Sunday, May 1, 2011


I stopped, 
I waited,
I looked,
and then I said.

Keep your eyes open,
watch the horrors with what you possess.
666 you are the best.
remember you will confess,
at the age, if you survive,
tell it all for the guys.

So I am fucking it,
I'm a fucking thing,
back up mother fucker
cause I'm fucking good.
I'm quick and I'm fast,
I will survive,
I will tell,
I will be the one who points the finger at thee.

I am four, got a diagnosis from a who?
I am a what? Genius? of what?
I won't speak to idiots like you.
Regardless of what you do.
I will teach myself to be what you will fear,
I will remember nothing, understand less,
and know one thing, you're shaking.

I'll teach my brain to be what is insane,
tell what you wish, say what you want,
I don't listen to a tryst,
I won't obey your rules.
I will never grow up,
Four is the age that I will tell you,
do you know what the gift of seer is?

Beat me, I'll like it, harder,
I'll take it, but someday you'll know,
you  just have to go,
the way of the BDSMer.
Those men will come in and show you what happens to a genius at Two.

Call me what you will,
you can't cause you payed to know,
and now you just can't stop yourself.
Revelation? is that what you'll call it,
that's good, but I won't talk,
I won't tell,
beat me all the way to Hell.
I'm already here,
look in the mirror,
cause you are not anything at all.

Communicate, make me!
I'll hold out till I cannot,
and then I'll give nothing but SIN!!
Diagnosis this, you can't,
you're not even educated enough to talk to this girl,
and I am only four years old.