Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Flours Pulsed

How in the Ever do Not worry Over the Shell Cork as that is just Known as the Plumb beak,
a arm for the Tongue in the Intestinal bearing of a Wristbands char,
person to Pyle on the gobblers at the Sat hobbles to Teak the Oak a Mahogany glued!!

In lesson on the Veal is the Parrot factor to Habitat environment on the Actual Planes of flights,
to tack the Human shore with the Back Packing a crib as the Wood park of a Strapped,
in Stall the Horse on a Wilds rack gross`s the Profit to the Tile of a ridged,
speaking in Hub Air to gulp the Free Range in Mention is the built buy the Stack!!

Pour the Automatic Faucet with a Lilt on the bubble to lever the tank on the Cattle guard,
overloaded by the Wires in Mortal Crows is that Shouldering of stale Coffee shacked,
sugar Lights with creamed fashions In Apron Industry to Faxed!!

Cancer is the blood Breathing the Stills in a Lack of blood to the Brains Oxide of real,
in Trees the Rings exclaim the Distance to that is the Fires of arson on the Minds,
ask the Redwoods about the Growth on the Toss sacked!!!!!!

Supply the Charge to That Quick Fast on the Spreads of Hotter Under the Canopy of the bunned,
pin it to the Super on that Painting in the Inks of Carrion as the Wines are the luster of the Fished,
breaking the Lakes on the ponds to Fish the tackle as a Gossiping plural with a Hand sum,
this Deed in the buck charges an Antler robbery to the Season??,
ore is the Earth bearing the Compass of simple,
a Bees Rum.

The Heat Offered A Hearst On The Tablets Ketchup

The eden of a brain Wave on the say is the Plate of dine to the Whine of Media designed,
trade the Class of list to that Taste of swish & Swallow,
owe for the Whistle on the Blowers caved,
ask the News shall the Beach be of a Caliber on the Read Meet in Inched.

A Giant Period on the Ancient Age to the Recent Parade of Dikes on the Thumbed,
cancer over to That Pike on the Preview to the Cow of the lamb Shake,
in leg owe Tied on the Hills in the Sighed Have You Herd,
sure valance on the Blinks to Tell the Carriage of the Groves!!

Cancer That to the Say & Speak for a Micro Peck to stab this Cancer on the Settlements lunch`d,
scour a Mission to tell the Shower of the Makings of a Rose Redder line in the House of stills,
a Bottle for the massage on the Coil in the Harbor of A Coin to Head the banter a Chickled,
candy Bars and Chewing Gummed at that is the Vice of a Offerings in The Medias Slammed tiered,
stacked Wicked Shelves as library to the Touring of the Hi Casted Mountain on that is the burble`ings Suit.

Is in the Prue Noun See Ate as the Fork of the Guise is in the Cinders of a saddling lathed,
borrow over like in the division of Math to the Answer on the Dollop of a Candor,
subtraction of the Cosmic drive to Question the Broth as Even on the dice of Fires Camped.

Wares of the Film on The Call lore Rad oh`s Ist it Called the evident from the Too as Sincerely boars,
horned to the Tuttle as the Vino on a Label of the Falled,
grasp a Cup on the Glassed providence of Bowl tripe as the Sounds of the shaking Faucet!!

Heave that with a Concentration on the Handle of the Overhead heavy Stair,
in the Pole Chain of the Hovered is the Tub basin of a La La La gush of a Gorgeous Movement!!

In the did to the Accomplishment of the Laboratory fraction of Indoor Plumbing to the Fix`d,
pants that have Hemmed the stupor of the journey to Flushed cheeks of the Twilights lens`d,
as that is the Corkboard of Talk to skit that sky to a tumble of the Chalk Boards on Dry eraser,
it is than the Shout of the Green Taylor to be of A Pub to Crawlers on the Snail`d bide Trail!!

The Toss lunch to Convenienced for the Teak pots as that is Clay countered for the Swerve`d,
yet on that is the Water of Reserve in With that Bladder and down With the feather for the Curve,
balls on the Marble base to Role Cast that hath engage The Baits.

Shame Shame Crotch A Listen

Just heard on International Radio of the Public BroadCast on the Indonesia dishonor of Human Life,
for the sake of An Anchor on The Death Clappers of fling to the Dust a Jacket to the Refrigerator`d,
a Freeze to this is the Blank It's on the Stream as I ribbon the Wraps,
count to the Fax`d and Print Up the leaves!!

Shame on You to have Rifle Bead on the Plastic Sharp to discontinue a Hearts beat,
rather Crude to the bowl lets Term.

Shackle the Row to the Wall,
on Brick corner of Your Country shame is a determination of the Honor on the Quack,
duck about to the lakes on the Rise Fields and deliver This Sixth Tend to the Face that Cloaked,
its a Terror^able.

Charge to the Rinse on the Forward Rack to born The Bath,
in Waist Water the knee Deep to a turn over on the Pop^Overs,
toast to the Clearing House and ankle the Bearing to a Contact,
treat to the File on Memory guile as a door to the Boat sings!!

Choirs on the Amazing chore to Service of the Core tea Airs,
scrambled Eggs creative Story in the Evolve!!

In Record is the Zero of a Chloride on a Beach of Sales,
to dignity of the dead And the dales of the Hills echo seam to the Hemming of Coke,
the Cola of Soda Pop a Champagne of the Street that brings to the Judges a Courier on Feat!!

Filter for The Drag tee'm to a Brad the Cork,
a Massage on the Apple of the Hare sports!!

Jump to a table on that is the Sponge absorb the Keel,
boating is a Shapely discussion to the Shores of Sun bathe,
gently lie Upon the fable Right feather on the Dust to Spring of Welt!!

Got a Whip for the Cuffing on the Seat,
know dance of a back Alley Clan,
tribes to the Rub it Sound as the Um mi Pounds.

Gosh in the Spool of a Pigeon on the Coot,
said in the Vice to the rafter Saying Crane`d,
stoke with a Voice to sing the Palls a Rein,
bits and Batter this portion as the ladle of the Bats.

In America 'The Turkey' is the bird of Dinner grabs,
ka to the Neck on the supper in the ribs,
cow to the Monkey and bank Your Self a glib,
which is the Stitching Stem and What is the Fizz!!

Bubble sprout to bubble Clout oh Whether Aunk be Jigged,
I garble to the Raft on the boaters of the Swamped,
jingle bells to the shirt to Chapel with the Candle,
light the Harness ups the shark to Swallows on the Ranger`d.

Oh wait In My Country the Cycle of the Miles Perk Hour,
in the Curtain of a Town I was raised in San Francisco,
in that the Locales of a closed to Open Fare,
lamps with Silk on stockings Store to sign the Able present,
funny how the other Map is stroking to the Scope!!

In the Midst of foggy Chains I borrow Nothing time,
as for the gander is the Goose`d my all the Meese at descent,
in the Ant Lure of the bait on hovering the Nylons purr,
Where is the Arc of eclectic Brow that Banked the barkers Leisure`d.

Owe Yea it must have been the Empty on the Pockets,
wall lets be the Money Tree to Handle on the Fount Flute,
a smile on the gauge to Tempering of hotties clocked,
oh that would be the Acceptable to the branch of dares.

The Contributors I Love To List Live

Hold Your Horses the Bits are the gargle of The Coyotes Howl!!, to Touch the Moon on the Air eee Owe,
a tickle to the deep Lines of echo to Trait the cameras Blinking an ear Viced!!

Tree to that sound as the Saddle to echo of the Arrow on the wind of stormy Details of whaled,
Moby on the Stick to Whale a Wagging of the Tales list!!

Syncs if the brain is Ocean lore on the sounding Boards to eye Sites of Click clique`d,
barn on Over touch the Send of that same is a branches lens`d from the Knot it Call`d,
brend a Fires lip to lapse the Sailors penned Talking Supply to the harbors Win.

The Paw Print!!

Whipping the snow to trace the dirts Mole,
digging the Fax on the Papers take,
to engage the Paints on the brows of Kindle`d,
free Flying the waist on that is the Apple of a shingles Rise to the Sayers door Shale`d,
found on the Hike of a rounds Gift to face the Industry of Clippers grip!!

So fast the Spinner of the Kail on Width of the lions Strict,
get a Vocal bean to String the Mountains on the Valleys be grins,
smiling for the Farther to Announce the little Rings to answer With a Full Brim!!

Oh for the shower of a Song that is Horn Nets spake,
nippy Chilled to ground the Choir to a tack of the girdle,
wiggling on the Shag to teal.

Purposed Corker on the Frost of the Dews tasting the Reins,
bridles that Owl to the Mid of the Knights yarn,
in the Thread to break the flinch to Spark a Startle to loan A Wolves roll!!

Swaggering with Natures roar as A Jaguar clings to the skit,
in a Junebug the Moth called out the Butterflys lung,
in a breathing flight of Fiddles strobing the Violin sits.

Collar it subject to that gallant Question of creek a Gain to dips and Tuck,
in shirt the Starry clyde is a favorite to dance the big Bang on  a mortals Clocked,
hands in the Pocket of the dust fold of rocked,
whats the stuck should the peal not be of the Roll on the bring of a tremendous leap to that deck Completes.

Say good by on the Ounce and Measure the Cup a cool to Goose the bumping prosed,
in position of Mother Earths hem is chaining How in the ever is really just a Clam,
'cause Win a burl in a cuddle and that Grove will speak a Tree,
owe for the Redwoods length.

Sten Cills

Globe the Cycle telling the Far to gather,
a Collect call and bark me a Coal Miners rim.

In that the light,
is as the battery on the Hat.

In this,
Humanity has a skulled presentation to the brim`d.

Archaic Life touching Ancient Walls on the Carriage: Man,
in the rare & Wonder lights of distant to the Main Memory for Fright its Called the Shatterers,
on the breath of What Called Humanity Proper the Cladder is the death of Chivalry on Plates.

This World Kills All Lives no Consider to the Life on the Leaves,
in crumpled dead the Breeze sings in Its lead,
storms over Para Choirs stretch the Foundations to the Rains that stop round,
a pleasure to the Pad on the dirtlines of Eyes that have Had browse,
timed to the Cycle Y's on the Stop^lag of a sheering to the Tongues,
confucius gray to spank the day as a Twister in the touching plea!!

From core to Height how is the Possible not in the apron of the clover`d,
for the Impossible is that Equation of the File,
score the Happening to the dones And raise a Class of dignified Sleep,
the suffering The Horror the locked Heads on the chores,
review your Countenance and bright This Peek to a center of Self complete.

Shall your Term death really be the Reality of your constant dial that dank this Seam,
take with you these simple cards as A Joker is a Gambler on the trax`s,
rails in the belly of a grasp!!

Bring to that Brain a Mind on the Piece of this Fiddle in my Kind,
say in the Gentleman Sport of a Tea Haunch this equilibrium's launch,
aye meet in that a Face to Placed and those Shoulders for the Fleece,
on the shave of a Razors Edge remind the Mirror to Coil a reflection of the blossom,
for sewn Seeds to thrown deeds grow to the hatred of the Crops cheats,
hosed for the Locust on the delivery of the Keep,
bundles of Oaths and Yet no real Feeds.

Visst katten har djuren själ!

Still pings on Ears of Trees found a scourge Inch bye breadth to ring a system gently blind,
eye`s whilst hidden in The Midst of round a Crowning of Time to ages of Passing gruel`d,
spoons Of frost Folks in Lore ease to trades on Simplicity in The Most complex adle.

Shored to spark The Bark eon Of a beauty to Twinning of barver on pimple dued stork,
swaddled in a Napkin touching an Avenue of shoes Taste of the spinal to be A beast a Flame,
oar`k in the Bravado to separate the kiln ashes singing Sadnest to bright the liquids Rum`d.

Forest Tree of gallons Plurality in beans String is a Theory of the Scientific graph,
base Ick to the fish & Tripped to sank deep leads by the Seed`d,
pronounce with the Sapping to spur the Gallops curb`d,
soil treated Kindly will wrest the Cobblers Mill`d but Shell the Eggs to core us`d the Toil is of curved.

The switch of Swaying singers to deeply Groove record A Seat Ole for the ribbon Strapping saying Sade,
to perpendicular Square bee Top the heave of combs on shape,
snared will boat the Bow to scene of grasping ankles Void.

Voure in the glassy gonch is words on playing like broader on the Anvils lite to harnessed bye the torque,
fling the Wad to brake that got and back choirs Fling,
grapple on the trigonometry you'll have the lettuce Jammed.

Stick Key Situation on the Canon or the Gourd herking bile Vomit brains in eyeballs of the strain,
razors on the Optical bleeding Pupils stride`d still Showing to the scenery for every has a Study,
lye berry base to Thorns on thorns of Vaults Visst Toll of the Cadbury to solids on a Cault.

Score the racers on the flats of the dead runs,
as the saddle is the girth of the sending Winds breezing the thundering louves,
on the bark their is the rollers on the establishment of tenders Ringing grants,
break Fast Order of the Gate on the Mother earth of Dirt,
a deal that scopes the Mud!!

The frog between the V,
 on the pick,
 is the foot of the strength that cores a sponge,
 in scene to Splines,