Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Grill Calling Served

The thought to change anything revolves at the Question or The Perception of: Need or Want. Seeking out the enlightenment to "self" is never a disappointment; for in such a search you can expand the journey into a life.

Listening and Entertaining idea's (proposed or Not) will edge you out into the belief you seek. Religion is so daunting to me.  Involving a great amount of self-reflection into "why" one is here, walking today, yet, spirituality is so much work.  Almost as it is easier to follow than to lead yourself, to trust, what may be, faith in humanity.

Globally or Universally spoken, I listen.  It is not the good or the bad that shapes any one person, but, the combination of both that derives the outcome of what that individual will chose as a representation of their said belief.

"It would have been nice if anyone checked-in not twice, but once."
sadness takes me.

"I dream of prosperity, of Mind, of Body, of Pocket Book, of Marriage."

I think on my twin soul on these accounts.

"Why do we just not do a natural thing or two each day?  Why must we pay before we play?  What are natural wonders if I cannot dream or put asunder pain?  The answers come with the game."

August 11th 2012

"I find that the strangeness of a day will not give in any way to delight, until you have interested yourself in knowing the "why." Even at that, the days that cause you to cock your head to the side and ask yourself nothing at all, are just weird.  As if you are modeling clay in your mind.  I would say somehow that this would bring relief, but it never does.  It just takes out the equation of pensive thought."

July 31st 2012

"To ride the rail of circumstance, do you know? What's the chance, that you'll find; a perfect dance to search out..........a strangers stance right into the turn of........what?  You missed the road to......Why?"

August 1st 2012

"The surge of what is and never can, relieves me from should.  To love a man from the first of a strange in time in recount of propose, I laugh at all that impacted my life since.  To the regard of Limerence as a defense, I celebrate my lack of choice in such.  For such a state has saved me from the moves of Men.  Since '04 or at the exact, oh beautiful! date and time sets my bind with him.  Dear Blunt, you are.  Thanks for being yourself, existing, and, singing of annoying things.  You have captivated my need to protect myself from Liars on account of whom says rude and assuming things about closeness."

August 23rd 2012

"I scream to know myself, to discover my worth.  Why?? I'm an outcast!  Silence fills my being.  The hush of All-Time, listens to the blame.  Execution of the written word, replacing ugliness of speech, damage still occurs.  Demons protest.  Date yourself to know my now.  I will not kowtow to your filth.  To place upon my ears, with eyes that read your text.  I object to your tact.  Obscene.  To classify my name in repetitious beat, I fame.  A malignancy, the wipe-out of your word with the ending of a name (not hers). to period for piece.  I state.....{you're insane} I poll, not I, but sin.  Rip not your life through mine."

August 28th 2012

"World of Toll:
         How doth thou count?
         Thy will go into depth of soul, know your 'morrow sorrows upon sight of your right.  The tumbling of Nature's plight identifies this sight.  Mother Earth dies in "Might" why fight?  I charge your want to need, in this I give myself plausible try.  The Nine, the Eleven, the numbers of my Type, calculate my birth, feel this turf, and, know my worth is to Earth Itself.  In this I plea to all of thee, that share an ear to hear such a plea for you count in numbers too."

August 28th 2012

"I skate in and out of sight, my mind frozen while about.  Stuck in scenes of yesterday, I strike a formal cry of why?  Messages of old times past, push through in the breath of thought I'm spun in the stuck of a strange force, needing to show me reason of source.  Rational thought in such sight of disturbing fright ~ concerns.  To see myself in late night ~ Sepia moved.  The terror of the After matter of such shock has brought on so much talk.  Shame on that.  As a fact, I wish it had been then that caused such a case ~ not now."

August 30th 2012

"Born with a purpose is a difficult way to understand that all we know and all we do, the reason we walk, a certain beat, comes from a bigger place than ourselves.  I have fought with myself about delivering this message to earth.  Thinking that it should come from a man and not a girl, I have put off the inevitable.  I concede to the call of a greater purpose than my own conscious telling me that not one person will listen to these words of mine."

September 5th 2012

"A clear and distinct sight, life weights our lives.  The days of older Times gave strength, of signs.  So beautifully, we gathered ourselves to better each and every tell.  I write with the script of voice.  With tact I carry on towards a begin.  To pass the scrolls no more, there is no belief in only exist.  A scrib in Old Times Past has taught of forward memory kept.  In a modest vein of where the truth flows, I often see my mind, it seems to have been stowed in verse.  The dearest residence of a respected site, to find a comfort where there is no fight."

September 9th 2012

"The Ninth Understanding leads you to the road of knowing Knowledge for yourself.  The transformation of a Conscious Mind is not an easily obtained goal to achieve without great consideration to the ultimate outcome.  To capture thought in the design of complete structure as oppose to those (AN) unfinished blur's of the random speech which pours from your mind, carries a tremendous burden to what you have already said in spoken verse.  The casual shall become the responsible, each and every action carries a burden of impact. No longer can you excuse your tactless behavior or tasteless words, with, "A bad day" or "I was speaking my mind". "

September 10th 2012
'The Book of the Nine Understandings'

"The construct of a star in a dimension so far; that the angular view of what to do, teaches a few to look to Creation to know this too.  Acceptance of depth as your dimensional scope of understanding hope, is an interesting concept to introduce believing in the faith of what is in actual reality, in order to trust that it is in the venture of your mind's eye that delivers sight of so much more."

September 12th 2012

"The birth of a concept on "Why" answers nothing, but, asks it all in a simple word."

September 12th 2012

"In the worth of our mind, a suggestion to be kind to yourself is wise and very prudent to avoid a miserable demise, in a life full of lies.  The candor of One's self is or should be in a peaceful design as to not be behind in practice or become blind to a progression of thought, or, a desire to think with independence, and, not sink into the desperation that you are not one with a majority.  Standing apart from any given idea creates fear amongst those that you have distanced yourself.  In this, you, as a human being, develop a broader view of what is, and, further your message, your own Mind's thought, against this product of fear, that you created with only a thought of difference."

September 12th 2012
For the Wisdom of Sake; original.

"We inhabit 'A Body' of Store; a spirit of, there is so much more.  To be so full of doubt of such causes your place of inhabitance to abhor.  A splitting of personality, do you stay or do you leave.  A time of spacial difference, moving with hesitance could be bad.  Knowing, practicing a wisdom found, is better than the assumptions of the thrown."

September 19th 2012

"The value of review is paramount.  To find an apology for what has happened, it would have healed me had it been genuine."

September 14th 2012

"I remember the incident that sent me down memory lane.  Triggered by my best friend's father's need to have his (Manhood) cock sucked."

September 14th 2012
Visiting Eliza in El Dorado Hills, Calif.

"What shall come will be within the confines of me.  To speak of the future as if it were the past, shall last.  Turn away from your assumed ignorance, embrace instead a Knowledge of why.  To declare a Faculty instead of an understanding, tempers the gods at best."

October 1st 2012

Dear Truth,

         Bury yourself, for lies are abundant.  

         Misleading words that lead to disturbing lives, has caused me to lose the innocence of faith in the random Human Being.  Again, I find that purpose could indeed be a state for another to destroy you.

Yours truly,

October 6th 2012

"I check my feelings at the door to KNOW there is always more.  No matter what, until your death, belief is nigh, and, jokes are many.  As in every "True Life Story" it is not until the belief becomes the bitterness you breathe that you take thought to interest your day."

October 11th 2012

"Where is it?
Did you find it?
Your life before?

When you came, did you see?
Do you remember?
Your claim? Your life? Your love?

To know of so little, after so much has been said, should cause you to blush with shame."

October 15th 2012
Nothing is what it seems

"The destruction of an individual idea for the growth of even further ignorance, seems counterproductive to becoming wise to future tells."

October 15th 2012


Decide that the find of apathy is the destruction of humanities moral principles is trusting sound.  
In wise beyond the Earth there have been discoveries in ancient tongues that bring description,
on to use the hand in the times of loss, 
it remains to be with the comprehension of persons forwarding lies.

As the sentence to the flood in the burning desire to now speak, 
it is the truth setting the table of lives, at death, at debt, at breadth.

As the life of the human being is both rare, plus unique, to subtract care is the fact of being left in isolation.  Should the tremble be of a specific shake, than to have left people in dire situations is people cursing the bleeding to the allowance of death itself.

In this late distribution of being told a worry, a concern over actions to belt.  An interesting tact to boat the float of no oar, just stabbing the ship with timber by snail.  Now in written have been many regards to persons being left by, and, with the echo of words ringing their brains in loneliness steered. To have had my attention brought to the soak, I still my candor, to engage the work of the curse.

Originally heard by my sister saying in plain of the dining room this: "You should take a gun and blow your head off it would be the best thing for the family."  My sister threw chairs to bring herself to my actual in being, and by ways of removal to clear a bearing for her attack.  My sister forwarded a path of set violence to my Self.  From the instant of stop, to her father holding her attack, I contemplate the room of this setting, by ways, of setting back.

At the base of the conversation I had been speaking with my mother about general information.  I had been in a curious about 'gleaning', and, what is referred to as 'channeling'.  My sister had entered the place of discussion at this specific point setting. She had been drinking, or. at the very least, she was angry that I was there in a conversation about....., well, any subject interesting would have struck her mean bone.  As my sister took a chair to interrupt the peace I felt from my mother, from her person I felt a personal hatred coming directly towards me. Disgusted she was with my presence at all, and, I felt a deadly presence kicking this tract she was railing upon.

In a quiet disposition I quieted my temper for the very sake of my mother.  As my sister was in for a fight, there was nothing to do but to accept silence.  The conversation to a more temple type shirt.

From the point of her violent, as my sister began the attacking of my worth, the measure of this increase came down to my sisters horrid rebuke.  For her next worth to self poured like the damper of death in a spout.  In a statement that she screamed, to the violence of her language, the crowd in the room was disturbed, and, this is the face of that profile on fax.

Machines with computer to laptops of phones, the straight and the narrow has been the tangle of groins.  I understand that in the massive of said I would have had to be, stronger than the words she fired at my mind, in this action that my sister took against my Swan.  To have had in the pass day of remind, I ask the find of such; this bind remembers the binder of contact to the simple state of worm-in words, writhe.  The gossip of people by multiplication of the crowd has an audience at a lie to embrace a particular wound.  With this as the mathematics to a figure, blow by blow, it is the 'speak' of the shoulder and the language by the stow. Inking this will bring that to light, the justice of natural law stating, that the laws of the jungle abrupt the hours mind in theme of repeating the booms. If a family is running a graded curve on destruction, another individual by ways of the construction to speaking with words to curse the one of The Nudged would then wise the congregation of this known factor leave. The child of the person to complete total of absurd, would have settled to the table for the learn, to talk the learner, by the double-check of the learned, in thus conversation engagement of the Painted Horses on the engine template of a Battle Field: The War!!

As a child I watched many being pushed to action in their lives, these strange sort of people booked accounts to memory of bring by weighing the frost.  In the thought of shape to the difficult reads, in my contemplation on how to be of aid and not a hook to the bait that hung on the neck of the brace to state.  With silent doing study, to heave and not to increase horror, I marched with a strength to work through the red rebuke of self. But as the years did carry heavy sentences of proof, people came to go, a gain in this, there is a root.

The plant of a path in the city by the trace is being aware that sidewalks are concrete when their laid. The wind will blow, storms will blast, the rain will come to sing; in the crowd of sunflower seeds spit becomes the lane.  A drive to walk the cruise of shock is the weed that cracks the concrete shack to burst the growth by no water fountain, just nature and her need to grow regardless of the coat.  As being born on concrete pour`d, the factor of this theses show, it is to theory on the Mind that throws the ground to low.  In the base of treatment by any that does sure the point of pointing fingers to that shed of lamp lit poke.  Funny is not funny, laughter is not joke`d, the satire of the irony is A Sloth by bearing choke.  In various counts on dark boards of the number to the called a voice that echos memory to remember all the felt.  Locking doors, to shutting think, is thought that breaks the mould, for as the platter sets the plate, so does the concrete cold to crate.

Blake in bleak the blessing leak is water on the drainage seep, this has done this simple test, by watching nature in her plunder of the lives that desk.  In the cities around the globe a phenomenon increase, sink holes blowing right the fleece, a factor of the hose.  For far beneath the ground in drains the plugs, the clogged have been held, the stuck, the silt, the sewage stopped from entering the coastal filter of an ocean-us roll.  As cycle of the plumber to the bath of earth by scene, a sink whole in the city happened just right down the street.  In the loud of the noise, trees, houses, blacktop, cars, phone poles, belongings, safes and logos did disappear one night,. the silence broke with bite.  So loud this rain in falling slain to bringing sentence rounds, a loop to loop the tie of crupe that saddles gain to know, the shame is writing hear tonight.  

The city did not junk the drain of the underground, they simply blocked the gate with iron by shutting off the sound.  Now think a bay or Lock in dam the gates that sway to fold, as the water rises so does the waste in sludge.  Should the break of the dam come from concrete pour, the shaking of the crumble known will drown the valley floor.  If in the built construction of more towns or flats that hold a pole, the flag will wave the ole enclave but mud and water will be the proof of the rushing flood.  The crashing down of water sound to think Nigera Hoover, in that see of pumps and slough the mountains on the viewed.  Imagine now the lake of more is a Mind in great of score that holds to find the creek. The river coming to the fill is brought by peoples puke.  The bile of the vomit still in sewage of the lip, as casting more to the fill by ways of cruel in poured.  The lake of ocean fills the top to brain that holds the Mind of thought, in the hold of held to talk a conversation concious block to not break the view.  As the stage completes it's built by people hemming in the broth to boil on the frog, in toad of stool the beach of clue, a fish that seeded trout to ladder on the grizzly river stock.  In this the scene does bladder cream A Whale of the swim, no ocean held as the lake is the usage for the people as recreation, fun and shop.  Round the roads that circle coves, mountain in contained, lagoons of raised to undersaved the wire fence and moved.  Ski boats jetting people swimming in this wonder built by done, from birth to rising stun, for in the cover of the labeled the grounds below have been swamped and covered by this collection of the water sewage rocks and stones that stop the flow from naturally reaching touch the sea.  Which in define means that with the winters of the lives on pine, the rain the drains the ancient lines of pouring stuck to being dam behind the enemies whom have bound creation from her path to free the sediment to salt.   As the ocean is of mix to know the brine of shores to stitch, the charts the flow, the movement shows as the oceans blue.  A Junk in float to engine built the drilling of the sonar creeks has mixed this now to open seas and death has reached to ages reads, by this foundation of this bead I string to you a pearling.

Diamonds gem with same similar flees by time to pressure scouting leaved.  In time the temple of compress the stone of mineral with a sell is the shine that cutters grape with rings to put the perfect cairn.  As the sketch is broad soapstone, the carve of granite painting Rome, a gladiator riding horse to the Pyramid tride a royce.  The royal bliss to rounds of this is a person on the most that circular of lives to voice in up the down on underneath to rise above the shelf of death to live the tax that people whale.  A wasp in sting the bee in stung the grass in wheat the guns in stunned are the shoulder of the built by construction of the lease.  To gallant favor with the tides, the charters of the stars and sung is the song in singing string from basic on the personal fling.  Trolling.