Tour^*Rarey Beens To Say Slip.Pre When Whet?? Just Being 'The Junk' Or Is IT lit.tore.role??

Now what is a new.toured Sir.VIS An.a.Maul or is it Mole??,
the pocket full of Hold to the IM plant of whats a Job??,
does the TSA know that a view is the Vets Office to that slip of paper nobody ever checked with the vary ken.knoll,
this was back in the day as flying was NOT a National Awareness to X.Ploy.SIVs,
today the long lining of a hoarse of course is the fee.lean to a bell.low of the Airplanes??,
nigh the hour of going out to the in.cyst.tents of no authority on identity to a license of skid for the Human Being.

Anything goes to the got have that Creature to the Room of knead,
but work the dough to the local Police Department and not a Registry to be found??,
so is this operation dumb.bow??,
the virtue of the boil.lean at the lid of a Crowns a Fare??

To that is the Banfield of discussion to the lathe,
does any make Turk.key the Tour??,
or is it just that new remote Application that down loads for free Goods to easily set to duh??

Gather the app.plea.k.shin and whom is the in.stance??,
that bank Keen Mark.It??,
won can own.lead not all will bind to bridle the bit to a tip.a.coal beets garden of cue.come.burr Mens.Meet,
yet on that sock.curr ball of a mart.tour that Will.Sun got Named Tom Hanks did scribe,
plain to the beach is the depth of sand to the obvious on whats a brain??

Know that cheese is the stick.key come from the face.sshh.ole of bunk,
for in.stead.deed I chose the blank.kit to say that being Frank is more my sit.deed as the Cable Car is at back to basics,
therefore the quest.chin moo's to boohoo,
so apropos for the an.coal of a long lathe on a knew bother.

*Rarey technique

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Rarey and Cruiser, illustration from The Complete Horse Tamer by John Rarey, (1860)
The Rarey technique is a method of calming horses that have become vicious and fearful of humans due to abusive handling or other traumatic events. It is named for its inventor, John Solomon Rarey (1827–1866) of Groveport, OhioUSA, who became famous for taming violent horses with it, and later for teaching it in various countries around the world.

The technique[edit]

Illustrations from The Complete Horse Tamer by John Rarey, (1860)
Rarey going down.jpg
Rarey down.jpg
Rarey began by tying one of the traumatized horse's legs with a strap so that the horse could not stand on it. This gave him control over the horse and quickly tired the animal out. Then, Rarey would gently but firmly cause the horse to lie down on a comfortable surface. Once the horse was lying on its side, Rarey could use his weight, concentrated at a strategic point, to keep the horse from rising. While the horse was thus unable to protect itself, Rarey showed it that it was still entirely safe with him by touching and stroking it on all parts of its body. The result was that the horse learned that it could be entirely safe in Rarey's company, and from that beginning it was relatively easy to demonstrate to the horse that it did not need to protect itself from most other humans.

Real.Eyes On The Feel.Lean Of That Chorus To Whats A Dollar Bill On The IM. Plant?? Pot.Id For The Coy In The Mouth To Language of Bank.Keen?? Whats In You're Wall.It?? In.Sure.Hints Or Cache.................................................???????

I need to get some dentistry work done on some important fragment of my said,
in the view on Tiburon specific a Lab showed the price of Implants,
what a floor!!

The skill in the City at the San Francisco School of Dentistry already had done the ground work,
yet at the price of plate I winced,
as that decision was not not based on price verse.sing a Canal of panama,
the Dentists should be ashamed of themselves in this matter.

To charge a base.sick up surge to the reality is bonkers,
I am not a big fan of dentist.tree anyway,
but since I was a child I was told that my teeth would not last my life gear,
so to go to the shift I already prepared for I do not have a good set type of grid,
under great amounts of stress from start I grind them very hard,
so either the teeth would shake loose or be ground down to the nubs.

Many have an issue of scene,
be wise to the fact that the price fixture of this United States of America is sleeve Ven.!!

To that is the extra sells of depression of what brush??,
always fishy to the Cause and then the shirts still,
shame on the Dentists of this Country,
in fact why don't you skate to all other parts of the world and design their smile,
for at least now I know why you ice the vacation to the scope,
for with the deck to the Mon.Knee here would make any Bravo squid.

I bark you the profane,
you are in business not in standard,
just like the gas??,
or is it the convenient movie of loving being a Dentist??,
or shall you choose to Opera just go to the Movies,
"Little Shop of Horrors"

What Is A Lead In The Riding World That Knows An Engine Was A Mechanic For The Ought.To.Motive?? A Master or A Shift??

Act the for to an arch of fedder chased from spat.chew.lah as the Horizon corks Lore.lids bell,
is the word of shaft a shale touching reef in this measure of people on the opposite stung,
do mass rye.oughts shake to scale note able,
tell.lean control Cent.Troll or is it the gear to bridge that Out.Tin be skilled??

Heavy shoulders Man kind that caw.rear to not walk away??,
for aye would in-large to that crown.kneeing a.fair,
as in that is the Pledge of making a sku!!!

Price read.deed People form to in.for.may.shun switch hit.ding than dunk.keen the dough.nuts tupperware,
snap goes the Wii.Soles now 2016 to just gave a cue Card to men of what??,

Is that bladder of shout to door because the known will block.aid the dee.fenced??,
therefore the kick.curr from those said to pro.test is an to knee on purr.puss,
than the corner store of body and clue throws to the vocals by shove.Ven. a dues??,
for in today on what has been broadcast by strewn is draw a stick of sex.tent and scab that for.Head Too??

Sure the Dial on the Soap is a box that Television,
string the food to liquid process with 'X' it on the Vapor of a good ole fashion Microphone for Flew,
then the Contagion spreads to Virus once a shot,
what is the difference of the done a rye.full or the Bot,

Answer Tweet to rig the Pool bet a comb to brush a peel of the app.Pull to text??,
double shake the seek for scene to out.rage while saying Junk??

Should the Set of Ancient bare.Role do that speak amongst you care.rick.tour,
owe how the verbiage would stretch,
to connect the slight of hand to just present your fowl be leased,
inch with a Sops fay Bowl prescribe a dig to shovel pea.

Its all write that is the Pen to discussion scoop on brew,
coffee donuts dunking Tea the best of choose is Prose,
that will deliver this simple schedule of How,
introduction to the stacked of people Crowds that Craigslist bark,
advertisements for great oh Steer on the Bus is the language that drinks a But to finally bringing . . . . .

Well now that is a deep double.tongue on the Hames of whom puts lie.sense to baits,
each day of the week to op.per.rate tagging charge while see.deed,
to spake is notice now that bdsm that sex.shoe.awl to the Wares of track.tore Sup.^ply on average eh bisque!!